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The underground lair of the Phoenix Gang.
The Phoenix Gang, alias the VTAM Corporation, is a thief group in Varrock. They are one of the joinable gangs in the Shield of Arrav quest. It is lead by Straven Enroy.

The gang is constantly at war with the Black Arm Gang, a split-off group from their own.

The Phoenix Gang has a hideout in the basement of a ruin in southern Varrock, and a weapons storage room on the first floor of a small building in the south-east sector of the town.

The weapons storage room can only be entered using a key obtained by Phoenix Gang members during the Shield of Arrav quest. Inside this room are Phoenix crossbows, as well as some daggers.

and low level melee weapons can be obtained.
The weapon storage area of the Pheonix Gang, close to their headquarters.

The Phoenix Gang hideout can only be entered by players that are members of the Phoenix Gang, and contains several rooms with thieves and chests.

In order to complete the Heroes' Quest, Phoenix Gang members must team up with Black Arm Gang members like in the Shield of Arrav quest.


The building in which the V.T.A.M. corporation claims to operate.


  • It is possible that the history of the Black Arm Gang breaking off from the Phoenix Gang is derived from the real life Los Angeles gangs, the Bloods and the Crips, as some gang members broke off from the Crips to form the Bloods gang during an internal gang war.
  • It may also be possible that the reason that the Phoenix Gang was divided was maybe because that Straven and Katrine were in a relationship but "Broke up". However, this is not confirmed.

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Phoenix Gang
General information

Azara Vlanc

  • Azara Vlanc
  • Marstir Keewhoa
Notable members
  • Marstir Keewhoa
  • Vrad Tyzin
  • Glag Rine
  • Klang Rine
  • Towwbacca
  • NIL-8T
  • Azizkiziz
  • Gogol Turrn

Mos Osnoe



Historical information

25 ABY


25 ABY


26 ABY

Other information

New Jedi Order era


Azara Vlanc

The Phoenix Gang was a swoop gang that was founded and led by the runaway Jedi, Azara Vlanc.

Early history

After landing on Tatooine, Azara began looking for criminals. After finding a number of them in Mos Osnoe, she gathered them all together. She proposed that they work together in order to form a swoop gang which would allow them to gain credits more easily than if they had done so individually. Although at first unconvinced, Azara managed to win them over by killing an individual for attempting to dissuade the others. Impressed by the fact that she was a Jedi, they joined Azara. The gang committed several crimes, such as stealing a Starrunner-class starship.


However, Azara's brother, Zakon Vlanc, arrived at Tatooine in order to convince Azara to come back to the Jedi Order. Not willing to do so, Azara had her gang attack Zakon while she fled. The entire gang was non-fatally beaten and forced to flee from Zakon. The gang then decided to split up with the loss of their leader.


However, Azara's second-in-command, a Yaka named Marstir Keewhoa, managed to bring the gang back together again by convincing them that he would make a suitable leader in Azara's absence. He successfully managed to lead the gang on a large crime spree.

This article uses material from the "Phoenix Gang" article on the Star Wars Fanon wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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