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Pious Inquisitor
Production information

CCS-class Battlecruiser[1]


Covenant Navy

Modified by

Covenant Navy

Technical specifications
Engine unit(s)

Repulsor Engines

Slipspace Drive


Slipspace velocity

912 lightyears per day



Earliest sighting

Battle of Earth

Present for battles/events
Known owner(s)

Possibly the Prophet of Regret

Don't let its luxury fool you - the Pious Inquisitor is one of the fastest ships in the Covenant fleet.

The Pious Inquisitor[3] was a Covenant CCS-class Battlecruiser reputed to be "one of the fastest ships" in the Covenant Navy.



The Pious Inquisitor saw action at the Battle of Earth. In Halo 2, the multiplayer level Midship is located in an unspecified section of this vessel. The Inquisitor remained intact through the Battle of Earth, and when informed of the Great Schism, it joined forces with the Covenant Separatists and returned to High Charity to join the Fleet of Retribution in preventing the Flood from spreading. Now part of the Fleet, it joined pursuit of a Flood controlled ship to Earth, after which it entered the Portal and took part in the Battle of Installation 00. Its current status is unknown.

Though it is unknown where the location of the map is, it is a commonly thought to be either in the observation deck or the Engine room. It is more likely the former, for the layout of the room is nothing at all what and engine room should look like, in addition to the fact it is at the top of the ship. It is described as typically luxurious for a Covenant warship, so the hovering platform in the center of the room may be the control platform.


  • According to bonus features in the Halo 2 Collectors Edition, Begotten Angel was the original name of the vessel featured in Midship.
  • Midship may be the observation deck of the ship.
  • This is also the location of the Halo 3 multiplayer map, Heretic, which is a remake of Midship.
  • During Halo 3, it is in orbit approaching a mysterious planet that looks similar to Saturn with a group of capital ships.

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