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Plik's Safari
(Point Lookout add-on)
location: Coastal Grotto (Point Lookout)
given by: Plik
reward: 100 XP
The Dismemberer
base id: xx009b5e

Plik's Safari is a Fallout 3 quest which is added to the game with the Point Lookout add-on.



When you enter the Coastal Grotto, loot the small room on the right and be sure to read Plik's Journal, (on the desk), before continuing down the "hallway" and speaking to a ghoul named Plik. He offers you a chance to join his little hunting club, but only if you pay the entry fee of 1,000 caps. Pay the fee, and ask to join in the next Safari. NOTE: Wearing the Ghoul Mask as you enter the arena has no effect on the quest. Initially, the Ghouls will not be hostile to you OR the other two NPCs. However, upon attacking one Ghoul, all Ghouls will become hostile to both the NPCs and you. The Ghoul Mask may provide you with an initial advantage by allowing you to stand where you like once the first batch has come out.


Join the safari

Enter the door behind Plik, and meet your buddies for this hunting excursion, Jacob Humboldt and Rip Smithy. When you are all set to begin the hunt, flip the switch on the block in the center of the room.

Survive Plik's Safari

You'll have to fight several waves of leveled Feral Ghouls, ranging from Swamp Ghouls to Glowing Ones. Jacob and Rip are hardly worthy allies, and will usually perish during the onslaught. Use anything at your disposal to live through the obscene amount of enemies. It's not a bad idea to place mines on all of the three pathways extending from the center where the switch is located. It is not likely that your hunting partners will survive.


The Dismemberer and 100 XP. After the last Feral Ghoul stops breathing, the Safari is over. Walk out the way you came in, and talk to Plik to get your reward: a unique Axe Plik pilfered from one of his club members who "won't be needing it anymore", The Dismemberer. You can kill Plik and get your 1000 caps back (plus the 800 he had before) if you so desire. This can also be done via pickpocketing. You can also pickpocket him and receive your 1800 caps, and then kill him for another 1800 caps .


  • If you have completed a vast majority of the content before the level cap was increased, this is one of the easiest ways to grind experience for the level 30 achievements.
  • The safari is repeatable every few days. Repeating the safari costs 500 caps and no reward other than the minor loot the ghouls have, the experience points, and the simple fun of killing ferals!
  • The Ghoul Ecology perk can be obtained by reading Plik's Journal which you can find on a desk in his room.
  • If you put on the Ghoul Mask, the ghouls don't attack Jacob Humboldt or Rip Smithy.
  • If you combine wearing the Ghoul Mask with using a silenced weapon from a dark area while HIDDEN, you can pick off the ghouls one at a time without alerting the other ghouls.
  • If you are experiencing problems with the scripts not continuing to spawn the ghouls in the arena, you can, instead, kill Plik right out. His corpse will have The Dismemberer as well as roughly 1500 caps. Saves time, trouble, and money if you're just going for unique weapons.
  • If you kill Plik before triggering the quest he will not have the The fix this load the auto-save at the front door.
  • There is no karma penalty for killing Plik.
  • Plik is scripted as evil, thus killing him will will produce a finger, provided you have the appropriate perk. Same with Jacob Humboldt and Rip Smithy.
  • Before hitting the switch to start, you may leave and re-enter the room without having to pay another fee.
  • If you equip (reverse-pickpocket) the two fellow hunters with fully repaired Hellfire armor and Railway Rifles, they will last a little longer and actually manage to kill a few ghouls (they still cannot survive on their own without the player's help). NPCs actually use chems, so if you put stimpacks or buffout on them, they will sometimes use them.


  • If you push yourself between the right side of the door (facing from inside the Safari) and the rock, ghouls will not know where you are and even turn round and run away if they are over ~2 meters away. Ghouls that are right in front of you will continue to attack. This bug can be used to help reloading, healing, etc.
  • If Ghouls stop spawning you may be stuck in the cave; you can solve this by using the "Resurrect" command in the console on the Ghouls corpses and then killing them again. After doing this ghouls should start to respawn (and attack you) again.
  • The two other hunters may not be attacked nor attack themselves.
  • Occasionally when you enter the area, Plik may be running up and down the cave. He will never leave, so this isn't an issue, just inconvenient. (PC, 360)
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