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Modern police box located outside Earl's Court tube station in London, which is "bristling with new technology".

A police box or police public callbox was a telephone kiosk or callbox for use by members of the police.

History forgot the police box, with one of the last of its kind sitting on the Barnet By-Pass in 1981. (DW: Logopolis)


Appearances and references

Though it has briefly changed its shape on occasion, for the most part, the Doctor's TARDIS has remained in the shape of police box ever since.
  • To amuse himself, the Doctor manipulated the chameleon circuit of the Monk's TARDIS to make it assume several shapes, including that of a police box. (DW: The Daleks' Master Plan)
  • Dodo Chaplet entered the TARDIS believing it to be a police box and wanting to make an emergency call about an accident (DW: The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve) The exact circumstances of why Dodo needed to make such a call, and her willingness to leave with the Doctor, became evident only later. (PDA: Salvation)
  • In 1981, as part of a complex plot, the Master materialized his TARDIS around a real police box on the Barnet By-Pass. The Doctor's TARDIS, still disguised as a police box, materialized around the Master's TARDIS, also disguised as a police box, creating a paradox and a trap for the Doctor. (DW: Logopolis)
  • A police officer at first mistook the Doctor's TARDIS for a real police box until invited inside by him. (DW: Black Orchid)
  • When the Doctor once more met the Monk, he had voluntarily configured his TARDIS into the shape of a police box. (DWM: 4-Dimensional Vistas)
  • Bridget showed LINDA slides of the Doctor's TARDIS, which she described as looking like "a faux police box". In fact, she only had photos of various real police boxes. (DW: Love & Monsters)

Rendered Images

Behind the Scenes

  • The BBC holds a trademark to the British design of the police box as used on Doctor Who.
  • Although the TARDIS is depicted and referred to as resembling a wooden box on a number of occasions in the series, the historical police box was usually made of concrete.
  • The production team planned to feature the Barnet By-Pass box in the series in Logopolis, only to discover that it had been vandalised shortly before the filming dates. The series' spare police box prop was pressed into service to stand in for the actual box.
  • In the programme, the TARDIS is in the shape of a 1930s-era Metropolitan police box.[1] (This makes the officer's recognition of the TARDIS in Black Orchid anachronistic.)

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