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This article is about the Hunter area. For other uses, see Piscatoris (disambiguation).
Location on World map
Piscatoris Fishing Colony
Phoenix Lair Piscatoris Hunter area Falconer
Eagles' Peak

The Piscatoris Hunter area was one of 3 completely new areas released along with the Hunter skill in December of 2006. It is used as a main Hunter area for levels 3-69+. It can be found south of Piscatoris Fishing Colony, west of Tree Gnome Stronghold and just north of the Eagle's Peak. Fairy ring code A - K - Q. Several types of hunting can be done here:

The Woodlands.


Hunter Outfit

Wood camouflage gear - top and legs are made from common kebbit fur or Larupia hunter gear for levels 28 and higher.

Hunter Creatures


Tracking (Levels 3+)

There are two creatures to track here:

Bird Snaring (Levels 9+)

There is one creature to snare here:

Butterfly Netting (Levels 15+)

There is only one creature to net here, but implings are known to appear here.

Deadfall Trapping (Levels 23+)

There are two creatures to trap with Deadfall:

Box Trapping (Levels 53+ (27+ after Eagle's Peak))

There is one creature to trap with a box. Players who have completed the Eagle's Peak quest have unlocked the ability to trap ferrets which are used to snare rabbits.

Rabbit Snaring (Levels 27+)

Main article: Rabbit Snaring

The Piscatoris Woodland is the only place in RuneScape to snare rabbits (after completing Eagle's Peak).

Falconry (Levels 43+)

Main articles: Falconry, Falconer (area)

This Hunter area is also the only area in RuneScape in which players can use gyr falcons to catch kebbits. Falconry is one of the quickest Hunter training methods for players with level 43+ Hunter, second only to box trapping carnivorous chinchompas at very high Hunter levels (75-80+). Trapping red salamanders is also about as fast as falconry from levels 60-70.

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