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A pirate is any person who commits robbery at sea. While piracy is a serious and problematic crime in any time period, modern depictions have glorified the practice, particularly that of the 18th century. They are often depicted as fun and playful, gaining great wealth and fame.

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Pirates is a number of multiple gameplay variants for Halo 3, specifically for the map Sandtrap and the Elephant vehicle. The one main rule is that you are not allowed to touch the ground.


Slayer Variant

The aim of the slayer variant is to get to the topside of your Elephant and annihilate the other team on their Elephant. A variant using vehicles can be chosen but again, no touching the ground! It is said and widely agreed upon by many players. The game was first created by gamertag: xXMasterJuiceXx (who explained the layout of the game before Halo 3's release)

Game Setup

Match Options

  • Score to Win Round: Variable

Player Options

  • Shield Type: Shields On
  • Motion Sensor: On

Team Options

  • Team Play: On
  • Team Changing: Off

Vehicle Options

  • Vehicle Respawn Time: Variable
  • Primary Light Vehicle: Variable
  • Secondary Light Vehicle: Variable

Equipment Options

CTF Variation

The aim is to board the enemy's Elephant and steal their flag then return it to your own. Works much better if on CTF classic.

Assault Variation

The aim is to deliver your bomb to the enemy Elephant and destroy it.

Tips and Tricks

  • Remember that the Elephant's turret is on the right side of the vehicle, so try to attack the enemy when they are to your right and facing away from you. This means their turret will have extra difficulty shooting back.
  • Keep in mind that the Elephant is indestructible, so don't waste your rocket ammo on the hull, use it on the passengers.
  • If there are vehicles on map, use them. Nothing ruins the enemy's day like a couple of Banshees raining plasma on the interior of the Elephant. More vehicles also means that you can find the enemy quicker if you spread out.
  • Keep a vehicle in the Elephant. In the heat of a ship-to-ship battle, the last thing the enemy needs is a surprise attack in the form of a concealed Warthog.
  • Because the Elephant is a little cramped and vehicles flying about, grabbing a Rocket Launcher or a Missile Pod will make clearing the Elephant or taking out vehicles a breeze.
  • In a Capture The Flag or Assault gametype, getting the bomb/flag carrier on a separate vehicle will prove to be very helpful when attacking or retreating, but this may backfire if an enemy vehicle decides to chase you.
  • If you are creating the map variant for yourself, you can deck out your ride with Machine Gun Turrets, various heavy weapons, explosives, cover, etc. to really put heat in the sandbox.

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The Invids pirates.
"You'll make a space-pirate yet!"
Han Solo

The term pirate referred to the variety of rogues that were scattered across the galaxy who would attack, rob or commandeer ships as they saw fit.



While their actions were inherently illegal, the morals of various pirates varied considerably. Some were cutthroat brigands who were petty murderers or thieves, but others, such as Nym, had a set of morals that prohibited killing the innocent, and generally restricted their actions to the rich. Other pirates, referred to as "privateers", operated under the sanction of governments or organizations like the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Privateers tended to hold themselves to a more "civilized" standard than other pirates, and restricted their activities to specific targets. Most pirates were orphans or citizens that were unemployed because of either being uneducated or having a lust for adventure, riches or anarchy.

Indeed, on a few occasions, pirates have pulled through to help the galaxy as a whole. Nym himself aided the Naboo around the time of the Battle of Naboo by destroying a Trade Federation droid foundry on Eos, and helping the Naboo resistance hold off an army attempting to flank the Gungans on the Naboo plains.

A popular weapon of space pirates was the ion cannon. The ion cannon could disable an entire ship and therefore would be easier to board and loot. Pirate gangs operated as two groups: the boarding group and the attack group. The attack group would disable the ship and its weapons and the boarding group would board the ship to steal or plunder whatever they could find (credits, chronos, comlinks and blasters).

Some pirates lent their services to other organizations, such as the Rebel Alliance or the Zann Consortium.

The most identifiable symbol of the pirate was the Blazing Claw.

List of pirates


An Aqualish pirate.


The pirate known as Crimson Jack.
Pirates, 137 ABY.

Notable pirate symbols and insignia


A member of the Binayre Pirates.
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From TibiaWiki

Pirates are outlaw marauders of the seas surrounding the Shattered Isles. Their only motivation is greed and their primary purpose is to gain wealth in any way possible. They are very untrusting, and do not make any alliances except to their own benefit. They can frequently be seen raiding Liberty Bay, and when they are approached by groups of players, they seem to target the weakest ones first.


Creature Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
Pirate Buccaneer Image:Pirate Buccaneer.gif 250 425 -- 595 0-59 gp, Compass, Bag, Torch, Worn Leather Boots, 0-6 Throwing Knives, Sabre, Sword (semi-rare), Battle Shield (semi-rare), Treasure Map (Pirate) (rare), Pirate Shirt (rare), Plate Armor (rare), Peg Leg (rare), Eye Patch (rare), Strong Health Potion (very rare), Pirate Backpack (very rare), Hook (very rare).
Pirate Corsair Image:Pirate Corsair.gif 350 675 -- 775 0-100 gp, Bag, Sabre, Sword, Dark Shield, Dark Armor, 0-12 Throwing Stars, Treasure Map (Pirate), Hook (semi-rare), Peg Leg (semi-rare), Eye Patch (semi-rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Skull Candle (rare), Pirate Backpack (rare), Pirate Hat (rare), Pirate Boots (very rare), Piggy Bank (very rare).
Pirate Cutthroat Image:Pirate Cutthroat.gif 175 325 -- 495 0-48 gp, Compass, Bag, Sword, Scale Armor, Steel Shield, Peg Leg (semi-rare), Hook (semi-rare), Eye Patch (semi-rare), Dice (semi-rare), Pirate Knee Breeches (rare), Rum Flask (rare), Light Shovel (rare), Pirate Bag (rare), Treasure Map (Pirate) (rare).
Pirate Ghost Image:Pirate Ghost.gif 250 275 -- -- 0-69 gp, Bag, Dirty Cape, Torn Book, Stealth Ring (rare), Parchment (rare), Spike Sword (very rare), Red Robe (very rare), Tattered Piece of Robe.
Pirate Marauder Image:Pirate Marauder.gif 125 210 -- 490 0-60 gp, Compass, Bag, Torch, Sword, Chain Armor, Plate Shield, 0-2 Spears, Bandana (semi-rare), Peg Leg (semi-rare), Hook (semi-rare), Eye Patch (semi-rare), Treasure Map (semi-rare), Rum Flask (semi-rare), Pirate Bag (semi-rare), Empty Goldfish Bowl (rare), Dice (rare).
Pirate Skeleton Image:Pirate Skeleton.gif 85 190 -- -- 0-25 gp, Skull, Big Bone, Short Sword, Sword, Bone Club, Spooky Blue Eye.

Pirate Bosses

Creature Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
Brutus Bloodbeard Image:Brutus Bloodbeard.gif 795 1200? -- -- 0-200 gp, Meat, Great Health Potion, 1-? Small Diamond, Pirate Backpack, Knight Armor, Plate Armor, Skull, Brutus Bloodbeard's Hat (always).
Captain Jones Image:Captain Jones.gif 825 800? -- -- 0-150 gp, Crown Legs, Focus Cape, Stealth Ring, Spike Sword
Deadeye Devious Image:Deadeye Devious.gif 500 1450 -- -- 0-140 Gold, 0-3 Meat, Great Health Potion, 0-1 Small Diamond, 0-2 Skull, Dagger, Plate Armor, Knight Armor, Pirate Backpack, Deadeye Devious' Eye Patch (always).
Dirtbeard Image:Dirtbeard.gif 375 630 -- -- Odd Hat, The Shield Nevermourn, Pointed Rabbitslayer or Helmet of Nature.
Lethal Lissy Image:Lethal Lissy.gif 500 1450 -- -- 0-102 gp, Knight Armor, Plate Armor, Double Axe, Small Diamond, Protection Amulet, 0-3 Meat, 0-2 Skull, Lethal Lissy's Shirt (always).
Ron the Ripper Image:Ron the Ripper.gif 500 1500 -- -- 0-77+ gp, 0-2 Skulls, Great Health Potion, Meat, Dagger, Plate Armor, Knight Armor, Double Axe, Small Diamond, Ron the Ripper's Sabre (always).


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Creature Types
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