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Pitt Raiders
founder(s): Ishmael Ashur
leader(s): Ishmael Ashur
headquarters: Haven
locations: The Pitt
Sandra Kundanika

The Pitt Raiders are a group of Raiders which forms the ruling faction of The Pitt, encountered in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.



After the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel led by Owyn Lyons purged most of The Pitt in the Scourge twenty years before the events of Fallout 3, the remaining inhabitants were united by Ishmael Ashur. As a former member of the Brotherhood of Steel he had participated in the assault and had been left behind in The Mill, presumed dead after having been caught in an explosion.

A Scavenger trying to steal his armor pulled him out of the rubble and Ashur impressed her and the other inhabitants of the area to a degree that some even considered him a god. Touched by the tenacious locals and realizing the potential of the only operational steel mill the Brotherhood had ever run into, he founded the city by bringing together the scavengers in the area and recruiting a group of followers. When they were attacked by Raiders soon after, Ashur killed some of the old Raider leaders and made the rest follow him, founding the Pitt Raiders as they are at the time of Fallout 3.

Eventually the Pitt Raiders had to turn to slavery to bolster their workers' numbers as the disease plaguing the town, the Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion, made nearly 100% of the children turn feral within weeks after birth. This move turned them into the major purchaser for slaves from the Capital Wasteland and the best customer of Paradise Falls' slaver community.



Named members

Many of the Pitt Raiders have names and can be talked to, sometimes for items, although such a case is rare. Most encounters involving dialogue are found in Uptown, once you have completed The Hole, when the Raiders become friendlier towards you than previously.

Named Pitt Raiders are often noticeably tougher than generic Pitt Raiders. Additionally, many of them upgrade to Metal Armor during the slave uprising in Free Labor.


Unnamed members

Pitt Raider

Pitt Raider / Guard
race: Human
affiliation: Pitt Raiders
role: various
location: The Pitt
appearances: Fallout 3 (add-on The Pitt)
quests: none
base id: xx007f3e xx007f4e xx007f5e xx007f6e xx007f76 xx007f8e (guns)
xx007f46 xx007f66 xx007f7e (melee)
xx007f56 xx007f8a (heavy)
xx00b35b xx006840 (Guard)
ref id: Not known

The first time Pitt Raiders of the generic variant are encountered is in the Capital Wasteland when answering Werhner's radio signal. In The Pitt itself they are guarding every area except for the Steelyard. Generic Pitt Raiders are marginally stronger than standard Raiders; they also have slightly superior armor and equipment.

Most Pitt Raiders carry standard weapons, such as Combat Shotguns, Assault Rifles and Hunting Rifles. However, there are several Raiders in Uptown with Sniper Rifles and the gate guards carry Infiltrators. For defense, they wear Raider Commando Armor, Raider Iconoclast Armor, Raider Ordinance Armor, Raider Paingiver Armor and Raider Throwdown Armor occasionally combined with Supervisor Helmets or standard Raider helmets from the Capital Wasteland.

The three Pitt Raiders sent to pursue Wernher into the Capital Wasteland may be equipped with Metal Armor, making them somewhat tougher than average.


Guards are found in The Pitt's Downtown and The Mill, watching the slaves. They are armed with 10mm SMGs and Tire Irons and wear one of The Pitt's Raider armor variants.

Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Pitt Raider armor variant 10mm SMGs
Tire Irons
- -

Slave Master


The Pitt Raiders will usually insult you or tell you to get back to work. If your Intelligence stat is high enough, they may refer to you as "professor". After completing the fights in "The Hole", they may refer to you as "newbie".

"If you're so damn smart, how'd you end up here? Huh?"
"Look'in good, newbie."
"Get back to work, grinder."
"Don't give me that "holier than thou" look!" -- If the player has Very Good Karma.
"Get back to work, angel." -- If the player has Very Good Karma.


  • The Pitt Raider guarding the Pitt Bridge with a Sniper Rifle will always be hostile.
  • Some Pitt Raiders such as Duke view the Capital Wasteland Raiders (possibly ALL other raiders) as "idiot druggies, bringing shame to the profession."
  • If you choose to 'free' the slaves by killing Ashur and his followers during the main questline then no more Pitt Raiders will respawn afterwards, making the special Pitt Raider armors they wear limited in quantity.


The Pitt Raiders appear in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.

The Pitt (add-on)

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