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Pit Stop

Halo 3


Africa, Earth


Symmetrical, ramps and obstacles

Weapons on Map
  • Same as The Pit
Vehicles on map
  • Same as The Pit
Recommended Number of Players

4-10 players

"Some say the attics are haunted by fallen trainees that died camping. Warlocks are another popular theory."

Pit Stop is a Halo 3 multiplayer map variant of The Pit. It was released with Title Update 2.


Pit Stop is a version of the The Pit. It has "inaccessible spawn hives". This means that the player cannot spawn in the room above the flag/bomb spawn. There are also barriers blocking it off from people going up there via Brute Shot jumping, grenade jumping, and double jumping. It was added into matchmaking with Title Update 2 on 9/23/08, and was added along with Boundless, Epilogue, and Sand Tarp. It will not replace The Pit, but it will be in matchmaking along with The Pit.

Pit Stop can be downloaded here.


  • In the map description, "warlocks" are mentioned. This is likely a reference to the multiplayer levels Warlock and Wizard, from Halo 2 and Halo: Combat Evolved respectively. All three are similar in layout and gameplay, though certainly not aesthetics.
  • The inability to enter the rooms above the flag/bomb spawns was likely added to halt snipers from camping in the room, which normally makes an ideal sniping spot.

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