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Entrance to the Pirate's Hideout
The Pirates' Hideout
The Pirates' Hideout in Bartz's World Overworld
The Pirates' Hideout in the Merged World Overworld

Pirates' Hideout is a location in Final Fantasy V. It is found in Bartz's World and in the headquarters of Faris and her gang of pirates. Bartz's chocobo, Boko, also spends most of the game here.



Bartz Klauser, alongside Lenna and Galuf, find a cove on their way to the Wind Shrine. Bartz leaves Boko at the entrance and the party explores the cave. At the time they reach a clearing, they find a boat approaching the cave. They wonder how it sails with no wind, and walk further inside the cave. Soon, they find it is actually an hideout for pirates.

At the hideout's dock, Lenna decides to "borrow" the ship. They go on board, and try to escape with it, but when trying to control the helm, Bartz finds that the ship won't move. Faris then catches the thieves and locks them on the brig, not before Lenna begs for the pirates' help as the princess of Tycoon, which shocks everyone. During the night, Faris, who had noticed Lenna's pendant decides to aid the party, and at dawn, he joins the party, who depart for the Wind Shrine.

The Pirates' Hideout is visited again in the Merged World. There, Bartz and Krile find Boko and his mate, Koko, who is pregnant. Bartz then takes Boko with him so as to explore the new world. Later, after the party is reunited, Syldra's spirit can be found in here, and obtained as a summon.


Name Location
Leather Cap Cave area
300 Gil Pirate's Treasure Room
Tent Pirate's Treasure Room
Ether Pirate's Treasure Room
Potion x8 Talk to Pirate after getting the key to Torna Canal



"Pirates Ahoy" from Final Fantasy V''
Image:FFV - Pirate's Ahoy!.ogg
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This dungeon actually features two themes: "Dungeon" (ダンジョン Danjon) for the first part, and "Pirates Ahoy" (おれたちゃ海賊 Oretacha Kaizoku) for the pirate base. The latter was reused in the Chocobo Racing Original Soundtrack as "Goblin's Theme".


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Location on World map
Wilderness Agility Course Pirates' Hideout Mage Arena
Deep Wilderness Dungeon
The Pirates' Hideout.

The Pirates' Hideout is a building located in deep Wilderness. A lockpick and 39 Thieving are required to gain entry, by picking the lock on the door.

Many aggressive pirates are located here. There are also 4 Thieving chests that have to be searched for traps before the player can loot them, and half of a redberry pie (5 hit points healing) spawns in the hideout.

Note that revenants may wander through the doors and inside the hideout. They can pass through open or closed doors, but cannot ascend or descend stairs (though it is thought that they can spawn on different levels of a building). This area can be quite dangerous, with multiple revenants on hand including Revenant knights and Revenant orks. It can also be completely free of revenants, if your character arrives at a fortunate time.

Strategies and Equipment

While travelling to the Pirates' Hideout, for reasons such as Treasure Trails, it is somewhat safe to teleport to Deserted Keep east of the Mage Arena, using the Ardougne Wilderness lever west of the castle. After cutting the spiderweb blocking the top of the exit from Deserted Keep, many players run south of the Mage Arena and swing back north to the hideout, as revenants tend to be more common to the north of the arena.

Since the numbers and levels of revenants in this area can defeat even the highest level characters, escape options are extremely important to any solo expedition.

  • Spirit Terrorbird familiars and Tireless Run scrolls are very helpful. They preserve one's ability to escape if necessary by keeping run energy high, and the terrorbird will fight beside you in multi-combat wilderness. Expect to use about 5-10 scrolls running to the nearby Treasure Trail locations.
  • Other run-boosting equipment is less helpful but still useful. Super-energy potions, Explorer's ring 3, and similar items are good ideas if one's summoning level is below 52.
  • Most teleportation stops working at level 20-30 Wilderness, but a Forinthry bracelet may come in handy. Without one, your character can be teleblocked, and unable to escape via the teleportation lever in the Deserted Keep to the east.

Ghostly Robes Miniquest

Beside the hideout, is a wrecked ship. Here, you can find Rennard the Thief from the Ghostly robes miniquest.

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