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Phantom Trains, also known as Ghost Trains, are a recurring feature in the Final Fantasy series. The Phantom Train first appeared in Final Fantasy VI as a location and as a boss, which has returned in the remake of the original Final Fantasy and in the sequel to Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Other phantom trains have also appeared in the series.


Other appearances


Final Fantasy

Boss Sprite
Main article: Phantom Train (Final Fantasy)

The Phantom Train appears as a boss in the Whisperwind Cove dungeon, which is exclusive to the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary remakes. It is a direct reference to the Phantom Train of Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Boss Sprite
Main article: Ghost Train (The After Years)

The Phantom Train reappears as a boss in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years as the Ghost Train, again as a reference to the Final Fantasy VI Phantom Train.

Final Fantasy VI

Boss Sprite
Main article: Phantom Train (Final Fantasy VI)
Main article: Phantom Train (Final Fantasy VI Boss)

This is the very first appearance of a Phantom Train (originally translated as Ghost Train on the US SNES release), one which would inspire references in later games and remakes. It appears as a location which serves as the carrier of dead souls over to the afterlife. Despite being a train, it is very much alive and actually talks during the game. The playable characters get stuck there and have to fight their way out. Once they have escaped, the Phantom Train itself attacks them in a boss battle.

Final Fantasy VIII


Doomtrain is a GF which inflicts negative statuses when summoned.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Phantom train

The Phantom Train is mentioned as one of the wonders in Final Fantasy Tactics. It bears the following description:

The Phantom Train became so known for its primary purpose during an ancient war—the transport of battalions of the ghastly Enthralled. It is also called the Chariot of the Damned.

Final Fantasy Unlimited

Interdimensional Train

The Interdimensional Train, also called the Ghost Train, is the transportation used by the main characters during the first half of the series to go to different locations in Wonderland. Unlike other Phantom Trains in the series, this is not a living entity, but rather a mechanical creation of Cid.

Other Appearances

Itadaki Street Portable

Phantom Train appears in Itadaki Street Portable both as an area and as a card, with its original Final Fantasy VI appearance.

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