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Piet, the one in the white coat, looks out into space.
"It's unfortunate, but it can't be helped."

Piet (ピエット, Pietto) is a non-player character in Final Fantasy VIII. Possessing blond hair and a white coat, he is the head researcher onboard Esthar's Lunar Base. He acts as Squall's tour guide on the base when Squall arrived to find a way to wake an unconscious Rinoa.


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When Squall arrived on the Lunar Base, Piet had come to meet him personally. Guiding them to the medical lab and assuring that Rinoa would be taken care of, he then brought Squall to the base's control room where the beginnings of the Lunar Cry could be witnessed.
Unable to deter her, Piet was forced to watch as Rinoa, possessed by Ultimecia, deactivated the seals holding Sorceress Adel at bay. When the Lunar Base was about to be engulfed by the Lunar Cry, Piet ordered the evacuation of the facility. Amongst the last to leave, he escaped with Squall and Ellone onboard an escape pod. Trying to no avail to stop Squall from rescuing Rinoa who was drifting in space, he again could only watch as Squall evacuated the pod to find her.
Piet is later found in the Abadan Plains near the escape pod, for the third time unable to do anything as Galbadian soldiers came to take Ellone away.

Triple Triad


Piet possesses the rare Alexander card which can be obtained from him onboard the Lunar Base or in the Lunar Crash Site in the Abadan Plains.


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