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Coronation Street

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From Coronation Street Wiki

The Brothers McGregor
Episode number 19
Episode Politics
ITV broadcast date 23rd March 1987
Writer Julian Roach
Director Sally Aldred
Designer Paul Danson
Previous episode The Inheritance
Next episode Madame Pratt



Wesley's ambitions stray in the directions of politics. But he is not too sure where his alligiance lies and complications ensue.


Regular cast

Guest cast


  • This episode was made fourth in the running order but transmitted sixth in the programme's third season.
  • This episode was transmitted on Thursday 26th March 1987 at 7.30pm by TVS and Channel Television.

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From Grand Theft Wiki

Game: The Lost and Damned
For: Billy Grey and Thomas Stubbs III
Location: Algonquin
Target: Arthur Stubbs
Unlocks: Coming Down
Unlocked by: Buyer's Market

Politics is a mission in GTA IV DLC The Lost and Damned. It is given by Thomas Stubbs III to Johnny Klebitz.



Billy will call you and tip you off about a crooked politician named Thomas Stubbs III who needs some assistance with a job. Billy proclaims that they're moving up in the world and that his friendship with the lawyer is working out after all, contrary to Johnny's previous belief that it'd bring bad news. You'll be sent to Algonquin, specifically to an upscale club which has massages, saunas, etc. Completing the package is a fake-English-accent-using butler who will give Johnny somewhat of a rough time, demanding that he leaves the premises. Once he discovers you're here to pay Stubbs a visit, his demeanor completely changes and he shows you to the massage room where the politician is currently located. Once the masseuse and butler leave the room, Stubbs gets down to business. He wants you to go to Francis International Airport and shoot down a plane, one carrying his elderly and quite rich uncle. Stubbs needs large amounts of money to guarantee his re-election, and his uncle's death will provide the funds necessary. He wants you to make it look like an act of terrorism on top of everything else, stating that this would be good for him in a number of ways.

Like a true crooked politician, Stubbs has you over a barrel here. He knows what Johnny's been up to and threatens to take him down if he doesn't perform this duty for him. Johnny eventually agrees to the deal. At the end of the cutscene you'll see scene of Stubbs as he walks around the room completely nude. After this, you'll be told to arrive at a specific time to the airport.


The time should be sufficiently long enough for you to get to the airport with reasonable time left. Once there, the guards realize you're up to no good and begin firing. Quickly, you pull out your RPG and hit the plane just before touching down, killing Stubbs' uncle in the process. Once the plane's destroyed, you'll have a four-star wanted rating and the gate you came in through will be locked. Stubbs informs you in a text message that there's another gate - he's bribed the gate guard to let you out. Do so and your rating drops to two stars. Once evaded, the mission ends in success. Shortly thereafter you'll receive a panicked call from Johnny's "friend," Ashley. She needs your help immediately and you're thrust right into another mission.


  • Completion of this Stubbs mission results in a new Liberty Tree news article online in addition to a Weazel News radio update about the uncle's demise at the hands of terrorists.


  • The mission is highly controversial in the game due to a scene where Stubbs walks around the room completely nude.

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Politics was the system by which a being, or body, governed. Each planet had its own political system, most of which involve a House of Representitives to represent the planet's system. Each political system has its own constitution and law system, however it had to comply with the Galactic Constitution, unless it was brought to the attention of the Galactic Senate, where they could decide, usually by process of a vote, whether it was fit.

Most planets had either a King/Queen, such as on Naboo, or a President, or Chancellor, though the Chancellor of a planet's political system was still inferior to the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic. A King or Queen, President or Chancellor could either be chosen by election, or by way of inheritance. There was an equal number of planetary political systems run by inheritance as there is by election. Almost all planetary Representatives were chosen by election. Naboo was a planet with a well known Political System.


Behind the scenes

When Revenge of the Sith was released, George Lucas was criticised for using the film to promote a liberal agenda, but has responded that the prequel trilogy was originally conceived in the 1970s and influenced as much by Richard Nixon as George W. Bush.


  • Almost every Star Wars work
  • Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
  • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope


  • Star Wars: Rebellion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide

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