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Poison in Final Fantasy IV.
For the spell from Final Fantasy Origins, see Scourge.

Poison (ポイズン, Poizun) is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series. It is associated with the element Poison and the status effect Poison. Sometimes, the spell will merely inflict the status ailment, while in other games it may deal damage and cause the debuff. Recurring upgrades of this spell are Bio and Scourge.



Final Fantasy III

Poison is a second tier Black Magic spell that can be learned by Black Mages, Red Mages, Scholars, Magus, and Sages. It can be bought for 700 gil at Canaan, Tozus, and the Vikings' Cove.

Final Fantasy IV

Poison, originally called Venom, is a low-level Black Magic spell that can be used by Rydia, Tellah, Palom, and Fusoya. It costs 2 MP to use.

Final Fantasy V

Poison is a level two Black Magic spell that costs 2 MP to use. It can be bought for 290 gil at Karnak and Crescent.

Final Fantasy VI

Poison is a Black Magic spell that costs 3 MP to use. It is learned through the Esper Ramuh at a x5 rate.

Final Fantasy VII

Poison is a green Materia that teaches the magic Bio, Bio2, and Bio3 as it grows. Poison is both a status effect and an element in this game, the former inflicts damage upon an afflicted unit periodically, but does not remain after battle. Can be cured using an Antidote, Remedy, or the magic Poisona.

Final Fantasy IX

Poison is a Black Magic spell that can be learned by Vivi Orunitia through the Lightning Staff weapon. Poison inflicts damage upon the afflicted character periodically, but wears off over time and does not remain after battle. Can be cured by an Antidote, Remedy, or the magic Panacea. It costs 8 MP to cast, and requires 35 AP to learn. The spell has a 60% accuracy.

Final Fantasy XI

Poison, as well as Poisonga and Poison II, are Black Magic spells in this game available to players. They are available to Red Mages, Black Mages, Scholars, and Dark Knights. When cast, the Poison status effect occurs, causing gradual HP loss. Even more powerful versions of Poison are available to certain enemy creatures as spells and there are dozens of abilities and Weapon skills that can inflict a Poison status effect.

Final Fantasy XII

"Poison courses through the character's veins, draining HP for the duration. Remove with an Antidote."

Poison is a Green Magick 2 License, costs 30 LP and 500 gil and consumes 10 MP. In the International Zodiac Job System version, it is a Black Magick 5 License, costs 40 LP and consumes 8 MP. It cannot be bought; and only found in a chest in Dalmasca Estersand's Sand-Swept Naze.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Poison is a spell that only the Black Mage can learn. It costs 150 Job points to learn, and requires 6 MP to cast. It has a speed of 34.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Poison is learned only by Alchemists and inflicts the Poison status effect. It costs 10 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Poison is a level 1 Enfeebling spell, exclusive to the Black Mage class, and caps at level 100. It inflicts Poison to one enemy, can be used only once per battle, and can be used up to three times a day.


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