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This article is about the Hoojib. You may be looking for the comic issue Star Wars 55: Plif.
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~0.4 meters[1]

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White with pink highlights[1]

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"Few individual beings have done as much to help ensure the survival of our Rebellion against the Galactic Empire, and fewer still deserve a seat in the legislature as much as this wise and honorable being."
―Leia Organa Solo

Plif was a Hoojib, native to the forests of the planet Arbra. Like all Hoojibs, Plif had the ability to telepathically communicate with other sentient species. He also possessed the ability to partially perceive the thought processes of lower-order non-sentient species, such as Sliviliths. Communication with such creatures was practically impossible, however, and the only mental impressions Plif could perceive from one were in the forms of vague, emotional images. Possessing a sharp mental acuity, Plif was the spokesmind for his Hoojib tribe of Arbra, and was commonly regarded as their unofficial leader.

As their leader, Plif founded a strong support base for an Arbran government, and, as such, Arbra became one of the founding members of the Alliance of Free Planets, the short-lived successor to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. In his role as de facto head of state, Plif actively participated in military actions against the forces of the Galactic Empire, the Nagai, and the Tofs. He was constantly paired up with Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker in commando raids and expeditions during the Nagai-Tof War tour of duty, and even led his fellow Hoojibs into battle on several occasions.




Early life and career

Plif was born on Arbra, a forest world that was home to caves filled with powerful geothermal rods which drew energy from the planet core. As Hoojibs fed from energy, the caves not only provided shelter, but food. Growing up in these dangerous caves, Plif became the de facto leader of the Hoojibs, despite the lack of a formal government. During the Imperial Period, Plif's people were driven out of their caves by the Slivilith, a Yuuzhan Vong creation that was accidentally pulled into Arbra's atmosphere. Seeking warmth, the Slivilith drove Plif's tribe out of their cave, depriving them of regular food and safety, and forcing them to roam the planet in the search for alternatives.[1]

Galactic Civil War (3 ABY4 ABY)

The Alliance lands

Plif is apprehended by the Wookiee Chewbacca.
"Might I remind you, sir, that this is our home!"

On the run from the Galactic Empire following Darth Vader's attack on Hoth, a team of Alliance surveyors, led by Leia Organa and Chewbacca, landed on Arbra in order to judge the planet's suitability as a base of operations. When nightfall came, Plif and his band of Hoojibs stole into the Alliance camp, and began gnawing away at the foreigners' equipment. The operation was going smoothly until a stray Hoojib started to feast upon C-3PO's knee, which alerted the protocol droid to the actions of the natives. In a panic, he triggered the camp's alarms, waking everybody. When the Rebels tried to power up their weapons and security devices, they found that the Hoojibs had completely drained them of power. In a knee-jerk reaction, Organa ordered Chewbacca to apprehend the fleeing Hoojibs, but the towering Wookiee was only able to catch one: Plif.[1]

Plif astonished his captors when he began to communicate with them telepathically. He explained he and his tribe's actions, and began to justify them to Organa. As he was telling his tale, the encampment was attacked by the Slivilith. Concentrated Alliance fire forced the Vong monster to retreat, but not for long. Plif hurriedly finished his tale, which prompted Organa to formulate her plan. The Hoojibs would gather at the mouth of the main cave and taunt the Slivilith, while the Rebels would bombard him with javelins. The plan worked, although the Slivilith was not stopped. Eventually pushing him back into the cave, the Rebels continued their attack. At one point, Plif was caught in the grasp of the creature, but Organa saved him with a precision shot from her blaster. The Alliance and the Hoojibs continued to fight the Slivilith to a standstill, until Chewbacca grappled with it and hurled it onto a collection of razor-sharp power rods, killing it in the process.[1]

Plif is caught in the tentacles of the Slivilith.

The battle over, and the caves reclaimed, Plif and his Hoojibs prepared to settle back into their standard lives. But certain members of the Alliance believed that the caves would make an ideal base of operations, and they prepared to move in. Outraged, Plif and the Hoojibs barred the Alliance from entering. He had fought for his home and his people, and despite the Alliance's help, he was not going to substitute one squatter for another. Organa saw the error of the Alliance's ways, and called her soldiers off. As they were leaving, Plif too realized that he had not been appreciative enough of the Alliance's aid. He called Organa and her troops back, and offered them anything they needed in order to set up their base within the caverns. This sealed an informal alliance between the Hoojibs and the Rebellion.[1] Plif found himself in a position of importance, as he became Organa's unofficial advisor on Arbra.[3][5]

Into the lair of the Darker

"…there are precious few things that would cause us to enter it, but friendship, dear fellow–happens to be one of those things."

Through adversity and incident, Haven Base persisted. The Alliance continued to launch successful operations from there, and was able to work cooperatively with Plif's Hoojibs. One day, however, an Alliance member broke Hoojib taboo. The astromech droid R2-D2, acting on his own analysis, ventured into the deep and dark caverns that lead to Grotto City, the capital city of the extinct Arbran race. The Hoojibs had always regarded it as a place of great evil, and had never entered it. Deciding that the safety of his allies was more important than outmoded taboo, Plif enlisted the help of C-3PO, Chewbacca, and a small team of Hoojibs, including Fuffle, and set off into the caves. Eventually, the team encountered an energy shield, which for unknown reasons, let them pass through unfettered. On the other side was the ancient Grotto City, which filled the entire cavern. Wandering the streets, Plif and his team found Artoo… albeit dismembered. It was then that the Darker revealed himself.[6]

Plif leads his fellow Hoojibs in an attack on the Darker.

The Darker was a Force manifestation that had driven the original Arbrans off the planet. They had trapped him inside Grotto city with the very same energy field that the team had passed through earlier. Before the Darker was able to apprehend them, Plif and the Hoojibs ran off in the search of assistance back at Haven base, leaving Threepio and Chewbacca behind. But before they were able to escape, the Darker imbued them with uncontrollable fear, which effectively immobilized them. Plif himself started clawing at the walls of the cavern, having lost all semblance of his former level-headedness. Eventually though, due to the courage of Chewbacca, the Darker's powers faltered, which reverted the Hoojibs to their former state. Now angered, instead of afraid, they launched a concerted attack on the Darker, distracting him long enough for Chewbacca to get through to him and hurl him into the energy screen. The Darker's negative energy was so great that it completely obliterated the field, allowing the small band to escape.[6]

Incident at Kabray

"And just what qualifications do you have?—Outside of officiousness, boorishness, and misguided snobbery—for any duty whatsoever? When the young lady and the gentleman agreed to join the delegation I lead, I assured them they would be subjected to no unpleasantness… make a liar of me again, and I assure you, the Imperial Governor of this satellite shall hear of it!"
Plif, carried by Leia Organa, and accompanied by Luke Skywalker, arrives at Kabray Station.

When the Alliance began their search for a rumored new Imperial superweapon, they sought information from operative Tay Vanis. Vanis was constantly on the run, but he had left information for the Rebellion at Kabray Station, where a reception for the Imperial Governor was being held. General Carlist Rieekan dispatched Leia Organa and Commander Luke Skywalker to recover the data, and Plif volunteered his services as a mind-reader.[7]

It was the first time that Plif and his band of Hoojibs had been offworld. The experience did not phase him, however, as upon entering, he severely reprimanded the announcer for questioning his nonexistent authority. Skywalker requested that Plif's men scour the function and eat the energy out of the Imperial Stormtroopers weapons, which they did quickly, quietly, and effectively. After declining the advances of a pack of Zeltrons (one female Zeltron asked Plif if his species was "any fun"), Skywalker and Plif started searching the private quarters for Vanis' data. They eventually found it, but at the same time, overheard of a plot to poison the Imperial Governor. Thanks to a distraction during a musical performance later in the evening, Skywalker was able to avert the murder.[7]

The Alliance of Free Planets (4 ABY)

Expedition into uncharted lands

Eventually, the Alliance was able to topple the Empire at Endor, where Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader died on the same day. This was the first threshold on the Alliance's path to becoming the dominant Galactic Government, and the combined forces of the Rebellion had reached it. Arbra, represented by Plif, became one of the founding worlds of the newly formed Alliance of Free Planets, which in turn solidified a form of government for Arbra itself.[8] Plif, however, instead of serving merely as a politician, delved deep into the thick of the action, joining in on Alliance expeditions and diplomatic missions. One such mission involved journeying to Iskalon with Luke Skywalker. Skywalker had been to Iskalon during the war, and had been present when the place was bombed into submission by the Empire. Plif marveled at the sheer amount of water. While investigating the bombed out city of Pavillion, Plif and Skywalker encountered Rik Duel, Dani, and Chihdo, confidence artists who were scavenging the remains of Iskalon. Skywalker had encountered them before, but Plif found them to be utterly immoral and insensitive to the plight of the Iskalonians. Ironically, the Iskalonians attacked the offworlders, though Skywalker was able to subdue them. Unfortunately, they were unable to convince Mone, the Inleshat leader of the Iskalonians, that the Alliance of Free Planets was any better than the Empire. Despite this failure, the Chuhkyvi Kiro joined Luke, in order to help him with his recruiting efforts.[9]

Plif's next diplomatic mission of peace was to Shawken, a planet abundant in energy. Duel, Dani, and Chihdo were brought along, as well as Kiro. Upon reaching the planet, Skywalker and Plif engaged in negotiations with Santor, the foremost inhabitant of Shawken. Fortunately for the Shawkenese, the Imperial occupation had been relatively peaceful, and they were more trusting of the new Alliance. Plif, Skywalker, and Kiro were led to Santor's residence to discuss terms, while the others ventured into the newly discovered catacombs of Shawken. Skywalker, however, suspected that Duel and his gang would attempt to rob the Shawkenese blind, a thought which outraged Kiro. The young Chuhkyvi stormed after Duel and his friends, accidentally activating the Shawkenese universe destroyer, an ancient weapon of total destruction. Plif and Skywalker raced to stop the device, but it was Kiro who selflessly destroyed the weapon, almost at the cost of his own life.[10]

Following his diplomatic exploits, Plif aided in the investigation of mysterious energy balls that had arisen in the Endor system. He and a select group of Hoojibs joined General Han Solo, C-3PO, and R2-D2 on the Millennium Falcon, as they ventured out towards one of the balls. Suddenly, the energy locked onto the Falcon, and transported it to an unknown destination. Crash-landing on an uncharted planet, Solo introduced himself to the populace by shooting a group of raiders who were trying to apprehend a young couple. The raiders fled, and Solo discovered he had just saved the Prince and Princess of two separate planetary governments. Meanwhile, Plif and his Hoojib cohorts began researching the energy that had imbued itself in the ship's systems. With the help of Solo's knowledge, they were able to determine that the Vizier, Marius, had been using the energy balls to supply the bandits, and stage a coup in order to take control of the planet. Solo was able to avert the crisis, and return home to Endor.[11]

The Nagai-Tof War

Plif on the attack.

Plif soon came under the command of several Hoojib operatives that worked under Mon Mothma. Nagai warriors recently captured following the Skirmish on Kabray had been transported back to Endor so that they could be interrogated. Plif and his team spent an extensive amount of time around the prisoners trying to glean the Nagai's thoughts with their telepathic abilities. Plif was unable to learn anything of strategic value initially, but his team continued to search the Nagai's brains to discover their upcoming plans.[12] Eventually, Plif and his group were able to discover that the Nagai were planning to attack the Alliance's base on Endor. The Alliance tried to evacuate but were too late, and a climactic battle ensued. The Alliance defeated the Nagai, and Plif continued to work with his Hoojib companions to find a way to defeat the building threat.[13]

Plif attended a party on Zeltros to celebrate their admission into the Alliance. Skywalker, Solo, and Organa were all in attendance as well. Skywalker and Plif left halfway through to discuss the impending threat of the Nagai. Coincidentally, the party turned sour when a force of Nagai raiders attacked Zeltros, and took all the party goers, including the Zeltronian King and Queen, hostage. At the same time, oblivious to the Nagai attack, a band of Hiromi soldiers took Plif and Skywalker hostage, and imprisoned them in the palace kitchen.[14]

But their imprisonment did not last long. After the simultaneous Nagai and Hiromi attacks, the Tofs, ancient enemies of the Nagai, landed on Zeltros. Barging into the kitchen, they took the Hiromi hostage, and took control of the situation. Plif was able to get free, and save Organa from the Tofs, and then returned, to aid Skywalker in his fight against the remaining invaders. The Hiromi chose to side with Skywalker, and together, the Tofs were driven off-planet.[15] But it was at this point that Skywalker decided to take the fight to them. Based on intelligence from a captured Tof, Skywalker determined that several captured Zeltrons from the battle were being stored on the Tof battle ship Brig. For the final time, Plif joined with Skywalker, and the Hiromi, and participated in the raid with his fellow Hoojibs.[16] The Zeltrons were saved, and the Alliance began to gear up for the final phase of the war, on Saijo. Though present at the briefing for the Saijo operation, for unknown reasons, Plif did not participate. The Alliance, however, won at Saijo, ending the war, and paving the way for the formation of the New Republic.[4]

New Republic (5 ABY30 ABY)

Arbra went relatively untouched after the Galactic Civil War, and indeed, Plif took a back row seat in Galactic Politics after the Alliance transformed into the Republic. He was able to dissuade potential colonists from touching his world, though he did approve the construction of several structures for the benefit of offworlders. The Yuuzhan Vong invasion of 25 ABY brought back dark memories of both the Slivilith and the Nagai/Tof invasion, and he publicly spoke out against their genocidal ways. Despite this, the Vong left Arbra alone, probably due to the lack of machinery and droids. Plif began devising plans to use the Hoojibs energy-draining techniques against the Vong, but it is not known if those ideas came into fruition.[2]

Personality and traits

Plif was a fiercely proud Hoojib, whose top priority was always the wellbeing of his people. He led them, without fear, through the adversity of a nomadic lifestyle, into combat, and into politics. He revolutionized Arbra's hierarchy and status within the galaxy, effectively putting it on the map with his extended and expanded involvement within the Alliance to Restore the Republic and its successive incarnations. He was not afraid to go into combat for the Alliance, despite the lack of a formal commission. He would often use his charisma to rally his fellow Hoojibs in a time of need, and would use his telepathy to both gauge the enemy, and communicate secretly with his allies.[1]

Behind the scenes

"Må jeg ikke nok få dig med i seng?" asks the Zeltron on the far right in the official Danish translation, which means "Can I please take you to bed with me?" rather than "Gee… are you little fellows any fun?"

Plif was created by David Michelinie and first appeared in the comic issue Star Wars 55: Plif. Apart from Planet of the Hoojibs, an adaptation of Plif, Plif has appeared exclusively in Marvel content, despite coverage in the reference book Alien Anthology and the article Arbra: Sanctuary In the Storm.

It is curious to note that, in the Danish version of Star Wars 77: Chanteuse of the Stars, a little subtlety is lost in translation when the female Zeltron who approaches Plif does not ask whether the Hoojibs are any fun, but rather she bluntly asks if she can take him to bed. Presumably, this hint towards the thought of Hoojib/Zeltron intercourse is not canon.


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