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Pip Boy Lingual Enhancer
effects: +10% Speech
+500 XP
weight: 8
value: 200

This PipBoy lingual enhancer consists of a storage holodisk, a microfilament cord, headgear, and an optical sensor that is placed over the user's right eye. When used, an optical flash transmits an entire dictionary into the user's memory, permanently improving the user's speech skills.

Attaining the Lingual Enhancement

See also Fallout 2 endings

Male or female players can ask Mrs. Bishop about the G.E.C.K. or Vault 13 if they have not encountered those yet, and then ask her about Vault City. They may then, if Strength or Charisma is 6 or more, accompany her to her room on the top floor of the Shark Club. If the Chosen One asks about her past, doesn't mention the unpleasant topic of her husband, and generally says all the right things, she will mention her education in Vault City and the Chosen One can ask if she still has the memory enhancing device that she used while she was there, which is, of course, the Lingual Enhancer. Accompanying Mrs. Bishop and asking about her husband is the only way to be able to properly assassinate Bishop, the secret way that the game intended, so if the player wants to do both of these, then the Chosen One will have to 'walk with Mrs. Bishop' a second time.

Note that walking past Mr. Bishop and whistling a merry tune on the way out will tend to make the Chosen One unpopular with the mob boss; but not for the reasons one would expect. It is not because he has just been cuckolded, it is because the player 'warps' upstairs to do the wild 'fade to black' thing, and Bishop is partial to neither the company of his employees nor the presence of strangers. The exact cause of his finally snapping is either, the player is working for (on a quest for) Mr. Bishop and is seen by Mr. Bishop too many times, or, the player so much as comes upstairs without Thomas Moore's suitcase, or a quest from Bishop in his PipBoy. As this former trigger is shared by all bosses, it is being upstairs without first being in the Bishop's employ that sets him apart in what sets him off. Fair enough, as Salvatore can't be reached at all without the Chosen One getting inextricably enmeshed in Salvatore's web of intrigue, and Big Jesus Mordino is the only other boss that the Chosen One can even get into the same room as, without following proper channels or spilling blood. Or making ash sculptures. Or... well you get the idea.

Saving and reloading the game upstairs during this scenario will cause the player's party to become invisible. Party members continue to gain levels while invisible, much the same way as Goris does between when he decides he has to go back to Vault 13 and before the player actually goes back there. Recruiting party members to the now-vacant slots once the original party members are invisible, and if necessary repeating the 'disappearing' process, will allow the player to control any number of the joinable NPCs. Players who want to restore their party to its original state need only sleep with Mrs. / Ms. Bishop once again; the party then returns once one of the Shark Club maps is reloaded.

Male characters that sleep with either Leslie Anne Bishop (Mrs.) or Angela Bishop (Ms.), or both (unless the Chosen One has a Jimmy Hat in his inventory), automatically triggers the Bishop Child game ending. Once this ending is 'triggered', the Tribals Arise ending can be triggered by the Chosen One giving Mrs. Bishop the idea of getting out of New Reno and away from Bishop. These endings will occur even if the conditions for one of 8 other endings exist. The tenth ending, Everyone dead, occurs if the player kills all four mobster bosses, even if the Chosen One sleeps with Ms. / Mrs. Bishop.


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