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Peter Thompson (born 1925) played a Workman in The Invasion and a Primord in Inferno.

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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience

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Peter Thompson is the Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary of the Hanso Foundation, in the storyline of The Lost Experience. He has also been mentioned in the letters on the Foundation website. He defended a number of morally unjust companies in his early career, before contracting cancer. He was cured by Thomas Werner Mittelwerk and the Hanso Foundation, and would later help them reduce the sentences of two of their high ranking members, Lawrence Peck and Jacob Vanderfield.

After the Global Welfare Consortium threatened the Hanso Foundation, it was later noted by Rachel Blake that Thompson had since become their Acting-Director General, thereby removing the threat from the inside.



"Considering that the average lifespan of chimps in captivity is 60 years, this milestone is clear proof that The Hanso Foundation's Life-Extension Project will someday help human beings achieve useful lifespans well beyond the current norm." - Peter Thompson.

From the Hanso Foundation website, a number of facts can be learned about Peter Thompson. He was born in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1959, and earned degrees from Loyola University and The University of Chicago Law School before embarking on a successful career as a corporate attorney. However, a lifetime of smoking led to the prognosis of inoperable lung and pancreatic cancer.

His search for a cure led him to the Alvar Hanso Cancer Center in Geneva, Switzerland. Following a miraculous recovery (apparently thanks to Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, according to Rachel Blake Italy 02 blog), Thompson offered his expertise to Alvar Hanso, and soon moved up the ranks to become Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary of The Hanso Foundation.

"A direct beneficiary of Alvar Hanso's vision, Thompson works tirelessly to protect the Hanso Foundation's humanitarian efforts-his sweeping future for all." (from"


May 2nd/3rd

On the Hanso Phone Line, Peter Thompson's voice can be heard denouncing claims against his company:

(American male voice) Give me the phone Irene. Gimme... GIMME IT!
This is Peter Thompson. As chief legal officer I wish to remind those who make threats against me and my colleagues or any representatives of Widmore Corporation or Paik Heavy Industries that these acts are criminal.
Make no mistake that we will locate and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. That's a promise.

Thompson's reply letter

May 3rd

Sending Joop a message under Joop's Corner of website revealed a flash video. Within it were two letters (readable under the Global Welfare Consortium article). The first was from the GWC complaining about the Hanso Foundation and accusing them of spreading a disease in Tanzania. Just six days later, a second letter sees an apology from the GWC, saying that the Foundation have since been most helpful. Of key interest is the fact that the second letter is signed by Peter Thompson, now Director of the GWC (the company supposed to regulate groups like the Hanso Foundation). Persephone writes:

The Hanso Foundation, setting world speed records for subverting authority.

May 17th

The website unveiled many details about further dealings Thompson was involved in. The documents showed that Thompson was purchasing vehicles on behalf of the Foundation (see DaimlerChrysler Fleet Operations for more details). He was later also linked with the Missing Organs folder scandal, with evidence suggesting that he was directly involved in illegal organ harvesting and transporting (using the purchased vehicles as carriers).

May 19th

Thompson's oil scandal
The tobacco case study
Nuclear case in Southern Georgia

A hidden flash became accessible under Thompson's profile on the Hanso Foundation website, using the password "survivor guilt". Entering the code revealed a shot of what appeared to be Thompson's desk. Three areas were accessible: Oil, Tobacco, and Nuclear.

1) Oil - The following text appeared, after which a shot of oil dumped in a rural area (a man in a white lab coat appeared faintly in the background).

1998 Defended Globoco oil ... and successfully made the world safe for chemical polluters and dumpers of carcinogenic industrial waste in the Florida panhandle -- the incidence of cancer in the affected areas has grown by 75%!

2) Tobacco - The following text appeared, after which a shot of a tobacco plantation (a man in a white lab coat now appeared slightly more visibly, along with words flashing quickly "Dont", "Believe", "His", "Lies").

1994 Defended the Williamsburg Tobacco Company against a class action suit on behalf of cancer victims; set a new precedent for corporate vindictiveness by countersuing and driving over 40 plaintiffs into bankruptcy!

3) Nuclear - The following text appeared, after which a shot of the ground and a nuclear plant in the distance, puffing out gases (a man in a white lab coat is now distinctly in the background).

2001 Was in the process of making sure the citizens of Southern Georgia got their glow-on by bullyragging the local courts into ignoring widespread protests against a nuclear power plant when he was struck by cancer -- looks like Alvar Hanso saved the wrong guy!

After all three sections have been viewed, the desk is shown once more, now reading:

"I work for criminals, always have, always will".

The image showed with the oil scandal
The tobacco plantation
The nuclear image
Persephone's final message

May 24th

Prison records showing Thompson as Peck's attorney

The code inmate asylum, entered under either Peck or Vanderfield's profiles on website provided another flash hack video. This showed the arrests and charges for the two Foundation employees. The screen then showed new images of the two being released.

Accompanying Peck's release photo was:

Peter Thompson was on the case and Peck got off with 18 months in a federal minimum security facility.

Accompanying Vanderfield's release photo was:

Vanderfield wound up serving only six months in a federal country club...Maybe Peter Thompson was his attorney?

A prison report then appears, detailing that Peck was "Convicted of fraud and perjury in 1989 sentenced to 8 years. Served 18 months in a federal minimum security facility for good behavior". The attorney for Peck is listed as Peter Thompson.

May 30th

Hidden letter from Thompson

A section of website unlocked a written letter sent by Thompson. Most of it was blotched out, but the part available implied Thompson had been involved in orchestrating tribal wars of some kind for the gain of the company.

From: PThompson <>
To: 'Minister of the Interior Mugato' XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Subject: Population Model

crucial that we do not appear to be complicit in your use of our population model
to predict the growth of your tribal enemies -- especially if you intend
on using our predictions to launch a pre-emptive strike. We must have plausible
Peter Thompson
The Hanso Foundation

Are you using the latest version of V-Message? Download V-Message 7 today!

Persephone writes:


July 4th

In Rachel Blake's second Italian blog, she picked up an audio conversation between Mittelwerk, Thompson and an unidentified female worker (probably Liddy Wales). The audio revealed that it was Mittelwerk specifically who cured Peter's cancer.

TM: I admit the fire sets us back, but all we’ve really lost is time.

Woman: And Vigi Benoffski. If his family goes public…

TM: They won’t, I’ve seen to that.

Woman: We’re already funnelling millions into your mental programmes without knowing if this equations even…

TM: You say it like its an insult, “mental programs”. The Mental Health Appeal is the centre-piece of all our future plans.

PT: Tom we’re not disputing the theory, but take a step back, how can we ever know with certainty we’re working with the real Valenzetti equation?

TM: Because Peter I am certain.

Woman: Well what does Hanso have to say?

TM: Hanso is totally onboard.

PT: Yeah, it’d be nice if he made an appearance.

TM: You want to see Alvar Hanso, Peter, why don’t you watch the Orientation film, he talks all about the Valenzetti equation – I’ll send you the DVD.

PT: Its not for me, Tom, its for our partners.

TM: Then let me be clear, this is the equation. Now, if you believe the web geeks, legend says Valenzetti never even kept a copy of it for himself and that’s true. He offered it to the UN, they didn’t want it, but Alvar Hanso did. Hanso wanted to carry out research, good work based on the Valenzetti equation, and in exchange, Valenzetti donated it to us.

PT: No, he donated it to Alvar Hanso, we have no way of knowing if he gave us the real equation.

TM: Do I work for you Peter or do you work for me? Who cured your cancer? Tell me, I want to hear you say it.

PT: You did, Tom.

TM: Then this conversation is over.


  • Irene is Peter Thompson's secretary. She could be heard answering calls on the Hanso voice mail system.
  • The photo of Thompson is actually just a stock photo image. The same is true for other Hanso executive photos like Hugh McIntyre, explaining why the hired actor had to say the image on the Hanso site was of his "predecessor" when he appeared in person on the Jimmy Kimmel show.
  • There are two Peter Thompson signatures, one on the website and one under a Persephone hack on, but the handwriting does not match.

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