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The Poison Axe as seen in Final Fantasy V.

The Poison Axe (ポイズンアクス Poizun Akusi), also known as Venom Axe, is a recurring weapon in the series. It is usually a low to mid-ranked weapon that inflicts Poison on a target when attacking with it.



Final Fantasy II

The Poison Axe is a high-ranked axe that can be found in the Cyclone and is one of Leon's initial weapons. It has an Attack of 76, Accuracy of 55%, Evasion of 2%, and is Poison-elemental.

Final Fantasy IV

Kain wielding the Poison Axe in Final Fantasy IV DS.

Poison Axe is a mid-ranked axe that only Paladin Cecil and Kain can use. It is found only in the Feymarch and inflicts Poison when attacking with it. It has an Attack of 95 and Accuracy of 10.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Poison Axe returns as a high-ranked axe, and retains all of its statistics from Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy V

Poison Axe is a mid-ranked axe that is used by Freelancers, Berserkers, and Gladiators. It has an Attack of 45, is Poison-elemental, and can inflict Poison when attacking with it. It can be bought in Castle Surgate, won from Bio Soldiers that are summoned by Zephyrus, or stolen from Reflect Knights.

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