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A Doomsday machine firing its antiproton weapon

Doomsday machines or Planet Killers are incredibly powerful ancient weapons which have been encountered by the Federation on a number of occasions.


Origins and Specifications

It is believed the Doomsday machines were created by the Preservers to be used against the Borg. Though it also seems they may have been unsuccessful and that the Borg, who designated them Species 4672, were able to vanquish the creator race. (TNG novel: Vendetta and VOY comic: Planet Killer)

Doomsday machines feature a neutronium hull capable of resisting most if not all weapons fire (TOS episode: The Doomsday Machine) and even allowed the vessel to survive within a star. This same hull also generates a disruptive signal that prevents transporters from beaming people into the ship, though transportation is possible if permitted by the pilot, who was locked into a crystalline "stasis chamber", and merged with the ship. After being locked in the pilots were not alone, planet killers also contained an intelligence contained within their cores known as 'the Many', which seemed to be a repository of the creators 'souls' or a computerised version of their minds. The 'Many' served as the guiding force of the vessel, however they required a physical living being to actually unite them in purpose.

Doomsday machines require a constant 'diet' of planets to maintain them at peak performance. This need to consume planets is believed to be part of the machines design to destroy planets that the Borg had assimilated. The matter obtained from planets, or other targets, such as Borg Cubes, increase the ships' power reserves and even allowed them to repair themselves.

Doomsday machines are equipped with a devastating Anti-Proton Beam that even the Borg are incapable of resisting and as a powerful tractor beam which the ships used to drag either starships or planets into their maw.

Despite their powerful defensive and offensive abilities doomsday machines are generally slow compared to other starships, nevertheless they are in fact capable of achieving warp 10, though this appears to be a rarely used ability. (TNG novel: Vendetta)


50,000 years before the Federation's encounters with the machines, the weapons are built. 10,000 years later, a wave of the weapons led to the destruction of the First Orion Empire. (ST roleplay module: All Our Yesterdays: The Time Travel Sourcebook)

First contact

The USS Constellation engaging the doomsday machine

The first encounter with a doomsday machine occurred on stardate 4202.1 when the USS Constellation under the command of Commodore Matthew Decker was investigating devastation within System L-374. As the ship entered the system, they discovered the fourth planet in the system was collapsing. In orbit a doomsday machine was firing its anti-proton beam, preparing the planet for consumption. As the Constellation approached, it was attacked by the planet killer, and its deflector shields gave it no defense. Counterattacks could not pierce the ships neutronium hull and the Constellation was heavily damaged.

Unable to escape, and with the Constellation incapable of calling for aid thanks to the doomsday machine’s dampening field preventing communication and draining the ship of power, Commodore Decker ordered an evacuation of his crew to the third planet in the system while Decker himself decided to remain on the ship. Unfortunately, the doomsday machine soon moved on to consume that planet, and with the dampening field preventing transportation Decker could do nothing but watch helplessly as his crew of 400 were consumed along with the planet.

The planet killer's continuing destruction attracted the attention of another Federation ship, the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, who managed to receive a faint distress call from the Constellation. Recovering Decker and quickly learning of the futility of attacking the ship, the Enterprise crew were able to calculate that the course of the planet killer which would lead it towards the more densely populated regions of the Alpha Quadrant, including the Rigel system.

Upon encountering the Enterprise, the doomsday machine fired upon the ship with its anti-proton beam - knocking out the transporter, communications, and damaging other systems. The doomsday machine then disengaged, and resumed course for the next star system - which would have been the Rigel system. Spock decided to get back to the Constellation to retrieve the landing party so that they could escape the subspace jamming to inform Starfleet Command.

Commodore Decker asserted that the Enterprise needed to engage the doomsday machine. When Spock refused, Decker relieved Spock of command. He then attempted to attack the doomsday machine with the Enterprise. This attack proved futile, and the Enterprise was heavily damaged in the attack. The Enterprise was nearly dragged into the planet killer's maw, but Kirk was able to save the ship by having the Constellation fire upon the doomsday machine, distracting it long enough to allow Enterprise to escape.

Communications were restored between the two ships shortly afterwards. Captain Kirk refused to allow Commodore Decker to wreck his ship, and had Spock relieve Decker of command. While being escorted to sickbay, Decker overpowered the guard escorting him, and stole the shuttlecraft Einstein. Decker flew the shuttle directly into the Planet Killer's maw. The shuttle exploded within the Planet Killer, causing a small power loss.

At this point, Kirk and Spock determined that a larger explosion inside the Planet Killer would probably destroy the internal workings of the device. Engineer Scott rigged the ship's impulse engines to explode. Kirk took the Constellation inside the Planet Killer, and when her impulse engines overloaded the resulting explosion destroyed the internal workings of the Planet Killer. (TOS episode: The Doomsday Machine)

The remains of the planet killer were shipped to a secret Starfleet facility known as The Yard, where it, and other alien technology, was studied by a team of scientists including Dr Pad. (TOS short story: Devices and Desires). Eventually the remains were returned to the Rigel system to act as a monument in honour of those who lost their lives in its destruction (VOY comics: Planet Killer).

It was later stated that the Planet Killer was towed, not to the Rigel system, but to Epsilon Sigma V, informally known as "Trophy World", where it was indeed converted into a Starfleet Museum. (TNG novel: Before Dishonor)

It is likely that Epsilon Sigma V is the Planet Killer's actual location, since the USS Enterprise-E found it there in "Before Dishonor". It is possible that the Voyager crew, when they stated it was located on Rigel, simply made a mistake or forgot, or that the Doomsday Machine was relocated between Rigel and Epsilon Sigma.

Deja Vu All Over Again

Details pending

(FASA RPG scenario A Doomsday Like Any Other)


The third time a planet killer was encountered was by the USS Enterprise-D when one was being used by a woman called Delcara who had used a theory developed by Jean-Luc Picard in his years at Starfleet Academy to locate such a weapon.

She used the weapon on a crusade to destroy the Borg in revenge for their assimilation of her people. Her first major engagement was against a Borg Cube that had ravaged the planet Penzatti. This resulted in the Borg bringing a further two vessels to combat this new menace. This did not seem to trouble Delcara, who was intent on using the weapon to destroy her enemy but this meant the destruction of countless planets on the way to Borg space. Her path meant that the planet killer would travel through Tholian space which resulted in the Tholians attacking the doomsday machine with a Tholian web, to no avail. The Federation attempted to neutralise the threat Delcara posed and during negotiations, the Borg attacked with their two cubes. The assault was almost successful as the Borg managed to crack the neutronium hull of the ship and beam a boarding party, however this attack was repulsed by Captain Picard.

One of the Cubes was destroyed by three Starfleet ships that were at the location and the second one was destroyed by the planet killer which consumed the cube to repair itself. The Doomsday weapon then left at warp 10 to reach Borg space before its pilot expired from her injuries sustained by the Borg raiding party. (TNG novel: Vendetta)


Another doomsday machine was encountered by the starship Voyager on its journey home through the Delta Quadrant in 2375. A Borg member of the crew, Seven of Nine, was aware the Borg had failed to assimilate the technology and had no defense against it, nevertheless Voyager attempted to destroy the weapon to stop it from cutting a swath of destruction. Ensign Harry Kim attempted to use the same tactic that destroyed the original planet killer however this failed. A second attempt at infecting the weapon with Nanoprobes also failed because of the strong hull of the ship, however it was successful when applied directly to the ships internal systems when the planet killer was distracted which allowed Tom Paris to beam The Doctor into the ship who administered the microscopic weapon. (VOY comics: Planet Killer)

Before Dishonor

Following the invasion of the Alpha Quadrant by the sentient Borg Cube, the crew of the USS Enterprise-E proceeded to the Starfleet Museum in an effort to restore the Doomsday Machine for use against the Borg. A Federation away team consisting of Ambassador Spock, Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge, and Seven of Nine boarded the craft and searched for a way to restore the device to working order. While working to restore the device it was confirmed by the AI of the weapon that the craft was built as a weapon against the Borg Collective and that its original pilot was killed during the destruction of the Constellation. Seven of Nine offered herself to the weapon and became Seven of One - the master of the weapon. Launching the craft the Doomsday Machine engaged several Borg vessels and the Cube containing the Borg Queen. The weapon was absorbed by the Borg and destroyed during the engagement (TNG novel: Before Dishonor).

Mirror Universe

In the Mirror Universe, the Planet Killer left a trail of destructon as it journeyed into Klingon space in 2293 where it was heading towards the Klingon homeworld of Qo'noS. It was escorted by starships from the Terran Empire who attempted to use the automated machine as a weapon against their enemies.

The ISS Excelsior arrived on the scene where Hikaru Sulu attempted to help the Klingons as he and his crew had accidently exchanged places with their mirror universe counterparts. During the struggle, the IKS Kronos One plunged itself into the weapon's path and sacrificed itself to destroy it. Another two K't'inga class vessels, the IKS Bortas and IKS Q'ud, did similar actions in reducing the ships firepower to 25%. The Excelsior then aided the Klingons by disabling the Imperial Starfleet vessel ISS Kodos, an old Constitution class starship and forced it into the Planet killer which was disabled as its internal structure was damaged. (TOS video game: Shattered Universe)


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The planet killer, sometimes called the "doomsday machine", was an automated, self-propelled weapon capable of destroying entire class-M planets. It was encountered in 2267 by the Federation starships USS Enterprise and USS Constellation. Its origins are unknown, but based on its apparent trajectory, it was believed to have come from outside the Milky Way Galaxy.

The device was rendered inert when the Constellation exploded inside its forward opening. The Enterprise placed a warning buoy near the device and proceeded to the nearest starbase for repairs. (TOS: "The Doomsday Machine")


Fan series

Star Trek: New Voyages

A Klingon D7 battles the planet killer. (STNV: "In Harm's Way")

In an alternate timeline, when the Constellation detonated it triggered a reaction in the weapon's chroniton emissions and sent it through time to 2255 where it encountered and destroyed the USS Enterprise commanded by Christopher Pike. It duplicated and plunged the Federation into a conflict known as the Doomsday War. Spock, on the planet Gateway, was protected from the changes in the timeline and sent the USS Farragut, commanded by James Kirk, back in time through the Guardian of Forever, and with the help of the USS Daedalus and the USS Enterprise was able to stop the planet killer and correct the timeline. (Star Trek: New Voyages: "In Harm's Way")

Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR)

This timeline allows for the events of STNV's "In Harm's Way" to occur.

After the planet killer was rendered immobile in System L-374, in 2271 a team of scientists traveled there abaord the USS Hawking to study the device. However to their astonishment when they arrived it had completely dissapeared. Sensor readings indicated a recent massive subspace distortion in the vacinity and it was assumed these has caused the weapon's destruction. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Messengers of Doomsday, Part 1")

In fact what had occurred was far more dangerous. A month prior to the Hawking's arrival, the Borg had tested their first transwarp network. One aperture led to system L-374 and had pulled the planet killer into the conduit. At the time the Borg were unaware of this and so collapsed the conduit as was originally planned. This caused the device to fall into subspace where it drifted around for over a hundred years. In 2375, when the USS Voyager attempted to create a stable quantum slipstream, this, unknown to the crew at the time, pulled the doomsday weapon back into normal space where it emerged in the Delta Quadrant. The Borg quickly discovered and assimilated it with the intent of using it for their greatest achievement ever, the assimilation of the entire galaxy. Ultimately however their plan was foiled by Elizabeth Rand and the USS Pioneer; however the weapon once again disappeared. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Messengers of Doomsday, Part 2", VOY: "Timeless")

Tales of the Seventh Fleet

The USS Justice fires on the planet killer. ("Return to Doomsday")

In 2295, the USS Justice encountered the reactivated device. After a brief engagement in which most of the senior staff was injured, the device was eventually destroyed by a solar flare in system L-374. ("Return to Doomsday")


In the original TOS episode it was referred to as "the planet killer". Only in casual conversation was it compared to the "doomsday" weapons of the late 20th century.


It is hypothesized that the Tales of the Seventh Fleet timeline could work with the STNV timeline, the thought being that the planet killer wasn't destroyed by the USS Justice when it was hit by the solar flare, but forced into a slingshot time warp which caused the events of "In Harm's Way" (Star Trek: New Voyages) to occur.


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The Planet Killer being guarded by B2 super battle droids.

The Planet Killer was a large spherical weapon designed to destroy the planet it was detonated upon.


Its creator built a prototype to show to Count Dooku five months after the Battle of Geonosis, hoping to sell it to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Just before it was due to be tested, Mace Windu deactivated it. When the planet failed to explode, Dooku had the scientist taken away, and decided to continue development of the Ultimate Weapon. It is doubtful that the device was able to do what its creator claimed.


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