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Phnom Penh '86
The Sharks shooting at the helicopter containing Lance Vance and Tommy Vercetti
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
For: Ricardo Diaz
Location: Starfish Island, Vice City
Target: Ricardo Diaz' money
Conditions of mission failure: Player death
Destroy the chopper
Reward: $2000, M-60
Unlocks: Sir, Yes Sir!
The Fastest Boat
Two Bit Hit
Unlocked by: The Chase

Phnom Penh '86 is a mission given to Tommy Vercetti by Ricardo Diaz in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This mission may refer to the Vietnam war and Cambodia's capitol Phnom Penh since Mitch Baker was in the war and Tommy was jailed during it. Stronger evidence is that the player uses a M-60, which was used during the Vietnam War and likely gave this mission its name.



Lance, you hang out of the side, carrying the M-60. Once you arrive, you'll take on little groups on them, one at the time, one at a time. Be sure to use the helicopters motion when aiming. If the copter's health should run out it's mission failed. Once you've cleared enough of them out, you'll have to run in on-foot and take out any remaining hoodlums inside. Run to the roof, pick up the cash and you'll be airlifted back to the mansion.


(Diaz's Mansion, Tommy Vercetti and Ricardo Diaz.)

(Diaz is talking very angry on the phone).

Ricardo Diaz: What kind of incompetent fool are you?! FOOL! FOOL! FOOL! FOOL!

(Viciously slams his phone against the floor before Tommy enters).

Ricardo Diaz: Tommy!

Tommy Vercetti: What, Ricardo?

Ricardo Diaz: These idiots - they always trying to screw you. That's the problem with this business.

(Diaz sees some guy doing something wrong).

Ricardo Diaz: What do you think you're doing?

(Diaz flings a vase at Tommy Vercetti, but he dodges it).

Ricardo Diaz: These pricks have failed me miserably. Soon any mom and pop will think they can sell Gallo in Vice City. What next, huh? The stinking Mafia?! That gang place is a fortress at ground level. So Quentin here - Quentin! QUENTIN!

(Lance Vance enters).

Ricardo Diaz: He'll fly you over the area. Eradicate them!

(Diaz sees another guy doing something wrong).

Ricardo Diaz: What do you think you're doing?

(Diaz's helipad, Tommy and Lance Vance.)

Tommy Vercetti: What are you doing here?

Lance Vance: Hey. I've been asking around and it's obvious that Diaz jumped our deal and iced my brother.

Tommy Vercetti: And he'll kill you too!

Lance Vance: I can take Diaz!

Tommy Vercetti: No - listen to me. I'll handle Diaz - he's begining to trust me.

(Diaz's helicopter, Lance and Tommy.)

Tommy Vercetti: One thing puzzling me. What's with Quentin?

Lance Vance: I dunno. I always kinda like it. Quentin Vance...

Tommy Vercetti: Vance? Your name's Lance Vance?

Lance Vance: Hey! I got enough of that at school!

Tommy Vercetti: Lance Vance. Poor bastard.

Lance Vance: Where the hell are we headed anyway?

Tommy Vercetti: Prawn Island.

Lance Vance: You ever fired one of those from a whirly?

Tommy Vercetti: No, I'll get a little practice on the way though.

Lance Vance: OK, we're almost there. I'm gonna make a couple of passes. So take out as many guns as you can. Then I'll set you down and you're on your way.

(Diaz's helicopter flying over Mendez Mansion, Lance.)

Lance Vance: Damn! This is a war zone. Take out some of those gunmen. This thing ain't cheap to fix! Take them out!

(Diaz's whirly over the Mendez Mansion, The Thief and Tommy.)

The Thief: You're on MY turf, asshole! You're going down.

(Mendez Mansion garden, Lance.)

Lance Vance: OK! You're on your own from here! Good luck, brother.


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