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ChrisGasgoyne as Peter
Peter Barlow
Occupation Bookmaker
Born 5th April 1965
Birthplace Weatherfield
Residence 9a Rosamund Street
Father Ken Barlow
Mother Valerie Barlow
Sibling(s) Susan Barlow
Daniel Osbourne (half brother)
Spouse(s) Jessica Midgeley (1990)
Lucy Richards (2003)
Shelley Unwin (2003)
Children Simon Barlow (2003)
First appearance 5th April 1965
Duration 1965-1971, 1975, 1977-1979, 1986, 2000-2003, 2007, 2008 to present
Played by John Heannaue
Christopher Dormer
Linus Roache
Joseph McKenna
David Lonsdale
Chris Gascoyne

Peter Francis Barlow is a character in Coronation Street on and off from his birth in 1965 onwards. He has been played by six actors - more actors than any other character in the programme - John Heannaue, Christopher Dormer, Linus Roache, Joseph McKenna, David Lonsdale and Chris Gascoyne.



Early years

Peter is the son of Ken Barlow and Valerie Barlow, and was born with his twin sister in 1964. Peter and Susan had a happy childhood until 1971, when Valerie was killed after being shocked with a faulty hair dryer. Ken soon decided he was not fit to raise children on his own, and to avoid a custody battle with Valier's mother Edith Tatlock, Peter was sent with sister Susan to live with their grandparents in Scotland.

Peter visited Ken in 1977, and Ken realised he knew nothing about his son. In an effort to build a stronger bond, they went walking in the Peak District, but Ken fell down a hill and had to stay there the entire night while Peter got help. Ken was taken away by helicopter, with torn ligaments, and Peter was praised for his efforts.

The next year, Peter showed up unexpectedly, having run away from Scotland because of his poor O Level results. Ken and Peter were still not close, and Peter felt more comfortable with his uncle, Albert Tatlock. Edith arrived and tried to get him to return to Scotland with her. Ken stopped them and convinced Edith that Peter should not be forced to do what he didn't want to do. Peter announced plans to join the Navy, and Ken had him talk to a chief petty officer, who convinced him to gain qualifications before enlisting. Peter convinced Ken to let him retake exams in Scotland, with his friends.

Peter returned for his sister's marriage to Mike Baldwin in 1986, which he told Ken to attend, because Ken has hardly been there for both of them. He left Coronation Street to go back into the navy.

Off-screen, Peter married a woman called Jessica in 1990, but they divorced in 2000.


Peter returned to Coronation Street as a permanent character on the 8th December 2000 when Ken was campaigning for the cobbles of Coronation Street to be saved. Peter had an eye for the ladies, having flirtations or flings with Linda Baldwin and Karen McDonald, among others.


Susan's death

Soon after Peter's return, he got into legal trouble, and Ken had to take the blame. This led to much disapproval from Ken's wife Deirdre Barlow, and conflict between father and son. In the heat of the moment, Peter blurted out his sister Susan's greatest secret -- she had not aborted Mike Baldwin's child before leaving town in 1988. Instead, she had had a son, Adam Baldwin, and had been raising him in secret ever since.

Ken told Deirdre, and Deirdre confided in her boss, Dev Alahan. Dev told Mike, who furiously attempted to see his son. Susan and Adam, while trying to flee, were involved in a car accident; Susan was killed instantly, and Adam was lucky to survive. Peter was devastated and blamed himself as well as Deirdre.

Toyah's rape

In 2001, Peter worked at the Rovers, but Toyah Battersby got him sacked after she reported him for drinking alcohol and not paying for it. His fury at her led him to be a prime suspect when she was raped. Peter was soon proven innocent, and helped her capture her attacker.

Relationship with Shelley

Peter began running the bookies, and dating Shelley Unwin; they soon moved in together. When his old Navy friend Ciaran McCarthy arrived, he made a pass at Shelley, who turned him down. Ciaran convinced Peter that Shelley had made the pass at him, and Shelley moved out. They soon reconciled, and Peter threw Ciaran out. They remained friends, however, which caused some tension with Shelley.

Shelley and Peter became engaged, and Shelley happily planned their wedding.

Relationship with Lucy

While looking for a bouquet, Peter met floristLucy Richards, and began an affair with her. They soon went their separate ways, but Peter's sister Tracy Barlow began working for Lucy. When she told Peter that her boss was pregnant, Peter knew the child was his. He convinced Lucy to marry him.


Soon after the wedding, Lucy realised that Peter was still involved with Shelley, and she threw him out. Their son, Simon, was born in July 2003. Reluctantly, Lucy allowed Peter to see him.

Peter had doubts about marrying Shelley, but continued with the wedding plans. Soon before the ceremony, Peter told her he'd had an affair some time ago, but it was over. Shelley forgave him and still wanted to marry. They had a big church wedding, with a happy Shelley unaware that Peter was still married to Lucy.

Weeks later, Lucy and Shelley met and Lucy convinced Shelley of Peter's betrayals. They ruined Peter's business and his name, and Peter was charged with bigamy, but given only a fine. Lucy got her final revenge on Peter by convincing him she wanted another chance, only to tell him at the last minute that she was taking Simon and moving to Australia. He knew he would not see his son again. Soon after Lucy's departure, Peter also left town.

2007 return

In early 2007, Peter returned when Ken and Deirdre asked him to help Tracy, who was in what they believed to be an abusive relationship with Charlie Stubbs. Tracy had actually falsified the claims of abuse, and used an unwitting Peter in her plans. She convinced Charlie that Peter was her mystery boyfriend, and Charlie beat him up, giving more credence to Tracy's battery accusations.

When Charlie was murdered, Peter remained in Weatherfield for the trial. He had a brief fling with Maria Sutherland, who had been Charlie's mistress. He had no real feelings for Maria, telling Ken that there were a million Marias in the world.

After the trial, Peter left for Portsmouth with his nephew Adam to run a bookies.


Return with Simon

In October 2008, Ken received a call that Lucy had died of breast cancer. Peter soon showed up on Ken's doorstep, with his son Simon. Lucy had given Simon to Peter. Peter had no interest in being a father, and bitterly clashed with Ken over his plans to give Simon away. Peter quickly changed his tune when he found out Lucy's will gave him a large amount of money as long as he raised Simon. Peter used the money to buy the bookies from Dan Mason, and moved into the shop flat.


Peter soon grew to love his son, but various demons of his past, including his baggage with Ken, propelled him to heavy drinking. A particularly low moment occured around Christmas when a drunk Peter crashed his son's nativity play and caused a huge scene. When Ken, Deirdre, and Blanche Hunt, who had up to that time sympathized with Peter and was not concerned with his drinking, took Simon home and would not let Peter see him, Peter raged at them, frightening Blanche.

Peter became friendly with bookies employee Leanne Battersby, and they quickly developed feelings for each other, but she too was repulsed by his heavy drinking. When he tried to make a pass at her, and would not let her go, she pushed him into the Christmas tree.

Peter vanished in early 2009. He returned several weeks later, saying he had been in rehab. The family was relieved, and Leanne began dating Peter. Their relationship became more and more serious until a woman showed up at the bookies, saying Peter had been on her yacht during his time away. A hurt Leanne dumped Peter and left town.

Peter's drinking continued until late March, when he fell asleep and a lit cigarette set his flat on fire. Simon called Ken, who called the police and got Luke Strong and Tony Gordon to break into the flat and save Peter, Simon, and Simon's pet rabbit (also named Leanne).

This was the wakeup call Peter needed and he stopped drinking. In time, he began going to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Fling with Michelle

During Leanne's absence, Michelle Connor took over her job at the bookies. Michelle and Peter went out on a date, but Peter was too upset about his problems to be any kind of company. Peter attempted to apologise with flowers, but he saw her with Luke, and, assuming they were together, threw the flowers away.

Michelle began to date Luke, but over the summer, grew closer to Peter, who also helped her son Ryan when he was nearly beaten up by his girlfriend's father. Before Michelle went on tour with a band, she had a one-night stand with Peter. Peter wanted more, but Michelle insisted she had only been interested in fun. When Michelle returned from her tour, she told Peter she would rather they just stay friends.

Simon's other grandfather

In September 2009, Peter and Simon saw Leanne working at a restaurant in Leeds. Despite Leanne's initial reluctance, Peter convinced her to give him another chance. Peter and Leanne decided to open a bar, in spite of Ken's fears that Peter would resume drinking.

Lucy's father, George Wilson, arrived in Weatherfield with wife Eve, asking to be a part of Simon's life. Peter initially refused, but Leanne convinced him to give George a chance. Ken bitterly opposed this decision, leading to a rift between Peter and Ken. Meanwhile, George agreed to give Peter money to help with his bar.

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