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Photo Opportunity
Ryder arriving at the meeting in Angel Pine
Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
For: Cesar Vialpando
Conditions of mission failure: Death
Failing to take a good enough photograph
Killing Cesar
Destroying Cesar's car
Reward: None
Unlocked by: Deconstruction

Photo Opportunity is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Carl "CJ" Johnson recieves a phone call from Cesar Vialpando. Cesar had been tracking a Ballas car, most likely coming to San Fierro to acquire some cocaine. Cesar wants CJ to come with him. Cesar is outside the city, on a highway near a billboard and a factory. Once CJ finds Cesar, the two begin to travel towards Angel Pine, where the car was last seen headed. After entering the small town, CJ and Cesar position themselves on a rooftop overlooking a Cluckin' Bell. CJ brings out a camera and plans to take pictures, believing this to be a meeting. Soon after, a Picador pulls in. It is Ryder, along with a Ballas member. After Ryder, another man pulls in. Cesar identifies him as T-Bone Mendez, shortly followed thereafter by a man in a suit, Mike Toreno. Then finally, a fourth man Jizzy B joins them. He is identified as a pimp by CJ, but both Cesar and CJ do not know him. After taking pictures of all four men, Cesar and CJ leave Angel Pine, stopping by a gas station. Cesar leaves CJ at the gas station, saying he'll meet him back in San Fierro.


  • If you fly over the spot where you are supposed to meet Cesar, a huge red halo around the spot is visible. However, it disappears once you go down to a certain altitude.
  • The mission is supposed to jack a chopper and fly to Cesar and then fly to the meet to take the pictures you needed from the chopper. This idea was possibly dropped before the game's release, probably because of the limitations set in this part of the game, prohibitting the player from going to a locked area (Las Venturas and the desert area). As a result, it was decided to give Cesar a fear of heights (as noted in Customs Fast Track).

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