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File:Bronze platelegs.PNG File:Iron-platelegs-inv.png File:Steel platelegs.png File:Black platelegs.PNG File:White platelegs.png File:Mithril platelegs.png File:Adamant platelegs.png File:Rune-platelegs-inv.png File:Dragon platelegs.png File:Corrupt-legs.png
Members only? Only White and Dragon
Highest Melee stat Stab
Lowest Melee stat Crush
Strength bonus? No

Platelegs are a type of armour worn mainly by warriors in the leg slot. Among melee attack types, platelegs provides good defence against the slash attack type but is more vulnerable to the crush attack type. Platelegs gives a player penalties towards Ranged and Magic attacks and penalties towards Magic defence. However, platelegs have very good defence against ranged attacks.

Platelegs are made with the Smithing skill or purchased at the plate legs shop identified by the File:Platelegs shop icon.png icon on the map. One such location is Louie's Armoured Legs Bazaar in Al Kharid. Horvik's Armour Shop offers iron platelegs.

They are more popular and consequently cost more than the plateskirt even though they share the same stats and weigh 1 kg more. In RuneScape Classic, the NPC Thrander could transform platelegs into plateskirts and vice versa for free.

Special platelegs


  • There is a graphical glitch that occurs during many tasks while wearing platelegs and a cape, it can occur while cooking on a range, smelting on a furnace, running, and more.

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