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The Phoenix Pinion, known as the Phoenix Feather(フェニックスの羽, Fenikkusu no Hane) in Japan, is a recurring item in the Final Fantasy series. In Final Fantasy VIII, when used as an item in battle, it will summon the Phoenix, reviving all KO'ed allies to full HP and inflicting Fire elemental damage to all enemies. In Final Fantasy IX, as an item, it acts just like a Phoenix Down, but when a party is KO'ed, there is a chance that the Phoenix will automatically appear and revive the KO'ed party if Eiko Carol is amongst the party. It can also be equipped as an Add-On to learn abilities.




Final Fantasy VIII

Phoenix Pinion
Effect Summons Phoenix if used once in battle, fully reviving all KO'ed allies.
Location N/A
Find Complete Shumi Tribe sidequest, Lunatic Pandora, Winhill - Chocobo Road
Steal from N/A
Won from N/A
Refine From 3 Mega Phoenix into 1 Phoenix Pinion (Tool-RF)
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy IX

The more Phoenix Pinions in your inventory, the more damage Eiko's Phoenix Eidolon will do, and the more likely it is that Phoenix will spontaneously appear and revive the party when annihilated.

Phoenix Pinion
Effect The more of these in stock, the higher the amount of damage Eiko's Phoenix summon will do, and the higher the chance to revive your party when all members are KO'ed (Chances are # of Phoenix Pinions in stock/256).
Location Synth Phoenix Down & Gysahl Green at Hades
Find Alexandria (Disc 1, x1; Disc 3, x3), Alexandria Castle, Dali, Lindblum (Disc 2), Cleyra (x3), Conde Petie (x2), Madain Sari (x2)
Steal from Abadon (B) (Rare & Very rare), Amdusias (A) (Rare), Axolotl (Very rare), Behemoth (Weapon Shop) (Very rare), Behemoth (Memoria), Blazer Beetle (Rare), Catoblepas (Rare), Crawler (Very rare), Fang (Very rare), Gargoyle (Rare), Garuda (Very rare), Ghost (Very rare), Gigan Toad (B) (Very rare), Gnoll (Rare), Hecteyes (Rare), Hedgehog Pie (Very rare), Lady Bug (Very rare), Land Worm (Very rare), Maliris - Crystal World (Rare & Very rare), Mandragora (Very rare), Nymph (Very rare), Ochu (Rare), Ogre (A) (Rare), Ogre (B) (Rare), Python (Very rare), Shell Dragon (B) (Very rare), Soldier - Cleyra (Very rare), Soldier - Alexandria (Very rare), Tonberry (Rare), Torama (Very rare), Vepal (Rare), Veteran (Rare), Zuu (Very rare)
Won from Soulcage (Very common), Kraken (Very common), Lich (Very common)
Cost 300

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Phoenix Pinion is not an item in this game, but an accessory that allows the player to survive a killing blow by exchanging bravery with HP, and breaks immediately after activating. It's effects will be negated if an opponent is wearing the Destroyer accessory or if the user is suffering under Brave Break when their HP reaches 0.

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