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Hutt Cataclysms


Hundred-Year Darkness

Pius Dea crusades

12,000 BBY


11,000 BBY




Republic Victory

Major battles

Hutt Crusade, Destruction of Zarracina III


Rival alien sects


Supreme Chancellor Contispex

"These gave as good as they got, and 'cold' and 'hot' wars alternated for a thousand years—while the Republic flagellated itself with inquisitions—until Pius Dea rule met its end in that famous encounter which hardly needs retelling here."
―Gabrel Treon, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Praji: A Cartel of Genes

The Pius Dea Crusades were a series of conflicts from 12,000 BBY to 11,000 BBY.


Initiated by the Pius Dea cult when Contispex was elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, the Pius Dea sanctioned several "crusades" against rival alien sects around 12,000 BBY. As Contispex's successors were all members of the Cult, the crusades had the resources available to the Republic Navy and Army. The role of the Jedi Order in these events is unknown.

Tapping into the unpopularity of the Hutts among many citizens of the Republic, Contispex sanctioned an invasion of the Hutt Empire. However, Contispex and his successors soon turned their attention to other alien species and sects within the Outer Rim. For a thousand years leading up to 11,000 BBY, the Republic was embroiled in crusades against different factions, who fought back, leaving the galaxy in a permanent state of "hot" and "cold" wars. These crusades, embarked upon in Contispex's name, were very violent, and marked a devastating period in galactic history.

The crusades ended after a famous encounter which ended Pius Dea rule possibly violently. The tensions from the fallout of the crusades would deepen the rifts between the Core Worlds and those of the Outer Rim, which Palpatine would come to exploit during his reign as Supreme Chancellor and Galactic Emperor thousands of years later.

Timeline of the Pius Dea Crusades

  • 11,660 BBY
    • Republic forces orbitally bombard Zarracina III, turning its surface into an irradiated wasteland and forcing the native Zarracines into a nomadic existence.
  • 11,000 BBY
    • Pius Dea rule over the Republic is ended during a famous encounter.
    • End of the Pius Dea crusades.


Pius Dea Era
(12,000 BBY11,000 BBY)
Galactic timeline

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Years of the Pius Dea Era
12,000 BBY · 11,975 BBY · 11,720 BBY · 11,708 BBY · 11,660 BBY · 11,500 BBY · 11,000 BBY
See also: Twelve Kingdoms Era of the Tapani Sector

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