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Zidane and crew crash at Pinnacle Rocks.

Pinnacle Rocks is a location in Final Fantasy IX. It is located near Lindblum on the Mist Continent, and can be accessed as early as Disc 1, when the player is in control of Zidane. Only a very small part of the area is available for exploration, and his progress is halted by a large rock. There is a sign reporting an apparent ghostly presence in the area. Other than this, the rocks have no use at this point in the game.


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After fleeing Queen Brahne's Bandersnatches at Alexandria, Princess Garnet, Zidane, and Vivi board a Gargant car in hopes of of seeking refuge in Treno. However, a Ralvuimago scares the Gargant and they overshoot the Treno station, crashing at Pinnacle Rocks. After picking themselves out of the cart wreckage, they meet Ramuh, the Eidolon god of Thunder, who will allow them to pass if they find his six incarnations hidden throughout Pinnacle Rocks. Each of these incarnations tells part of the story of Josef, a Final Fantasy II character, which must then be arranged in a story and related to Ramuh. No matter how the story is ended by Garnet, Ramuh becomes Garnet's Eidolon, and the party moves on to witness the Siege of Lindblum.

Like many places in Gaia, Pinnacle Rocks cannot be accessed in Disc 4, due to an Iifa root protruding across the entrance on the World Map.



  • The Ogre
  • Mythril Vest
  • Mythril Armlet
  • Peridot

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