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Poison Waste Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon Castle Wars
The Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon is also known as the Poison Waste Dungeon and as the Poison Waste Sewers (its name in RuneScape).

The Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon is a Slayer dungeon that players can access only during and after The Path of Glouphrie quest.



Location of the Poison Waste Dungeon

The dungeon is in a canyon west of Castle Wars. It is technically in Tirannwn, but you cannot reach it by passing through the main parts of Tirannwn, Arandar and Isafdar. Instead, you can travel here by using Spirit Trees (fastest), by using Fairy ring BKP (partial completion of Fairytale II - Cure a Queen required), or by walking from Castle Wars and using a Crossbow and Mithril grapple to cross the river.

The entrance to the dungeon is west of the spirit tree, along the edge of the poison waste.

The dungeon

Poison Waste Dungeon Map.

While in this dungeon players are unable to teleport out, except in the chamber just outside the battle room where the three level 143 Warped terrorbirds were fought during the quest.

The level 96 Warped tortoises in this dungeon are not aggressive. However, the level 81 Warped terrorbirds are aggressive. The entire dungeon is a multi-combat area, so be prepared for multiple terrorbirds attacking you at the same time.

All monsters in the dungeon are polluted from the poison waste in the dungeon. This makes them invulnerable to damage. Using a Crystal chime on a monster cleanses it, temporarily rendering it vulnerable to damage. If the cleansing wears off during a fight, just use the chime again. Note that using a chime on a tortoise does not cause it to attack you; it fights only if you attack it with melee, ranged, or magic.

According to Slayer Masters, the terrorbirds' ranged attack is based on sound, and wearing Earmuffs, Masked earmuffs, or Slayer helmets weakens the strength of these ranged attacks.

Most players rarely venture deep in the dungeon except during The Path of Glouphrie quest. After the quest, players usually come here just to slay the tortoises and terrorbirds, which can be found fairly near the entrance. This situation allows for fast banking: Players do not need to go deep into the dungeon, and the nearby spirit tree means the Grand Exchange and its bankers are readily accessible. (Players using Summoning familiars cannot enter the Grand Exchange but instead can use the spirit trees to go the Tree Gnome Stronghold, which has a bank just south-west of the spirit tree.) A few players wishing to slay terrorbirds do go to the length of the dungeon, as there is a room there with only one terrorbird in it. This allows the player to melee the terrorbird without other terrorbirds making ranged attacks.

The dungeon seems to be beneath the hidden city of Arposandra, as the terrorbird guards refer to what is going on 'upstairs' at the end of The Path of Glouphrie quest. The room containing these guards currently cannot be entered.



  • Longramble can be found nearby, outside the dungeon
  • A Spirit tree can be found nearby, outside the dungeon




  • The Longramble Scramble - encounter with Longramble outside the dungeon
  • Healin' Feelin' - healing ill Spirit Tree outside the dungeon
  • Waste Defaced - in dungeon
  • Terrorbird Tussle - battle with the three terrorbirds near the end of the quest


  • When outside the dungeon, the player must click on the sewer entrance to enter the dungeon. When in the dungeon in the entrance area, however, a player does not have to click on the sewer entrance to leave. Instead, the player can exit the dungeon by clicking on the minimap on a point outside the dungeon, as long as this point is west of the sewer entrance. Some players report being unable to do this, and it is not clear if this ability was a bug that a hidden update removed.

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