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The following is a list of quotes said by Pete Stacker.


Halo: Combat Evolved Scripted Dialog

  • "Go, go, go! Pile out people, let's move!" - In the beginning of the level The Silent Cartographer.
  • "Hey, I didn't know you made house calls, Foehammer!" - To Carol Rawley after killing all the Covenant forces in the beach, level, The Silent Cartographer.
  • "Second Squad! Ready to roll, soon as everybody's topside!"
  • "Dammit! Okay, people, we got company comin', let's set the table. Engage enemy forces on sight!" - After Foehammer informed the Second Squad about Covenant air forces approaching.
  • "Negative! They're closin' in too fast, negative!" - When Cortana suggested to engage the enemy inside the structure.
  • "Chief! You gotta find the Cartographer! We'll keep 'em busy as long as we can!"

Halo 2 Scripted Dialog

  • "Chief! Glad you could make it. Crash site's on the other side of this hotel, Chief. Covenant are crawling all over it. Follow me." - When you have reached the Hotel Zanzibar area.
  • "Stay outta sight." - In the Hotel Zanzibar corridor.
  • "Could use you on the gun, Chief!" - Driving the Gauss Warthog (however, when playing on Heroic, Sergeant Johnson appears as the driver of the warthog instead).
  • "We got a Ghost inbound!" - Level Metropolis.
  • "Fall back, fall back!" - Being under fire by Phantom, level Metropolis.
  • "I'll drive." - On the first Gondola, level Regret .

Halo 3 Scripted Dialog

Some of these quotes may belong to him or to Sergeant Reynolds.

  • "Get those turrets up! Watch your fields of fire!" - In the level Crow's Nest.
  • "Quiet. Cut the chatter."
  • "Calm before the storm, Marines. Enjoy it."
  • "Point of entry, best assessment?" - In the cave area, level Crow's Nest.
  • "Agreed. Master Chief, get there." - About getting to a hangar.
  • "Agreed. Chief, Arbiter. Get there." - In Co-op.
  • "Drones! A whole swarm! Take 'em down!! Short, controlled bursts!!" - In Ops Center.
  • "You did the best you could, sir. Let's get the survivors up to the hangar. There's an elevator just outside the barracks." - To the Master Chief, in Co-op.
  • "I repeat: My convoy's been hit. I've got wounded... We're on the Tsavo Highway about... East of Voi. Someone, anyone, please, respond!" - By COM, level Tsavo Highway.
  • "We were en route to Voi, Chief. Banshees jumped us, started strafing. Pretty much ruined our day." - To the Master Chief.
  • "Marines in Voi really needed my supplies, Chief. But I'm pretty sure they'll be plenty happy to see you." - In a Warthog with the Master Chief, riding into the tunnel blocked by a Shield Barrier.
  • "Take down that barrier, Chief. Power Supply should be inside the tunnel." - If you wait to lower the Energy Barrier.
  • "Chief, the barrier only works against vehicles. You should be able to walk right through."
  • "Take down the Barrier Chief." If you wait to lower the energy barrier at the final barrier. 
  • "Ready when you are, Chief. Open the door, take point; we'll cover you with the .50!" - In the beginning of the level The Storm.
  • "Hey... how's ninety millimeters of tungsten strike ya?" - When you first get a Tank in Halo 3.
  • "All armor, form up on the lower doorway. Chief, get upstairs; have your robot pick that lock!" - On the level the The Ark.
  • "Yeah, well... you're also our ticket through this wall. So if you don't mind...?" - To 343 Guilty Spark.
  • "All armor, form up! Hit 'em where it hurts!"
  • "First line clear! Move up!" - When the two Wraith's are destroyed.
  • "Second line: clear! Push forward!"
  • "Bravo, flank and cover! I want everybody supportin' the Chief; he'll take it down!
  • "Alright, up the beach! Take out that Wraith!
  • "Hornets inbound!" - In the level The Covenant.
  • "Fall Back! Fall Back!" - In the level Floodgate

Gameplay Quotes

Halo: Combat Evolved

Random Funny Quotes:

  • "Well, damn! You monkeys almost looked like soldiers out there!" -whenever his squad clears an area of enemies.
  • "Well, that's one way to save ammo!" - If you run over a lot of Covenant with a Warthog.
  • "It always pays to make sure." - Shooting a dead Covenant body.
  • "Fall back!" - When Marines are getting quickly killed, note that even though he gives the order to fall back, no one falls back, not even him.
  • "He's an idiot, about to become a dead idiot."
  • Oh!" - When getting hit.
  • "You are gonna die!" - After becoming severely injured and extremely angry.
  • "You got insurance on this thing?" - When you drive a Warthog badly.
  • "Rock n' roll, let's get ready people!" - When sighting a far-off enemy.
  • "Break out the butter, because you are about to get fried!" - Engaging enemies on a Warthog gun.

When you melee him:

  • "Wear your glasses, boy!"
  • "What is with you?"
  • "What is your problem?!"

When you start team killing:

  • "My men are not the enemy!"
  • "I'd love it if you'd stop killing my men!"
  • "A favor! Don't kill my men!"

When you get killed for team killing:

  • "Jackass."
  • "Oh, Captain's not gonna like this one..."

When you die:

  • "Cortana?!! Cortana, can you hear me in there?!"
  • "Somebody call Keyes, tell him what happened..."
  • "Alright, start digging a hole, someone start digging a hole."
  • "Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn!"
  • "We are bulled over!"
  • "This sucks with a capital K!"

When throwing grenade:

  • "It is over!"

When Marine/Chief throw grenade:

  • "Grenade! It's live!! It's live!"
  • Grenade! Get the hell outta there!"

Halo 2

  • "I know you saw me standin' there." When a splash damage weapon, like a Scorpion, is fired in his direction.
  • "You can't be that bad on purpose, Chief". - When you shoot him.
  • "Well, I'd be pretty angry too if my face looked like a squid!" -said whenever an Elite roars at him.
  • "How do I look like, Marine?" - Said after a Marine asks how Stacker is doing.
  • "Split Chin Bastard!" - to an elite
  • "Where the hell did you learn to drive?" - When the Chief drives a Warthog badly with Stacker on board. He says this exact line in the first game as well.
  • "Here my mom thought i was gonna be a doctor."
  • "If we survive, remind me to kick your ass!"
  • "Ewww! Big green's gonna get ya!"
  • "Keep it up and you might be on my good side." - When the Chief scores a lot of kills.
  • "You got two hands, you used them before, use them now!" - When the Chief misses a lot of shots.
  • "Hey, you made that look easy!" - When the Chief kills an enemy with a headshot.
  • "I'll pretend... that was an accident, Chief." - When you shoot him.
  • "That's what I call a team effort, let's get ready, people!" - When two or more Marines kill an enemy.
  • "That is why you got the I in Chief." - When the Master Chief clears the area of enemies.
  • "You do not have the right to wear the beret!" - When the Chief misses a lot of shots.
  • "Hey, if you suck, it's your own damn fault." -said after a Marine complains of kill stealing
  • "Hey, anyone got earplugs?" - While climbing into the Warthog Gunner seat (he says the same in Halo 3).
  • "I can't hold a grudge against you." - If you kill too many Marines and you stop.
  • "If my face looked like a squid, I'd be angry, too!" - Taunting an Elite.
  • "That'll be one dollar for the first minute, ten cents after that." — When given a bad weapon.
  • "Man, I could make a mess with this!" - If given a power weapon.
  • "Don't cry, you're gonna make me feel bad." - After killing an enemy.
  • "Man, you're shooting like you got a cheat code!" - If you shoot bullets and miss your targets a lot.
  • "Next time I need a taxi you're the man to call, Chief!" - Outskirts after you jump something in the Warthog and land safely
  • "These Marines look up to you, Chief." - If you kill a Marine.
  • "How are you still alive?" - After the Chief misses a lot of shots or kills an ally and injures him.
  • "Does the word training mean anything to you?" - When you shoot him.
  • "Ew! You make my mother-in-law look pretty!" - When attacking an Elite.
  • "Suck it, split-lip!" - Taunting an Elite.
  • "Uh, leave the cursing to the professionals, son." - Said after a Marine shouts "Stupid alien!"
  • " owe me big time." - If given a bad weapon.
  • "You are lucky that breathing is an involuntary reflex." - If the Chief becomes injured.
  • "You are VERY lucky breathin' is an involuntary action!" When the Chief kills many enemies by himself without grenades.
  • "Hey! Mr. Spaghetti!" - Seeing an Elite.
  • "Boy, he's so ugly when he cries the tears roll down the back of his ears!" - Upon seeing a Elite.
  • "That's fine and all, but you still owe me twenty bucks." When you kill an enemy that was shooting Stacker.
  • "Come on out here so I can Smoke ya!"
  • "Oh,We got a Ghost inbound!" self explanatory
  • "Alright, this is it, people! Let's rough 'em up!" - When faced with multiple enemies and vehicles, and allied with a group of Marines.
  • "Careful, she's a kicker!" - When getting off a warthog turret.
  • "Well, if you think you can do better..." - When ordered off a warthog turret after multiple kills.
  • "Well, too bad!" Said after a marine shouts "I got shotgun!" as he gets into the shotgun seat before the other Marine.
  • "Let the pretty lady in!"- Stacker "You trying to get slapped or kissed?"- Female Marine
  • "Does the name Bozo mean anything to you?" - Halo 2.
  • "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, I kill you." - Halo 2.
  • "Hey, cow chunky!"
  • "Hostile! And I mean it!"
  • "Hot potato!" when throwing a Grenade.
  • "Does the name Bozo mean anything to you?"
  • "Holy shit, that was fun, but DAMN!" When the barrel rolls over an ally.
  • "NOW WHAT WAS SO HARD ABOUT THAT?!" When the team quickly dispatches multiple enemies.
  • "Calamari!" After he, a Marine, or the Master Chief kills an Elite
  • "EHHHHHHHH Calamariiiiiii!" To an elite
  • "I hope you aint all talk marine" when a marine taunts the enemy

Halo 3

Note: some of these quotes may require the IWHBYD Skull active to be heard.

  • "This is gonna be a nightmare for the hazmat people." - Regarding the Flood infestation of Voi.
  • "Hey, Hey, Hey!" - To Master Chief upon entering a Warthog.
  • "Hey, I heard you fellows taste JUST LIKE CHICKEN!" - taunting Jackals.
  • "Hey nice going ace, NOW who's gonna save the human race?" - If You Die.
  • "Is sucking that bad your idea of humour chief?"- when you shoot him.
  • "I'm sorry. Your name is... uh..." - When he accidentally kills a Marine.
  • "He's dead." - When a Marine is killed.
  • "Anyone got some earplugs? Guess I'll have to stick my fingers in my ears!" -getting on to a warthog turret
  • "Hey, you hungry? Here, have some bullets!" - IWHBYD Skull required, on The Ark.
  • "You big footed, ugly sucker!" - Taunting a Brute.
  • "Its a scarab! Bring out the Elephant Guns boys!" - The Ark, when facing the Scarab.
  • "Big guns for big boys! it's a scarab lets bring it down!" - when facing a Scarab
  • "I want HOT BARRELS people! KEEP IT UP!" - When engaging a large group of enemies.
  • "Pour It on! Do not let up!"- When engaging a large group of enemies.
  • "What in the hell-?" - When getting shot.
  • "Swap 'em for the mag." - When switching weapons with the Chief.
  • "Grenades are like RAM. You can never have too much." - After the Chief or a Marine gets a grenade kill.
  • "This is too much!! Even for a Pete! Aaaaah!" - Said when he takes damage.
  • "Ever heard of a fair trade?" - when given a bad weapon
  • "Chief can I be your friend?" - When the chief get's multiple kills
  • "I don't need bodies, I just need a count!" - After all enemies and some Marines are dead.
  • "Damn, I look good!" - After getting a lot of kills quickly.
  • "Dodge that, ya son of a bitch!" - After finally killing an enemy.
  • "Next one who dies gets double duty, cleans my laundry " - When a Marine dies.
  • "My mom thought I was gonna be a doctor!" - After killing an enemy.
  • "Sir, we have to develop what we call trust." - After the Chief steals his kill.
  • "Hey! Where's the morphine?" - When he gets hit by enemy fire.
  • "Kill them all! sort it later lets keep it up!"- when a grunt screams"There gonna kill us all!"
  • "Fall in over here!" - Stacker "Yeah, you got it... Will there be snacks?"- Marine
  • "Keep firing! Let's spend some of that taxpayer money!" - When engaging enemies.
  • "There is no radio. Quit looking for it and drive!" - When you flip a Warthog, IWHBYD Skull may be required.
  • "When you die, I'm gonna be a happy, happy man." - When attacking a Brute.
  • "Sir, I know you saw me standing here"- when meleed
  • "I didn't like him either, but DAMN!" - After you get killed by Marines.
  • "Let God sort 'em out!" - Engaging enemies.
  • "Hey! No one said, 'freeze tag'!" - If the Master Chief/Arbiter and all surrounding allies are inactive for a while.
  • "That's fine and all... but you still owe me twenty bucks." - When given a good weapon.
  • "I hope you're not all talk, Marine." - When a Marine taunts an enemy.
  • "Ok, I admit it, THAT HURT!" - when shot.
  • "You Remembered!" When Given a good weapon, IWHBYD needed.
  • "Yo mama's so ugly, her tears run down the back of her head!" - Taunting a Brute.
  • "Chief, you're freaking me out." - If you stare at Stacker for a while.
  • "Pour it on, Marines, you aren't paying for the rounds!" - Engaging enemies.
  • "Oh, crap!" - When stuck by a Grenade.
  • "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!"
  • "You're breathing, you had me worried." - If the Chief becomes injured.
  • "Nice pause but the world ain't gonna save itself." - If the Chief stares at him.
  • "A plan is a beautiful thing when it works. This is a beautiful thing." - After area is cleared.
  • "According to the manual, you're a dumb ass!" - Taunting an enemy.
  • "Damn, that hurts! Oh crap..." - When stuck by a Spike Grenade.
  • "French fried ugly! Favorite dish!" - After killing an enemy.
  • "Hey there, blue bastard! You're gonna die!"
  • "I'm gonna carve a lucky charm outta you, meat head!"
  • "Hey, Mr. Latrine - is that a toilet on your back?"
  • "Hey, Chewie! Your about to be turned into a foot rest!"
  • "I'm gonna crack you open and put you on a pile of pasta!"
  • "17B! Bingo!"
  • "You're a thing named Blue, how do you do? Now you're gonna die!" (note this is a reference to Johnny Cash's song "A Boy Named Sue")
  • "Alright, lets see what the big A can do." - said when spotting the Arbiter.
  • "That's okay, ten-for-one!" - said when Marine laments over a dead ally.
  • "Belay that, Marine!" - When other Marine says that they'll try to lure out an enemy.
  • "Heeeeey, Calamari!" - said to Elite during a fight.
  • "ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-HOLD YOUR FIRE!"-said when being shot by ally,IWHBYD requried
  • "I bet a fiddle of gold against your soul 'cause I think I'm gonna kill ya'!" - Halo 3, IWHBYD required.
  • "You're gonna look like a splat on my wind shield, big blue!"
  • "I'm gonna rip your head off and shove it where the sun don't shine!" IWHBYD required.
  • "Boy, the uglier they are, the harder they fall!" IWHBYD possibly needed.
  • "Get it off! Someone get it off!" - when a Plasma Grenade or Infection Form attaches to him.
  • "I'm sorry, did you really need to be that bad?!" when you shoot him.
  • "I do not like the idea of dying, just so you know." possibly IWHBYD needed.
  • "Wow, it's not even my birthday!" when given a good weapon, IWHBYD needed.
  • "Hey, if you ever want this back...too bad!" when given a good weapon.
  • "I had better not find this lying around somewhere" - when a good weapon is taken from him.
  • "We have an uninvited Wraith coming in for breakfast!" IWHBYD needed.
  • "Don't worry, there'll be more." - when all the enemies are dead.
  • "This is not where the American idles!" IWHBYD needed.
  • "I just love getting up every morning and kicking ass."
  • "Remember me, from New Mombasa?" if you stare at him for a while.
  • "All the things left back there is a shortcut to Hell!"
  • "This is what we paid for, lets get ready, people!"
  • "Move on through, Marines!" - Order given by him.
  • "Men, you make me proud." - Halo: Combat Evolved, when all the enemies are dead.
  • "Woo, leave room for daddy." - When getting in a Warthog.
  • "I'm gonna cut you open and spill you in the dirt."
  • "Aw, it's gone crazy! Kill it, kill it, kill it!" When a Brute goes berserk.
  • "Well thanks for the help, but I didn't need it." when you steal one of his kills.
  • "All right, let's drive it like you stole it." when boarding a Warthog.
  • "Drive her like she's got a trunk full 'o moonshine." When boarding a Warthog, IWHBYD needed. Reference to The Dukes of Hazzard in which a part time job for the Duke boys is to deliver Moonshine for their Uncle Jesse and conceal it in the trunk
  • "Shoot me!" When getting infected.
  • "Well, lets see what you got, Mister A." When he sees the Arbiter.
  • "You know, I could've stayed home today" If he's getting severely injured.
  • "Holy crap! You hit him in the mind!" when you melee an enemy, IWHBYD needed.
  • "I'm gonna rip you into itty-bitty pieces!" when he sees an enemy, IWHBYD needed.
  • " It ain't no puppy, Soldier" - referencing a Brute to a Marine.
  • "Are you familiar with the term; "Rode it like a rented mule"?" When the Chief drives badly.
  • "You know that thing on the left? IT'S A BRAKE!" If the Chief drives a Warthog badly.
  • "Damn, you sure you got a license?" when you drive badly, also said in Halo 2. IWHBYD possibly needed.
  • (coughs)" Yeah, maybe I should drive..." when crashing a vehicle.
  • " Im gonna shave this one and see if we're related." Said after killing a brute.
  • "It's an ass-kickin' party and we're ALL invited!" IWHBYD needed.
  • "Only marines can kick ass like that!" -When making a jump in a mongoose or warthog.
  • "Ahh!"-When getting swarmed by infection forms.
  • "No No Noooo!" -Getting infected.
  • "These things do not grow on trees, I am not paying" -When you roll a mongoose.

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