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A player playing with his Pet Rock.
A player wielding a pet rock.

A pet rock is a member's only item, and can be obtained from Askeladden during and after The Fremennik Trials quest.

In the quest it is used to make the troll give you some golden wool. A pet rock, cabbage, onion, and a potato are the ingredients for making rock soup to please the troll.

Unlike most pets, the pet rock will not follow you if you drop it. However, the rock can be wielded in the weapon and shield slot, but it can not be used to fight. When wielded the combat menu will say "unarmed".

Pet rocks do not need to be fed, but your player will try to feed it when choosing the "feed" option when on the "interact" menu.

The pet rock is just for show and humour.

The options you get when interacting.
  • Feed

You try and feed the rock.

Your rock doesn't seem hungry.

  • Stroke

You stroke your pet rock.

Your rock seems much happier.

  • Talk-to

"Who's a good rock then? Yes you are... You're such a good rock... ooga booga googa."

Your rock seems a little happier.

  • Fetch

Want to fetch the stick, rock? Of course you do...

(Player puts the rock down and throws a stick which lands anywhere but forward. The rock will not move anywhere, because rocks naturally don't enjoy playing fetch. Player shrugs and picks the rock back up.)

  • Stay

"Be a good rock..."

(Player sets the rock down, and stand up for a few seconds. Then the player picks the rock up, and pets it.)

On 19 April 2009 Jagex made an update allowing pet rocks to sleep in baskets in your house.



  • When fighting Melzar the Mad underneath Melzar's Maze, he may occasionally say "Leave me alone, I need to feed my pet rock!" This shows that he must own a pet rock himself.
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