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See Also: Mindflayer (Enemy)

Piscodemons (ピスコディーモン Pisukodīmon) are a recurring race in the Final Fantasy series, usually occurring as enemies. In Final Fantasy Tactics, however, it is possible to recruit a Piscodemon to Ramza's side. Piscodemons are aquatic, and are therefore especially vulnerable to Lightning magic.



Final Fantasy

Main article: Piscodemon (Final Fantasy)

Piscodemons appear as a boss initially, and later as a normal enemy. The other variant is the Mindflayer.

Final Fantasy XII

Main article: Piscodaemon

The Piscodaemon is a Rank V Mark petitioned by one of the Kiltias on Mt. Bur-Omisace. It is described as being a "Nu Mou Male, fallen into dark, sorcerous ways."

Final Fantasy Tactics

Originally known as Pisco Demons, Piscodaemons are part of the three variants of Mindflayers, the other two being Mindflayers (also known as Mindflares) and Squidraken (also known as Squidlarkin).

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