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The term ping has several meanings in Guild Wars.


Pinging the map

To ping the map or a location is to click on the radar which will radiate red rings and make a small ringing noise for the entire team. This is used for various purposes including giving teammates who are out of radar range an idea of which direction to go.

Pinging a skill bar or equipment

When someone asks you to ping your skill bar they mean to provide your equipped skills to your party. (See skill template for details on how this works.) Alternatively, this could also be a request to provide a template you want a teammate to use. This can be done similarly or by opening the load template dialog and selecting the option to send the template to chat.

The same thing can apply to equipment templates.

Pinging a status effect

Most frequently this is done by teammates who are either not communication on an external voice program or by team members who don't have microphones, CTRL clicking a status effect (enchantments, hexes, conditions, morale, etc) will inform your team that you have this status effect on you. Similarly, players may ping a particular skill being used by themselves or even foes to alert your team of its occurrence. Players can also ping health and energy by CTRL clicking the respective bars.

Connection Ping

See Latency.

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Ping and Pong
Ping and Pong
Release date 29 January 2007 (Update)
Race Penguin
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Penguin quest series
Location Iceberg
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes
Gender Both are males
Examine 'Berg bard
Notable features Two hippy-like penguins with a musical sense.

Ping and Pong are two penguin bards that seem to working with the KGP. They reside in a musical room in the KGP headquarters on the Iceberg. Ping and Pong both play parts in the quests Cold War and Hunt for Red Raktuber. Unlike the other agents of the KGP, these penguins are not evil and only enjoy playing music and composing songs.

Their taste for music is frowned upon by the some agents, as seen in both quests. During Cold War, players have to bring them cowbells and a set of penguin bongos. A cutscene appears, in which the two penguins are nearly thrown into solitary by an agent for being too loud. In Hunt for Red Raktuber, Ping and Pong help players compose a song to put a guard to sleep. The reason for his insomnia, players learn, is that he has nightmares due to the music played by the penguins.


  • Ping and Pong may be a reference to Cheech & Chong, a stand-up comedy duo consisting of Richard "Cheech" Marin and Tommy Chong. Both act as hippy characters who just want to chill and play music. The striking similarity with Cheech & Chong is their laid-back behaviour which often leads to trouble for them, unintentionally, as they say during the quests.
  • Ping Pong is a another name for table tennis, a sport in which "two or four players hit a lightweight, hollow ball back and forth with rackets."

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