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This skill mod reflects the pilot's level of general knowledge and increasing ability in executing the various pilot command tricks of the trade that they learn. As you advance in your chosen profession, you will gain access to special commands that you can execute during combat. All commands are skill based; meaning that the more levels of ability (Pilot Special Tactics skill modifier) the pilot has, the more easily the command can be executed successfully.

With most abilities, there is a period of time that must elapse before the pilot can use another one. This is shorter for simpler commands, and longer for more complicated ones. Unlike droid commands that may be burned onto unprogrammed chips, these commands are faction specific and not transferable.

Imperial Pilot Commands

The tactical training that Imperial pilots receive is second-to-none. As Imperial Pilots advance, they will learn new performance-enhancing commands and gain the ability to call in support craft for aid.

Name Command Description Granted At
Pump Reactor /pumpreactor Pushes the reactor in order to get extra power for speed or systems use. If unsuccessful, the whole ship will shut down. Basic Training
Emergency Weapons /eweapons Shuts down shield regeneration in order to improve capacitor recharge. If unsuccessful, the whole ship will shut down. Imperial Regular
Bomber Strike 1 /bstrike1 Calls NPC ships to attack your current target. Special Forces
Nebula Blast /nblast If issued while in a nebula, triggers an area-effect explosion. Your success level affects how much damage you take yourself. Special Forces
Bomber Strike 2 /bstrike2 Identical to the Bomber Strike 1 command, except the pilot's career growth has granted him access to a larger strike force. Elite TIE Guard
Bomber Strike 3 /bstrike3 Identical to the Bomber Strike 2 command, except the pilot's career growth has granted him access to an even larger strike force. Imperial Ace Pilot




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