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This article is about the pet Phoenix. For the elementalist spell, see Phoenix. For the emote, see Rank.

Species: Animal
Profession: Pet
Level(s): 5

The Phoenix is a charmable animal only found in the Divine Path.



  • The only place to charm a Phoenix is in the Divine Path after completing the Imperial Sanctum mission. There are 3 Phoenixes in the area: one at the starting point, one near the middle of the path, and one near Emperor Kisu at the end. There are also 2 larger Phoenixes standing next to Kisu which cannot be charmed.
  • The Phoenix is one of four pets that appear to fly when they move.
  • Phoenixes deal slashing damage when unevolved, and piercing damage when evolved.
  • The Phoenix has its own statue on the Monument of Fellowship, although the statue is called "Imperial Phoenix."


  • In keeping with the Oriental themes of Factions, the Phoenix is a reference to the Fenghuang or Chinese phoenix, not the fiery one of Egyptian lore.

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A cute phoenix eggling
A mean phoenix eggling

The Cute Phoenix Eggling and Mean Phoenix Eggling are pets introduced with the In Pyre Need quest. To obtain either of them you must have completed the quest In Pyre Need and done the Phoenix Lair Distractions and Diversions. When a player chooses the option to exit the cave, there is a slight possibility of getting lost. A cutscene will ensue, leading the player to a room full of phoenix eggs. The player will see that one of the eggs is shaking, and will be given the option to clap at the egg or kick it. To hatch a Cute Phoenix Eggling you must choose the clap option. To hatch a Mean Phoenix Eggling you must choose the kick option. You can have one of each type of pet phoenix.

The phoenix pets do not have an adult form, and they eat ashes.

Dialogue with Phoenix after finding eggling

The Phoenix will talk to you about egglings after you have found and hatched one.

A detailed image with several angles of a Mean Phoenix Eggling.

The chances of stumbling upon an egg while escaping the cave are unknown, although Jagex has confirmed it is significantly more than 1/1000 in a FAQ sticky on the official forums:

The phoenix said the chance of an egg becoming fertile was 1 in 1000. Is this the chance I have of getting the event?

No. The phoenix was referring to the chance of an egg becoming magically fertile, not your chance of finding one such egg within her lair. This phoenix has been around for a long time, and there are quite a few potentially fertile eggs. Your chance of getting the event is not 1 in 1000; it is significantly higher. To prevent further confusion, this line has been altered in the phoenix's chat. (However much higher than one in one thousand, it may well take months of doing this event every day before you get it.)

A newly hatched phoenix among all the unhatched eggs.



  • The method used to hatch Egglings is similar to that featured in the game Sonic Adventure 2 for 'DreamCast' when you hatch a "Chao" egg.
  • As of 13 January 2009, even players without 72 Summoning can receive the event in which the phoenix eggling is obtained. However, they will be unable to hatch it until they get the required level.
  • The mean hatchling's examine text is from the 1982 song, "Bad to the Bone."
  • The Cute and Mean Egglings are the only pets in game to have audio when they walk. This can also be heard by other players.

This article uses material from the "Phoenix (pet)" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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