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Members only? Yes
Level 70
Drain rate 1 point every 1.5 seconds
Effect +25% Defence, +23% Strength

and +20% Attack

The Piety Prayer is currently the strongest stat boosting prayer in the normal prayer book, giving a temporary 25% boost to a player's Defence skill, 23% boost to a player's Strength, and 20% boost to a player's Attack. It is also one of the fastest-draining prayers, at a rate of 1 point every 1.5 seconds with +0 Prayer bonus. This prayer is commonly used while fighting bosses or another player to maximise the amount of damage inflicted. Piety used to be the strongest stat boosting prayer in RuneScape. It was recently surpassed however by the Turmoil prayer from the Ancient Curses prayer book, having a starting boost of +15% to Attack, +15% to Defence, and +23% to Strength, and a max boost of +29% to Attack, +29% to Defence, and +32% to Strength. Turmoil also drains prayer points in a slower rate than Piety, making it a better choice for players taking on bosses or other players, though it requires 95 prayer.

To gain access to this prayer, players must complete the quest King's Ransom and the Knight Waves Training Grounds miniquest, along with having level 70 Defence and 70 Prayer.

Piety is also needed to complete one of the hard tasks in the Seers' Village Diary. Boosts cannot be used to complete this task.

As with all member prayers, this cannot be used on a free-to-play server.

This prayer also has a role in the quest Nomad's Requiem, where it is the only way to stop the smoke from harming the player in one of the puzzle rooms. Killing the Corruption beasts in the room restores prayer.

The requirements to activate Piety.
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