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A Pet fish may be obtained from Harry's Fishing Shop in Catherby, provided that the player has a fishbowl containing water and seaweed (in that order).

To make a pet fish the player must perform the following steps, or purchase the relevant items:

  • Obtain a fishbowl by either trading with other players or making one. To make one follow these steps:
    1. Cook some seaweed on a range to make soda ash.
    2. Use the soda ash with a bucket of sand on a furnace to make molten glass.
    3. Use a glassblowing pipe on the molten glass to make a fishbowl.
  • Fill the fishbowl with water (from a water source like a sink or from a bucket of water).
  • Put a piece of seaweed in the fishbowl.
  • Speak to Harry in the fish store in south-east Catherby and buy a tiny net for 10 gold coins.
  • Use the tiny net on one of the aquarium fishing spots in Harry's shop to catch a fish.
Players can talk to the pet fish, play with it, or feed it


  • Good fish. Just keep swimming... swimming... swimming...
  • The fish swims. It is clearly an obedient fish.


  • If character is male: "Jump! C'mon, girl! Jump!", if character is female: "Jump! C'mon boy! Jump!".
  • The fish bumps into the side of the fishbowl. Then it swims some more.
  • Good fish...


  • If you drop your fishbowl it will break!
  • Drop it regardless / Keep hold

Feeding your fish

Of course players must feed the little critter! Fish food can be found on the second floor of Draynor Manor. After they have fed the fish, the box contains nothing in it, making it an empty box. An empty box can also just be obtained from Harry (for free) and the player can create their own fish food as shown below.  Players can either travel back to Draynor, or they can create their own fishfood, as long as they still have the empty box. Players can feed the fish in your menagerie.

Making the food

The following steps show how to make fish food;

Items needed:

  • Crushed seaweed (Made by using seaweed with a Pestle and mortar)
  • Empty fish food box (If you don't have or lose an empty fish food box, you may ask Harry for another)

First add the crushed Guam to the Empty fish food box. Then, use the crushed seaweed. Congratulations, you have made fish food!


  • "Just keep swimming...swimming...swimming" is a reference to Dory from Finding Nemo.
  • When pet fish were first released, prices for seaweed jumped as high as 5,000 coins (possibly higher), and many players, particularly in Catherby, made a lot of money selling it.
  • If any item except fish food is used on the pet fish you get the message "Your fish looks at you strangely. You get the feeling this will not work."
  • Fish can be put in the Menagerie of a player-owned house.
  • When catching the pet fish the player is most likely to get a Tiny Bluefish. A Tiny Greenfish is less common while a Tiny Spinefish is considered very rare.

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