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The following is a list of locations in the three worlds of Planet R from Final Fantasy V. Planet R is never named during the course of Final Fantasy V itself, but the OVA sequel, Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals gives it its only known title.


First World

The First World

Also known as Bartz's World, it is where Bartz, Lenna, and Faris live.

Second World

The Second World

Also known as the Alien World or Galuf's World, it is the world where Galuf and Krile live.

Third World

The Third World

Also known as the Merged World, the Third World is the first two Worlds combined, and so its geography consists of both worlds stacked on top of each other. This world is called Planet R in the sequel Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals.

Interdimensional Rift

The final dimensional region, also known as the Cleft of Dimensions in the SNES and N-Zone in the Anthologies version. It was created by Enuo during his time in power 1,000 years ago. It consumed Phantom Village at some point, transporting it to the current time period unchanged. There are multiple areas to traverse and many bosses holding the way to Exdeath. The original world was split in two (by splitting the original Crystals) in an attempt to seal away this dimension.

  • Beach - much like the shifting sand maze area in Bartz's world. An extra-powerful regular monster is thrown in with a standard complement of enemy encounters here, much like the desert in Bartz's world risked meeting the Dhorme Chimera. At the end of this stretch, Exdeath's generals will appear and taunt the heroes before assigning themselves to the areas ahead.
  • Ruins - This area looks like the Catapult.
  • Phantom Village - the village is frozen and its facilities cannot be used, although there is a pot of healing water that is available for use. The player is unable to speak with any of the townspeople. There are no random encounters here.
  • Forest - The area resembles the Great Forest of Moore. Calofisteri, the first boss of the final dungeon, waits in the passage to the next area.
  • Cave - a short, standard cavern area with many waterfalls. The optional boss Omega wanders around here, and will most likely kill an unprepared party with its powerful first attack. A room at the end contains a required boss, Apanda, who is related to Byblos, is also sealed in a book and has a similar fighting style.
  • Floating Castle - invisible walkways span between platforms. Both this area and the following have a large number of samurai and ninja enemy encounters.
  • Dimension Castle - a literal gauntlet of bosses. In the basement is Azulmagia, who controls the save point, a group of mini-bosses named Alte Roite who guard treasure in the cells, and Catastrophe, who appears when you try and exit the room. Halicarnassus is the King of Dimension Castle, and meets you at the top floor. Behind him at the entrance to the Void is Twintania, who has a weakness to the summon Odin when charging up his Giga Flare.
  • The Void - a series of crystalline platforms floating amid the void. Gilgamesh is here after having been banished by Exdeath after your previous battle with him. He decides not to continue fighting you, and later sacrifices his life to help you destroy Necrophobe, an optional boss that guards the last save point in the Void. A second optional boss, the incredibly powerful Shinryu, waits in a treasure chest here.



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