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The Platinum Bangle as seen in Final Fantasy VII.

Platinum Equipment (プラチナ Purachina,プラチナメ Purachiname)is a rare but recurring set of equipment in the series. There is normally only one or two cases where Platinum Equipment appears in a game, usually as a weapon or armor, and varies drastically on terms of power and abilities.




Final Fantasy III

Platinum Hammer is a mid-ranked hammer that is affiliated with the Lightning element. It is found as a treasure in Lake Dohr and in Falgabard. It has an Attack of 115 and provides +2 Vitality.

Final Fantasy VII

Platinum Fist is a mid-ranked weapon for Tifa, and provides 30 Attack, 108 Attack%, +7 Magic, and Double AP growth, with four single materia slots. It can be found in Nibelheim before Disc 2, and can be bought in Disc 2 onwards for 2,700 gil. There also exists a Platinum Bangle which is a mid-ranked armor that provides Double AP growth with two single materia slots. It is bought in Costa del Sol and Junon, and stolen from Death Claws. It also provides +22 Defense and +12 Magic Defense. The Plus Barrette, which was a mistranslation of Platinum Barrette, is a double AP weapon for Red XIII.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Platinum Bangle is an accessory that boosts Max HP by +50%, and when 2 are used in Materia Fusion, it grants Max HP +10%.

Final Fantasy IX

Platinum Helm is a high-ranked helmet for Steiner and Freya. It provides +23 Defense, halves Ice-elemental damage, and teaches the abilities Restore HP and Stone Killer.

Final Fantasy X

The Platinum moniker can be acquired on any character's armor if the dominant ability on the armor is any three "Defense +%" abilities. The Platinum equipment includes Platinum Shield, Bracer, Armguard, Bangle, Ring, and Armlet.

Final Fantasy XI

Platinum is a basic Goldsmithing material, used in the creation of many types of equipment. It is the next step up from Gold.

Final Fantasy XII

Platinum Sword is a mid-ranked sword that requires 40 LP to use, costs 9,000 gil to buy, and has an Attack of 70. Platinum Dagger is a high-ranked dagger that requires 40 LP to use, costs 11,500 gil, provides 66 Attack and 5 Evade, and has a chance to inflict Immobilize upon hitting with it. Platinum Shield is a mid-ranked shield that requires 20 LP to use, costs 5,300 gil to buy, and provides +20 Evade. Platinum Helm is a high-ranked helmet that requires 50 LP to use, costs 9,300 gil to buy, and provides +31 Magic Resistance and +8 Strength. Lastly, Platinum Armor is a high-ranked armor that requires 50 LP to use, costs 9,300 gil to buy, and provides +47 Defense and +7 Strength.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Platinum Dagger is a mid-ranked dagger while Platinum Sword is a high-ranked sword. Armory includes Platinum Helm and Platinum Shield.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Platinum Equipment only includes Platinum Helm, Platinum Armor, and Platinum Shield.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Platinum Mail, a high-ranked armor that provides 64 Defense, costing 1749 Gil, and is only usable at level 60, is the only representative of Platinum equipment in the game.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

Platinum Edge is a high-ranked sword that provides 104 attack and takes 1 slot. The Platinum Ladle is a high-ranked mace that provides 119 attack, 5 Defense, +50 to Stun, and takes 1 slot. Platinum Paddle is a high-ranked paddle that provides 110 attack and takes 1 slot.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Platinum Helm is a level 71 helmet that provides +184 Bravery and +1 Defense.


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