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Pharos Station was a Federation Starfleet space station in operation inside the Scorpius Reach, in orbit of Dubris, in the late 24th century. The station served as an administrative station for the many Federation colonies that were established in the Reach. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Construction of the station began in the early 2370s and was completed in late 2376. Following her completion, the station was placed under the command of Admiral Onna Karapleedeez. ("Into the Reach")

Following a combined assault by the Redeemers and the Dogs of War in 2381, resulting in the deaths of Karapleedeez and many of her staff, Captain Christopher Mackenzie was placed in command of the station. ("Tooth and Claw", "The Captain's Table: Living Legends")


Service history



In early 2377, the USS Daedalus was assigned to the Scorpius Reach as a "flagship" for Starfleet in the region. She was nominally attached to Pharos and received direct orders from Admiral Karapleedeez. ("Into the Reach")

Around stardate 54106.1, the USS Hornet transported additional supplies from the station to the archaeological dig on Nordsk Prime. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "Relics")

On stardate 54406.1, the Defiant-class USS Warrior docked at Pharos to undergo repairs, following an engagement with a Romulan cruiser. ("The Daedalus Incident")


In early 2379, Pharos was chosen as the starting point for a "Great Starship Race" which saw competitors from many different species competing. Unfortunately, the stations engineering teams were kept incredibly busy adapting all of the larger vessels warp drives so that they couldn't travel above warp factor 4. ("Tsunami")

At the end of the year, the survivors of the Daedalus's destruction were offloaded at Pharos following their rescue by the USS Swiftsure and the IKS BortaS'tej. ("Chain Reaction")

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