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Phow Ji
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20 BBY, Drongar

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Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era


Galactic Republic

Phow Ji was a mercenary who was hired as a hand-to-hand combat instructor for the Galactic Republic forces during the Battle of Drongar and made a lieutenant. [1]


A former Teräs Käsi champion, Ji once defeated Jedi Knight Joclad Danva during a tournament on Bunduki. While on Drongar, Ji engaged in some minor scuffles with Padawan Barriss Offee, who, even though she thought him a vile murderer, saved his life when he was poisoned by a hypo dart fired by a Separatist soldier. Ji was eventually killed while single-handedly taking on a group of Salissian mercenaries who were on Drongar training for an assassination mission believed to be of vital importance to the Separatists. The event was chronicled by a cam droid onto a holocron. The incident was reported on by Sullustan reporter Den Dhur. [1]

Dhur's original report depicted Ji as a violent thug, but his editor, feeling the Republic needed more heroes during turbulent times, edited it so that Ji came across as a martyr. In one of his last acts as Chancellor, Palpatine had a statue of Ji erected in Monument Plaza.[2]

Ji was also a master of Tae-Jitsu, and the Echani art.


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