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Plett's Well
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"We're a small town, General Solo, and everyone ends up knowing a great deal about everyone else's business."

Plett's Well, also called Plettwell or Plawal, was a community on the planet Belsavis.



The city lay between the cliffs of red-black rock and during the New Republic Era was ran by Jevax, a Mluki. A thick, sulfur-smelling mist permeated the valley, and restricted visibility to just a few meters. The storm-lashed, ionized atmosphere of Belsavis made sensor probes and ship landings extremely difficult. Only one spot in the planet's southern hemisphere, the Corridor, was atmospherically stable. Smugglers made the Belsavis Run by coming in at the Corridor and skimming the ice to one of the illegal landing pads on the glaciers.

Rock "benches" leading up to the cliff walls provided a narrow foundation for homes and orchards. Most buildings were constructed from prefabricated units, and crammed together on small lots due to the rift's enclosed area. Residences in the old city were constructed directly over warm springs.

Plawal's main docking silos were connected by tunnels to the Port Offices and city at large — including the canneries, the Brathflen Medcenter, Old Orchard Street, the seven main silk-packing plants, the MuniCenter, an import/export business on Pandowirtin Lane, and the Bubbling Mud cafe off Brandifert Court. Madame Lota's House of Flowers, a brothel, and seedy cantinas such as The Smoking Jets and the Jungle Lust lined Spaceport Row.

A house on Painted Door Street opened onto Plawal's vast network of subterranean crypts. The crypts contained xylen chips and gold wiring from the abandoned laboratories of Jedi Master Plett, were guarded by forgotten, mind-controlled smugglers under the Force influence of Irek Ismaren.


In 88 BBY, the Ho'Din Jedi master Plett built a house and laboratory in the Plawal rift, that later served as a safe haven for the children and families of Jedi hiding from the Emperor's Great Jedi Purge. In 18 BBY, the Emperor Palpatine commissioned the battlemoon Eye of Palpatine to wipe out the Jedi enclave, but the ship never arrived.

Palpatine's small backup force of interceptors bombed Plawal but were wiped out by Belsavis's Y-wings, and the Jedi departed for places unknown-- after erasing all knowledge of their presence from the inhabitants of the city.

After their departure, Brathflen, Galactic, and Imperial/Republic arrived to dome the valley and cultivate vine-coffee and vine-silk. Nubblyk the Slyte began blasting landing pads on the glaciers around this time, and the smuggling trade began in earnest. A small force of tariff police left by the region's Imperial Governor were little use against the smugglers.

Brathflen built the first of the light-amplification domes over Plawal (based on Plett's original design) before the Battle of Yavin, and the three companies teamed with Kuat to install a central computer system. About a year after the Battle of Endor, the Slyte disappeared and was replaced by his associate Bran Kemple, which caused the Belsavian smuggling industry to dry up.

In the same year, Roganda Ismaren (one of the Emperor's Hands) came to Plawal. Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo visited Belsavis eight years after the Battle of Endor and uncovered a plot by Ismaren to forge a military alliance with the Senex Lords.




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