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For the parallel world the Doctor visited during Inferno, see Parallel Earth (Inferno)

Pete's World was the Doctor's name for an alternate universe and home to its own Cybermen which John Lumic, the head of Cybus Industries, had created.



The Doctor derived the name from Pete Tyler, that universe's version of Rose Tyler's father, who in her universe had died in 1987. Time runs ahead in this universe, compared to the Doctor's universe, so that when it was 2007 in the Doctor's universe it was simultaneously three years later in Pete's World. (DW: Doomsday) The year in the main timeline during Lumic's attempted takeover, when it was 2007 in Pete's World, is unknown but possibly 2004 if the time gap is always 3 years. (DW: Rise of the Cybermen)

London in Pete's World

Similarities and differences


  • Great Britain had a President rather than a Prime Minister. Army blockades and nightly curfews were in place for lower-income areas of London. Following the Cybermen incident and the death of the President, a People's Republic was formed with Harriet Jones as the new President.
  • John Lumic's Cybus Industries had a high profile internationally. It created the EarPods and owned Vitex, Pete Tyler's nutritional drink company. Secretly, Lumic had them also create the first Cybermen.
  • Even though the Doctor apparently did not exist in this world, Torchwood Institute nevertheless existed, which Rose Tyler would join. It was operating publicly by Rise of the Cybermen, with reports it issued being mentioned in the news. It was later taken over by the People's Republic when the full scale of its activities were discovered.
  • The planet has a Bio-Convention, whereby Geneva has to approve any creation of new life forms.
  • Mexico covers far more of North America, including Arizona, under the name the United States of Mexico; the retention of Arizona (formerly Mexican territory) implies Mexican victory in the Mexican-American War. The USM is overseen by a Prime Minister. (WEB: Cybus Industries website)
  • Europe contains the nations New Germany and Czechoslovenia™, which contain Free Information Collectives opposed to Cybus Industries.
  • South America lost 259,996 people in 2006, implied to be due to Cyberman experiments. (TS: Tardisode 5/Tardisode 6)


  • Pete's World seemed to have a higher level of technological advancement in general.
  • Such advancements included advertisements with moving and speaking advertisements.
  • Zeppelins served as a common means of transportation.
  • Scientists developed medallions with the power to enable the wearer to cross universes. Later, they invented a dimension cannon for the same purpose.


Deleted scenes from those episodes imply that Ricky and Jake had a romantic relationship.






  • 1st February - The Doctor, Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith arrive in a parallel universe that the Doctor's TARDIS is catapulted into while travelling through the Time Vortex. The TARDIS is nearly destroyed by the impact. The Doctor gives away 10 years of his life to repair the TARDIS. The first Cybermen are created by John Lumic and attack the United Kingdom. The Doctor and his allies eventually teamed-up and destroyed the Cybermen. The Cybermen leader, their Controller (with John Lumic’s brain) perished in the destruction of his cyber-factory. After meeting his parallel counterpart Ricky Smith and being inspired by his example, Mickey decides to stay in the alternate universe to take the late Ricky's place and help fight the Cybermen. (DW: Rise of the Cybermen / The Age of Steel)

circa 2010

  • Mickey Smith returns to his original world and, disguised as a lab technician, investigates the Void Ship kept in Torchwood 1's headquarters. Jake Simmonds and Peter Tyler cross over into the Doctor's universe to stop the Cyberman invasion. Jackie Tyler meets the other version of Pete Tyler for the first time and decides to stay with him. Mickey Smith, Pete and Jake return to the other world taking Jackie and Rose with them. (DW: Army of Ghosts/Doomsday).

circa late 2010-11

  • Rose joins the parallel version of the Torchwood Institute. Jackie and Pete conceive a child and Mickey apparently takes up residence with the Tylers (although there is no indication that Mickey's relationship with Rose has resumed, in Journey's End its pretty much confirmed it hasn't: Mickey says there's nothing left for him here "certainly not Rose."). (DW: Doomsday)
  • Soon after joining Torchwood and several months after Jackie becomes pregnant, Rose begins receiving what appears to be a message from the Doctor. With the support of her family, she travels to a remote fjord in Norway, Dålig Ulv Stranden, where she is able to briefly make contact with the Doctor. Although she is able to tell him that she loves him, he is unable to respond properly before communication is lost. The exchange leaves Rose and the Doctor emotionally devastated. (DW: Doomsday)

circa 2013 - 2014*

  • At some point after Jackie gives birth to Tony Tyler, Rose and Torchwood begin detecting the onset of "The Darkness": the after-effects of the detonation of the Daleks' reality bomb. They accelerate their work on a "dimension cannon" device capable of transporting Rose back to her original Earth (presumably without the environmental impact of the previous device). This work is successful, and Rose makes several trips to her original Earth, where time is running slower and therefore is a couple of years in the past and before the detonation of the reality bomb. It is indicated that the Dimension Cannon may have worked due to the crumbling of the walls of reality as Rose said that it hadn't worked before and the weakening may have allowed a traveler to pass through the walls as it later allowed at least some of the Cybermen to escape from the Void. This detection may have simply been due to time running further ahead on this world and The Darkness may have started there as it did on Donna's World. The device was also capable of measuring timelines and showed that they all converged on Donna Noble. (DW: multiple episodes Series 4)
  • After defeating the Daleks and preventing the reality bomb from detonating, the Doctor returns Rose and Jackie to the parallel Earth. Also left behind is the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor, who begins a relationship with Rose. Due to the disarming of the Reality Bomb by Donna Noble, The Darkness never occurs here and this universe is saved from destruction. (DW: Journey's End)
*Jackie does mention that Pete is on the nursery run, whether this is pre-school or daycare is never said, if it is pre-school it would have to be at least 3 years after the birth, placing the date in this world 2013 or 2014.

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