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Final Fantasy

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Poles are a recurring weapon from the Final Fantasy Series, shown mostly on the Ivalice Alliance. It is not wielded by the same job in two games, but it is often used by light melee and mage jobs. Most poles are recurring, and the Whale Whisker is usually the strongest of the type.



Final Fantasy VII

Aeris can use poles, including the Guard Stick, Mythril Rod, Full Metal Staff, Striking Staff, and Aurora Rod.

Final Fantasy VIII

Raijin and his Pole.

The Pole is the weapon used by Raijin.

Final Fantasy XI

Poles are governed by the Staff skill, and usually have fair melee damage but limited stat bonuses. Unlike quarterstaves, poles can be wielded by most mage classes.

Notable combat-oriented poles:

  • Kirin's Pole
  • Eight-Sided Pole
  • Thyrsusstab
  • Perdu Staff
  • Steel-splitter
  • Kinkobo
  • Wyvern Perch
  • Mekki Shakki
  • Capricorn Staff

Final Fantasy XII

Poles are weapons with great chance of performing combos, whose damage is based on the target's Magick Defense.

List of Poles:

  • Oaken Pole
  • Cypress Pole
  • Battle Bamboo
  • Musk Stick
  • Iron Pole
  • Six-Fluted Pole
  • Gokuu Pole
  • Zephyr Pole
  • Ivory Pole
  • Sweep
  • [[Eight-Fluted Pole|Eight-fluted Pole
  • Whale Whisker

Final Fantasy Tactics

Poles can be equipped by the Arithmetician and Mystic jobs.

List of Poles:

  • Cypress Pole
  • Battle Bamboo
  • Musk Pole
  • Iron Fan
  • Gokuu Pole
  • Ivory Pole
  • Eight-fluted Pole
  • Whale Whisker

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Poles can be equipped by the Master Monk, Geomancer, Dancer, and Heritor jobs.

List of Poles:

  • Tonfa
  • Cypress Pole
  • Battle Bamboo
  • Sanjiegun
  • Zephyr Pole
  • Iron Pole
  • Esztam Baton
  • Gokuu Pole
  • Fanatic

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