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Concept art of Phoenix in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-
"An eternal, undying bird. Its tears are rumored to have curative properties, and it is said that he who tastes the Phoenix's blood will have eternal life."
Dissidia Final Fantasy Summon Compendium

Phoenix (フェニックス Fenikkusu) is a summon that appears in various games. Unlike many summons, Phoenix has often appeared as a story element. Its summon commonly involves reviving KO'd party members and is associated with the fire element.




Final Fantasy V

Phoenix makes its first summonable appearance as a Level 5 summon. It is obtained at the top of the Phoenix Tower, where Lenna has a flashback in which she must decide whether or not to cut the tongue of her Hiryuu to save her mother. Whether she refuses or not, the party obtains the summon.

Phoenix does fire damage to all enemies and revives a party member.

Final Fantasy VI

Phoenix is summoned into battle

Phoenix is an Esper that is obtained in the Phoenix Cave. Locke Cole has been searching for a way to revive his girlfriend, Rachel, and finds a way using the Phoenix Esper. He uses Phoenix to revive her, but she only lives long enough to assuage Locke's guilt before passing away for good. Afterward it is gained as a piece of Magicite. It costs 110 MP to summon and it teaches the following spells:

Phoenix's attack, "Flames of Rebirth" ("Life Giver" in the original version) casts Raise on the entire party and deals fire damage to all enemies.

Final Fantasy VII

Phoenix is summoned into battle.

Phoenix is a Summon Materia that is obtained at Fort Condor if Cid Highwind manages to protect the Huge Materia inside from Shinra. If he does so, the Condor sitting atop the fort dies and its baby hatches. During the condor's death the fiery wings of a Phoenix are seen, and afterwards a Phoenix Materia can be found. Its attack is called "Phoenix Flame" and costs 180 MP to cast. It deals fire elemental damage to the enemy party and revives all dead party members with full HP.

Level -- AP Needed

  • Level 1 -- 0
  • Level 2 -- 28000
  • Level 3 -- 70000
  • Level 4 -- 120000
  • MASTER -- 800000

Stat Changes

  • Magic +2
  • Magic Defense +2
  • Maximum HP -10%
  • Maximum MP +10%

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

See the Summon sequence here

Phoenix can be added to the DMW by obtaining its Materia, during the "7 Wonders of Nibelheim" side quest. Phoenix's attack is still Rebirth Flame, but now adds the Raise status to Zack. He also gains a Phoenix Down. Rebirth Flame also resets the Genesis Mode.

Final Fantasy VIII

See the Summon sequence here

Phoenix is a "semi-Guardian Force" in this game, and can only be summoned if someone uses a Phoenix Pinion at least once. It will randomly appear when all the members of the player's party have died in battle, with a 65/256 chance (or a 25.4% chance). Its "Rebirth Flame" can damage enemies and revive the characters from KO with 12.5% of their Max Hp. Adding more Phoenix Pinions to the inventory (3 Mega Phoenix refine into 1 Phoenix Pinion) greatly increases the chances that Phoenix will appear.

Triple Triad

Image:TTPhoenix.png Level 9 (GF Card) Element Fire
Refine 1 refines into 3 Phoenix Spirits
Drop n/a
Card n/a
Win Presidential Aide in Esthar, or the Queen of Cards in Disk 4

Final Fantasy IX

Phoenix, upon being summoned.

Phoenix is an Eidolon that only Eiko Carol can summon. It is learned by equipping a Phoenix Pinion, and is randomly summoned automatically if Eiko is in the party and there is a Game Over. This rate is proportional to the amount of Phoenix Pinions the party has.

Final Fantasy XI

One of the five Terrestrial Avatars, Phoenix is encountered quite differently than previous avatars. Before the time of Final Fantasy XI, Phoenix was somewhat destroyed, and her spirit now lingers in a flaming Great-Katana weilded by a samurai named Tenzen. Phoenix will only be revived after the blade her spirit rests in causes much bloodshed.

Later in the Chains of Promathia chapter, Phoenix somewhat fuses her form with Selh'teus, who aids the player in the battle against Promathia alongside Prishe.

Currently, it seems that Phoenix will not become a player-usable summon in any future versions of Final Fantasy XI.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Phoenix

One of eight creatures the Summoner can summon, Phoenix will fully revive any fainted unit and instantly KO any Undead in the area with 100% accuracy. Its area effect is two spaces outward and one space diagonally from the point of origin. It is learned from the Nirvana Staff.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Once again Phoenix appears as a Summon for the Summoner Job Class.

It revives all KO'd Party members with Full HP and deals Fire-Elemental damage to all units in a large area.
Due to changes in the KO system from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Phoenix revives all KO'd allies instead of just any targeted bodies.
It is learned from the Nirvana Staff just like in Tactics Advance, which also happens to be the same weapon that teaches Arise, the white magic spell with the same effect(but single-target and without the Fire-Damage effect)

Crystal Defenders

Phoenix being summoned into battle.

Phoenix can only be summoned in Crystal Defenders W1 for the price of five crystals. When summoned Phoenix increases the attack power and range of all the player's units for the current wave.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited

Phoenix in Final Fantasy: Unlimited

In the anime, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Phoenix makes several appearances as a summon. The Soil Charge Triad (Soil is like the colored bullet of a Magun, used to summon creatures) needed to summon Phoenix is:

  • Origin of all, Mother Black!
  • Burning all to ashes, Fire Red!
  • The critical point of all, Burning Gold!

Followed by saying: "Burn! Summoned Creature! Phoenix!"

In the English audio version, the Soil Charge Triad was changed to:

  • The origin of all things, Mother Black!
  • A heat that will scorch all creation, Fire Red!
  • The critical point of everything, Burning Gold!

Followed by saying: "Burn up! I summon you! Phoenix!"

Phoenix is later upgraded to Giga-Phoenix (the Soil Charge Triad remains the same).

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The automatic version of Phoenix
The manual version of Phoenix

Phoenix appears as a summon in Dissidia. When summoned, it protects the summoner from Brave Breaks for a short time - if the summoner would be inflicted with a Brave Break while Phoenix is in effect, their Brave Points are restored to full. Like most of the summons in Dissidia, Phoenix can be summoned by two distinct ways: Automatically, where its Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- artwork appears whenever the summoner's Brave value is lower than half of his\her base Brave value, and manually, where an artwork of its Final Fantasy VIII appearance shows. Phoenix's auto version can be obtained in the third stage of the Destiny Odyssey III storyline, and its manual version can be obtained in the second stage of the Destiny Odyssey III storyline.

Other Appearances

Chocobo series

Phoenix has made an appearance in Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon and Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2. In Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales, Phoenix is a fire element card, with six cards under her name. She is also the guardian of the Fire Crystal.

#019 * Red
Attack Defend None None
Fire Strike
Zone Boost

Deal 2 damage for each guard zone on opponent's card.

#020 * Red
None Defend Defend None
Blazing Barrier
Deal 2 damage and casts Protect.
#021 ** Red
Attack Defend None None
Undying Spirit
Deal 3 damage.


Restore 2 HP for each * in your CP gauge.

#022 ** Red
Attack None None None
Undying Spirit+
Deal 3 damage.


Restore 3 HP for each * in your CP gauge.

#023 *** Red
Attack Defend None None
Flames of Rebirth
Deal 3 damage.

CP Boost

Add 3 CP of the same color as opponent's card to your CP gauge.

#024 *** Red
Attack Defend None None
Flames of Rebirth+
Deal 3 damage.

CP Boost

All crystals in your CP gauge become *.

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