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Pest Control
Series: Doctor Who -
BBC Tenth Doctor Adventures
Release Number: 1
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companions: Donna Noble
Writer: Peter Anghelides
Director: uncredited
Music and Post Production: Kate Thomas
Publisher: BBC Audio
Release Date: 8 May 2008
Format: 2 parts on 2 CDs
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-405-67819-3
Following Story: The Forever Trap

Pest Control is a made-for-audio Tenth Doctor story, written by Peter Anghelides and produced for BBC Audio, with a release occurring in the spring of 2008.

Read by David Tennant, the story is released under the same format as the BBC Books Tenth Doctor Adventures book series and their associated audio book adaptations, but was released exclusively to audio. The story features the character of Donna Noble, who makes her first BBC Books appearance in Pest Control, months prior to the release of her first adventures in print.


Publisher's Summary

The Doctor and Donna face monstrous insects and a ruthless robot exterminator in this thrilling, exclusive audio story, read by David Tennant. The TARDIS is lost in battle on a distant planet. When the Doctor sets off in pursuit, Donna is left behind, and finds herself accepting a commission in the Pioneer Corps. Something is transforming soldiers into monstrous beetles, and she could be the next victim. Meanwhile, the Doctor steals a motorbike and stages a jailbreak. Well, how hard can it be to find the TARDIS, rescue Donna, and negotiate a peace? But that's before the arrival of a brutal and remorseless mechanical exterminator, bent on wiping out the insects. It may be that nothing can stop it, because this robot's solution for the infestation is very simple: kill everything.


  • The Doctor and Donna briefly adopt the aliaes of Dr. McCoy and Captain Kirk, respectively, among several other references to Star Trek. The Ninth Doctor was briefly dubbed Mr. Spock in DW: The Empty Child.
  • The Doctor knows the sport of free running, and it's indicated that he was taught the extreme sport in the 1980s by its foremost innovator, Sebastien Foucan. However, the date given is likely incorrect as Foucan was only born in 1974 and did not rise to fame with free running until the 1990s. "Sébastien developed his skills though childhood play" [1] so the Doctor could have met him before he "rose to fame".
  • The Doctor is described as riding a motorbike-like vehicle; he also rode a motorbike in The Idiot's Lantern.
  • Donna refers to one of the centaurs by the name Firenze -- the name of one of the centaurs in the Harry Potter universe. The Shakespeare Code also includes several Potter references.



  • There is nothing overt to suggest where during Donna's travels with the Doctor this takes place. Presumably it takes place prior to Turn Left and probably after Planet of the Ood as that episode detailed Donna's first visit to another planet. Donna also thinks about all the death she's seen and asks if it has hardened her, suggesting she has been travelling with the Doctor for awhile.
  • The Doctor and Donna once again are forced to reiterate that they are not a couple, as they do frequently in the TV series proper.
  • The Doctor references Donna's "extensive wardrobe", a reference to the copious amount of baggage she initially brought with her (DW: Partners in Crime).

Behind the scenes

  • The liner notes erroneously credit Murray Gold with composing the Doctor Who theme music, instead of Ron Grainer; although Pest Control clearly takes place after the events of Partners in Crime, Gold's theme arrangement from the 2005-2007 seasons is used instead of the 2008 season arrangement.

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Guild Wars

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  1. Travel to Shing Jea Monastery and get a kappa trap for Farmer Zinhao.
  2. See Farmer Zinhao for your reward.

Obtained from

Farmer Zinhao in Panjiang Peninsula.





"You look like the sort of person who gets around, if you do not mind my saying. Do you think you could do me a favor? Those accursed kappa have been eating my crops and I cannot get rid of them with just a pitchfork. It is too dangerous by far. But there is a hunter, name of Suhkaro, visiting Shing Jea Monastery if I'm not mistaken. Suhkaro promised me a Kappa Trap when last he passed through here, but he has not been back this way yet. If I do not get rid of the kappa, my crops will not survive until harvest!"
"If I promise to reward you for your time, would you pick up that kappa trap for me?"

Intermediate Dialogue (Suhkaro)

"A kappa trap for Farmer Zinhao? Yes, I have one ready. You might also offer him a word of not place any appendages in the trap if he wishes to keep them."

Reward Dialogue

"It looks a little rusty, but it should do the trick! Thank you, my friend. Thank you. And trap me some kappa!"


Go to Shing Jea Monastery and talk to Suhkaro to get the Kappa Trap. Then return to Farmer Zinhao and give him the trap to complete the quest.

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Pest Control
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Jimmy Pegorino
Location: Algonquin
Target: Ray Boccino
Reward: $14500
Unlocks: That Special Someone
Unlocked by: Flatline and To Live and Die in Alderney

Pest Control is a mission assigned to Niko Bellic by Jimmy Pegorino. This mission becomes available after Ray Boccino sends a text message to Niko, telling him that Jimmy wants to meet them at his house.

Part 1

Niko must go to Jimmy's house, where Jimmy will be speaking to Phil Bell and Ray. Jimmy explains that he fears someone is undermining the Pegorino's operation and that there might be rats within the organization. Ray tries to convince Jimmy that Phil is not trustworthy. After both Ray and Phil leave, Jimmy will tell Niko that he has to shut someone up, but has not decided who it will be. After the meet, Niko should expect a call from Jimmy.

Part 2

After a few in-game hours, Jimmy will call Niko and ask him to kill Ray. Ray and his bodyguards will be located on Cod Row, in East Holland. When the player reaches the destination, Jimmy will call again. Jimmy will tell Niko that Ray is heading to a chop shop in BOABO and should be killed before he gets there. Ray's guards will stop for gas on the way, so Niko will have an opportunity to kill him and his protection. A car will be required to follow Ray.

Ray's Oracle (colour usually changes from black to white or grey) and a black PMP 600 can be seen parked outside of the place where Ray is before entering the yellow marker. These are the cars that Ray and his guards will use, so Packie McReary may be called and asked for a bomb to plant on either car before beginning the pursuit. However, if the cars are damaged before Ray gets out of the building, he will be spooked and the mission will be failed. Ray and his guards will stop at the Terroil gas station on the corner of Albany Ave and Topaz St. If the player detonates the bomb at this point, the chain reaction may cause both cars to explode. If the PMP 600 is destroyed, the Oracle in which Ray is will try to escape; if the Oracle is destroyed, the guards in the PMP 600 will attack Niko. Once everyone has been killed, the mission will be passed and Niko will call Jimmy to tell him Ray is dead.

If Jon Gravelli's missions have been done, then finishing this mission will also trigger a phone call from United Liberty Paper that will start the mission That Special Someone.

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"PC" redirects here. For other uses, see PC (disambiguation).
This is a safe minigame. If you die here, you will not lose your items.
Location on World map
Void Knights' Outpost
Unknown Pest Control Unknown
Map of the Void Knight's outpost.
A screenshot of the dock where players enter and exit the island.

Pest Control (often known simply as PC) is a co-operative members-only combat-based minigame. Players must defend an NPC (non-player character) known as the Void Knight from an onslaught of monsters, while at the same time destroying the portals from which the monsters spawn. Due to the recent updates, a glitch occurs upon starting the minigame on the novice lander (it will also do the same for veteran lander) where you will get a window that says, "The knights noticed your lack of zeal in battle and have not presented you with any points." Jagex has yet to fix this glitch. The minigame is played in the name of Guthix to retain balance in the world which may be disrupted by an influx of monsters. It is run by an order of Guthix known as the Void Knights. Please note that this is a "Safe" mini-game. If you die, you will keep your items. Players will respawn on the lander and can rejoin combat immediately. Hitpoints, Prayer Points, Special Attack bar, and run energy are restored at the end of each game. The minigame is divided into three boats; access to each boat is determined by combat level. The official worlds for this minigame are 53, 69, 115, and 144.




The only requirement to participate in a game of Pest Control is to have a combat level of 40 or above (required for the novice lander). To use the Intermediate lander, a player must have a combat level of 70 or higher, and to use the Veteran lander, a player must have a combat level of 100 or higher.


In order to receive commendation points, a player must inflict 50 points of damage before the end of the game. Repairing a barricade or gate on the island awards the player 5 points, allowing players who may not be able to get the required points in the time allotted or players who do not want to train a combat-related skill to receive points. You can only get 5 points in Pest Control if you go on the level 3 boat; building barricades and repairing gates does not give you 5 points on the novice level.


A game of Pest Control can be played by 5 to 25 players. Multiple games may be played at once by many groups of 25 players. Anyone who wishes to play must board the lander. If the lander fills with 25 players, the game will begin automatically. Otherwise, players must wait 5 minutes for the game to begin.


Pets are not allowed on the island. Dwarven Multicannons and Familiars may not be used during the minigame.


To start playing Pest Control, you must go to the docks of Port Sarim south of Lady Lumbridge (ship). Speak with the Squire and she will ask if you want to go to the Void Knights' Outpost. Alternatively, you can right-click the squire and select 'Travel'.

To get to Port Sarim you can use the explorer's ring 3 to teleport to the cabbage patch north of Port Sarim, use fairy ring code A-I-Q to Mudskipper Point, use the Amulet of Glory's teleport to Draynor Village then go around the fence, or walk from Falador or Lumbridge. The Call to Arms scroll special brings you directly to the Void Knights' Outpost. Alternatively, you can use the void knight seal.

The Outpost

The Outpost is an island, with various utilities, including

Harboured at the docks in the south-west corner of the island are three, LCVP-style ships which a player must board to participate in the minigame. The ships carry a combat level requirement of 40, 70 or 100 to board. The ship must have at least 5 users on board before the minigame may begin. Packed worlds such as world 2 are difficult to enter, so players often avoid these worlds for minigames, hence the lack of players on the boat. Some worlds are more popular than others, such as worlds 53, 69, 115 and 144, which are often designated the "PC World(s)", or worlds chosen by players or clans to gather. Some players bring items to cast the High Level Alchemy spell on while they wait for the landers to fill up.

Inside and around the bank (primarily on World 144), many players lend weapons such as Saradomin swords and Godswords for a small price.


The rules for pest control are simple. There are two ways to win the game:

  1. Keep the Void Knight alive for 20 minutes (very difficult) or
  2. Destroy all 4 portals before the Void Knight is killed. (very common)

Defend Knight

There are several ways to defend the knight. Fundamental strategies are:

  • A few players stay near the knight and kill shifters who attack.
  • Close the gates! Most monsters cannot attack through closed undamaged East and West gates.
  • A couple players defend the South wall as monsters can attack from outside this wall only.
  • Gang the portals and destroy them quickly. Ends game faster, and heals Void Knight.
  • Attack and kill anything attacking the Void Knight.
  • Some people use the brawlers as walls to prevent themselves or the knight from being harmed, so DO NOT kill the brawlers that people are using!
  • Some people also use splatters to damage the monsters attacking the Knight greatly.

Portal attack

Each portal is weak against one or more attack style.

  • South east Portal/Yellow - Slash
  • South west Portal/Red - Crush or Stab
  • West Portal/Purple - Range
  • East Portal/Blue - Magic


Monsters are the beasts that spawn out of portals to kill players or the Void Knight.


Brawlers are the largest and most powerful creatures in the Pest Control minigame, and they defend the portals. They resemble a gorilla or a small elephant with spikes sprouting from their backs and a pointed, very slightly transparent, snout. When you see one of these creatures ignore them, for they are the lowest priority to kill unless they are in your way.

Normally they will not attack the fort, though they are still a match for any attempting to destroy the portal. Their combat levels can be 51, 76, 101 or 129 and their colouring is based on their level. Brawlers are one of only five creatures that you cannot run through (the others being Monkey Guards on Ape Atoll, and the monsters fought in the quest Dream Mentor) (The gnome Tortoises used to block a player's path until a hidden update)- they block your path in a similar manner to the barricades in the Castle Wars and Soul Wars minigames.

Brawlers also block other monsters during the game so they cannot get through the Brawler to
A brawler lured into place blocking monsters

attack the Players or the knight. Defilers and Torchers will not be able to shoot over the brawler, and creatures will line up against it if it's in their path to a target. Shifters seem to not be able to teleport through them as well. Some try using this as an advantage by 'luring'

the brawler to the steps where the Void Knight is. Although a sound tactic for long duration games, most players would be better served by protecting the knight directly since most games are over before the 'luring' is effective. It is worth noting that Brawlers will never attack the void knight.

Most of the time if ranging a Brawler, your arrows will be blocked from returning to you when using Ava's attractor or Ava's accumulator. If you find the side that the arrows drop on, then you should be able to pick them up with the devices(This may have been removed in a hidden update done to pest control, the same update when monster paths were changed).


A delifer!

Defilers are fast, agile creatures in the Pest Control minigame. They have the appearance of the lower half of a snake, a humanoid top half and a face resembling that of a cat. They can throw flying spikes over long distances, can inflict a large amount of Range type damage with the missiles, and will actively attack the Void Knight. They can even launch their barbs over walls, though if they are in the spaces right in front of one of the three gates, they cannot shoot over it, so keeping them closed will block those directly in front of it. Their combat levels range can be 33, 50, 66, 80, or 97 and their colouring is based on these levels.


A ravager!

Ravagers are short, humanoid creatures with large claws in the Pest Control minigame. Their appearance is closely related to that of a mole with over sized claws and red eyes. They are capable of tearing down the gates and so they must be killed to protect the void knight from the torchers and defilers. However, they are relatively weak when it comes to direct combat. Their combat levels can be 36, 53, 71, 89, or 106 and their colouring is based on these levels. When attacked, a ravager will often continue destroying its target (if any) before engaging in combat with the attacking player, and may also destroy anything nearby that gets repaired, and are the second priority to kill.


A shifter!

Shifters are creatures that excel in melee combat and can teleport across the island and even past walls. For this reason, they are very dangerous for those on defence since they can teleport right next to the Void Knight and attack him. They have the bottom half of a spider with the scythes of a praying mantis (similar to the Abyssal demon). Their combat levels can be 36, 57, 76, 90, or 104 and their colouring is based on these levels. Although it has the ability to teleport other monsters, such as ravagers and torchers (and up on to towers), they seem to not be able to teleport them through walls or gates and can only teleport others a very short distance.

For some reason shifters are some of the few monsters that can attack at a diagonal, other than ranged monsters, most single squared beasts will align with the player to attack. They also seem to hit the knight from a distance while teleporting around him/her.


A quite annoying spinner!

Spinners are creatures that appear as spinning tops or jellyfish, and float above the ground. They repair the Portal on the island and must be defeated if the portals are to be destroyed, therefore you have to kill these creatures first before you pile on the portal. If the humans over power the portal and destroy it before the spinner can finish healing, it will begin to spin around and then explode hitting all players within a few squares with poison that does 5 damage instantly as it explodes and poisons for 1 thereafter. Their combat levels can be 37, 55, 74, 88, or 92. They are the first priority to kill.


Splatters are creatures that appear like a giant ball with a single eye in the middle and liquid inside them. They will go towards the fort and detonate, causing big damage to all players, monsters, and objects in the immediate vicinity. This will also happen if they are killed, which is easy since they are often low level and weak defensively. When a splatter "detonates" near another splatter, if the secondary splatters' Hit Points are low enough, the damage may cause a chain reaction, increasing the overall damage. Some players find amusement in exploiting the splatter's detonation. By making several or many splatters follow a player with auto-retaliate turned off, leading them into a group of enemies or players, and then killing one, they can start this chain reaction of detonations, likely killing everything/everyone surrounding them. Their combat levels can be 22, 33, 44, 54, or 65 and their colouring is based on these levels. If the opportunity arises, you can use the splatters sort of like a Void Seal by detonating them near large groups of monsters. This does not work on portals. Also, if you are fast enough you can avoid the detonation by running away when you know they are going to detonate, but haven't started the detonation yet. This is unreliable, however. Currently no prayer protection can defend against their "detonation". Players wearing Dharok's equipment may wish to kill Splatters to lower their health and activate the set effect to do extra damage. Killing them is a higher priority the closer they get to the gates, as their explosions can damage the gates. Splatters will never attack the Void knight, but if killed near it, it can cause damage.


Torchers are creatures that look like winged worms and will actively attack the Void Knight. They have a long distance magical attack which can harm both players and the Void Knight. They can even launch this attack over walls, though if they are in the spaces right in front of one of the three gates, they cannot shoot over it, so keeping them closed will block those directly in front of it. Their combat levels can be 33, 49, 67, 79, 91 or 92 and their colouring is based on these levels.


Players attacking an unshielded portal
A portal with its shields still active. Notice the faint white lines around the portal, showing that it is shielded.
A portal is not technically a monster, but it is attackable by players. Each one has 250 health, or 200 in the level 40 boat, and will spawn monsters until destroyed. Players have to wait until the shield around it disappears before the attack may begin. Its defence is very high, so be sure to have a high attack and strength level when attempting to attack it. Using the dragon battleaxe's special attack, a strength potion, or attack and strength enhancing prayers can also be very useful. Upon the destruction of a portal, the Void Knight will gain 60 health back (50 on the level 40 boat). Beware of spinners, as they can heal the portals, and will poison all surrounding players if the portal is destroyed before them.

A common misconception is that using special attacks on the portals will cause Spinners to appear, but this is nothing more than a myth.

It is also believed that by not killing the spinners, and allowing them to heal the portal will grant more experience for players attacking it.
The portals information interface with the blue portal unshielded.
A "dead" portal.


Pest Control tactics

On 17 July 2007, as part of their update to the game, Jagex introduced a shield on the portals. Players are not able to attack portals while the portal's shield is up; all portals start with shields up, with the first portal's shield disabled by the Void Knight 15 seconds into the game. Every 30 seconds, another shield is disabled until all portals can be attacked 1 minute and 45 seconds into the game. This was introduced to counter the ability of high levels to play 30 second games and gain massive amounts of experience. Most games are still finished in under three minutes (any boat landing).

Defensive measures

  • Keep the gates closed. In the spaces immediately outside the gates, Defilers and Torchers cannot attack the Void Knight. Instead, they will all line up outside the gate, waiting patiently for it to be opened or until they are killed. The defilers and torchers on either side will still attack through the air, but keeping the gates shut will completely stop those lined up directly outside of the gate. If a player really needs to get back outside the fort, check the East gate first, as it has a barricade that often protects the gate from attack for a longer time.
  • The gates can all be broken by ravagers or splatters. When the gates are damaged, they can become unmovable until repaired. At the East and West gates, the pests only fire if the gate is breached or open. East/West side pests do not shoot at the Void Knight from the sides of the gate. This is why it is important to attack the South portals first whenever possible. South side portals are the portals that spawn the pests that kill the Knight quickly. As long as the East and West gates are kept repaired and closed, no damage to the Knight occurs from the sides.
  • A common reason for losing a game is a spinner getting trapped in front of the portal, and one or more Brawlers blocking access to the spinner. When this happens, attack the Brawler until it changes its focus from the player who caused this problem to you. Once the brawler is facing you, walk backwards and the brawler will chase you. When the brawler does this, the logjam will free up and people can then deal with the spinner. If there are multiple brawlers, repeat until the problem is resolved. This usually happens on the Purple portal when someone keeps pushing the monsters toward the portal rather than killing them closer to the gate.
  • Rangers and mages are particularly useful for drawing spinners away from portals as spinners will follow but only if there is nothing blocking them from the attacking ranger or mage.
  • If you want to be on defence, there are four places you should look at. They are set in order of importance.
  1. On the platform with the Void Knight. This is a good place for lower level players. You are within easy range of the lander in case you die, and there are always plenty of Shifters attacking the Void Knight.
  1. Outside the South gate. From here, you can close the doors after all those people who refuse to close the gate. You can also kill all the defilers and torchers that are firing over the walls. Do not waste your time on those who are stuck outside of the gate and cannot fire unless there are no other tasks that need your attention. The South Gate is always more important to defend than the east or west gates because the pests from both the south-east and south-west portals will attack from there. Their magic and range attacks can fire over the wall and kill your knight if not dealt with.
  1. The East or West gate, if it is broken and you did not bring an axe and hammer to repair the gate. Stand just at the gate on the South square. You will block the Defilers and Spinners entering the area. The rest will line up in a polite little line waiting for you to kill them. If you stand in the right place, only the one in the front will be able to attack. If someone is standing in front of the line, hit each other monster in the line so they all start attacking you. Then when the first in line dies, all the rest are attacking you instead of the Void Knight. Make sure to kill all splatters and ravagers as soon as they show up, or they will damage the gate and make your job a lot harder!
  • Consider wearing dragonhide armour to the game. It blocks magic, melee, and range in good amounts. This is useful since all three styles of combat are seen in Pest Control.
  • An effective strategy to reduce the damage on the knight is to deliberately distract every monster you can. If you can hit the pest before it "sees" the Void Knight and starts firing, the monster will shift its attention to you - which means it is ignoring the Knight. Protecting the Knight is the objective, not protecting yourself from dying. Meleers covering the south east and south west portals should attack ranger pests before they start firing at the knight, if done right, they will attack the meleer instead of the knight.This is helpful if you are defending the knight from shifters.
  • Try different attack styles on each type and strength of monster. Most of the monsters are much weaker to the defence style than to attack or strength.
  • Turn off auto-retaliate in your attack options. If the option is on, your character will run around randomly responding to being hit through the air. This makes your character much harder to control, should several monsters attack from different directions.
  • You can use a brawler to block ranger attacks. By attacking a brawler and making it follow you, you can lure it over to the knight, once it is in place, put on protect from melee and make sure no one attacks it. The brawler will automatically stop shifter teleportations over it, and will stop all the rangers attacking the knight on the side that the brawler is blocking. Just make sure no one attacks it or else your plan is foiled. This strategy alone can save the game, especially if there is a large amount of rangers attacking the knight.

Offensive measures

  • When attacking a portal, stand in front of it but one step to either side of the exact centre between the portal and the Void Knight. As enemies spawn, they will cluster around the portal unless they have a clear path towards the fort. If a player is anywhere but at this location, they will not be able to fight their way there to attack any Spinners that appear. Even if the player manages to kill surrounding monsters blocking their way, there will be half a dozen others that have spawned while the player was fighting that will swarm into the open space. The player will then just watch helplessly as the Spinner(s) heal the portal and the player's Void Knight's health gradually deteriorates. Standing on the centre square hides the spinner from the other players, and the player will be unable to attack the spinner unless there is an open square next to them. Standing behind the portal is effective at protecting the player, as long as another player is properly positioned in front and does not die.
  • Use prayer bonuses appropriate to the style of combat used. In an offensive game, it helps to equip gear that increases offensive capabilities at the expense of defence.
  • Use the special effect energy. The Dragon Battle Axe (in combination with a restore potion), Dragon Dagger, Dragon Halberd, Dragon Two-Handed Sword, the Magic Composite Bow, and the Magic Shortbow all have special effects that can be of helpful use in offensive PC games ( The Dragon Two-Handed Sword's special attack can hit surrounding "pests", making it quite effective). Special attacks also often help to quickly destroy the portals.
  • Spinners will quickly heal the HP of a portal, and must be dealt with as fast as possible. It is not necessary to kill the Spinners - only get them to shift their focus to attacking players instead of healing the portal (remember that any spinners on a portal that is destroyed will explode and poison nearby players). If the portal is regaining health, it means there is a Spinner that has not been dealt with yet. Spinners also make a specific sound with healing the portal, even if there is no spinner in sight. Use Right Click menus to pick the spinners out of the hordes of monsters that often accumulate in front of the portal.
  • Ancient Magicks are very useful, since you can target multiple enemies with some of the spells. This is particularly useful in situations where Spinners are out of reach from melee players. However, the runes required are very expensive, and you only get half the normal amount of experience during Pest Control.
  • Ranging with Chinchompas is very effective at Pest Control as it hits multiple targets in multiple squares. Like Ancient Magicks, this is very effective in dealing with Portals with piles of enemies. Also like Ancient Magicks, the high cost of obtaining them and the reduced experience you get from pests make this a tactic only for the very rich player.
  • The towers are rarely used in this game, but the ideal team will have 6 high level mages or rangers in the towers to pick off unreachable spinners or brawlers. Also a thing to do is to get a mage to kill a splatter that is near a monster to kill them both (make sure no players are around), have 3 high level melee players with the Void Knight, and the rest of players attacking a portal (attack them all together).
  • Being a monster itself, each portal has a weakness which makes attack easier. The blue (East) portal is weak to Magic attacks. The purple (West) is weak to ranged attacks. The yellow (south-east) portal is weak to melee slash. The red (south-west) portal is weak to melee crush.
  • In an offensive PC game, monitor your hits and keep an eye on the other portals. The main point is to reach 50 hits before the game is over. When large numbers of high level players attack the portal, switching to another enemy may produce enough hits to reach 50, without adversely impacting the time to close the portal.
  • The Void Knight will weaken the shields of the portals in one of six possible orders. They are:
  1. Blue-Red-Yellow-Purple
  2. Blue-Purple-Red-Yellow
  3. Purple-Blue-Yellow-Red
  4. Purple-Yellow-Blue-Red
  5. Yellow-Purple-Red-Blue
  6. Yellow-Red-Purple-Blue
Note that if the first portal dropped is purple, then the red portal will be dropped last, and same for yellow and blue portals. Also, the red portal is never dropped first. Knowing what portal(s) to head to after the previous one helps reduce both time and energy wasted going back and forth.
  • When ranging a portal and using an Ava's device, to retrieve your arrows for certain portals stand on the south western sides to save time in not having to grab your arrows. If you so chose to pick your arrows up they can be grabbed from the south-western corner of all portals. This also allows for a player to be in a safe spot from monsters except for the eastern portal where one will be in the open and still be a target for monster attacks.
  • Ruby bolts (e) provide useful when ranging if there are no higher level players to help kill portals. These allow for a player with at least 46 range to achieve high hits such as 50 (40 when in the level 40 boat game) on a portal when it is at full health.

Pest Control clans

  • Pest Control clans are a group of players that play the mini-game as a group. The style of PC game depends on the offensive capabilities of the team, so PC clans tend to cluster around a certain range of combat levels.
  • When the balance of a PC clan is disturbed, such as when a group of lower levels wanting to play the game, the players of a clan tend to "hop" to another RuneScape world. Usually the clan uses a scout to select a world and all players migrate to the new world. Communication between clan members used to be very low to non-existent. In those cases, the private messages are turned to friends and even can be completely off when the Pest Control clan uses another communication channel (such as IRC) to announce world changes. After the clan chat update this problem has been fixed.


  • The landing boat lands on the North Side of the island, so new players are often confused and do not realise that South is in front of the boat, People are instructed to "Go East" or "Go West", then people go in the opposite direction. Telling people colours of portals is less likely to cause confusion.
  • Not all players are experienced in the game. Give them advice if they ask.
  • A lower combat player in a purely offensive game still can help by dealing with spinners around the portal. This can allow the attackers to concentrate on the portal.


  • It is important to note that since the update, experience is gained at half the usual rate in game (the bonus from wearing sacred clay items will cancel this penalty). Because of this loitering around portals killing monsters is no longer as effective in terms of XP gain. The experience gained from the reward usually beats the experience gained during the game from "portal hanging" therefore a player should play "for the win" rather than letting others deal with portals while Pest Control points gained.
  • Using Pest Control to gain experience in ranged, strength, magic, attack or defence can leave a player with less Hitpoints experience than usual. When considering gaining experience in any of these skills using Pest Control if you are planning to remain at a "normal" Hitpoints level you will need to use roughly 1 point on HP for every 3 used on any aforementioned Combat Skill.
  • If prayer is trained using Pest Control saving the money gained in game can supplement your prayer experience if buying Dragon bones with the money gained. This method can almost double experience gain for prayer provided that the player wins most games.
  • It is recommended to use potions for offensive combat stats along with prayers, in order to utilise the fact that there's no penalty for dying or using prayer, as it resets every death or new round. The money gained from playing may outweigh the cost of potions if winning frequently.


Winning players are rewarded with coins and commendation points.

The message a player will receive after winning a game in the novice Boat

Depending on your boat, you will gain a different number of commendation points upon winning a game:

  • Boat #1: 2 points per game won.
  • Boat #2: 3 points per game won.
  • Boat #3: 4 points per game won.

If the player's team destroys all of the portals, they will receive coins equal to 10 times their combat level as well as the commendation points.

If a player trades in 100 points in one go, they get an extra 10% experience per point. If they trade in 10 points, you get an extra 1% experience. Some players save points up to 100, then trade in, and repeat because of this "bonus" experience.

Note: The most commendation points a player can have at any time is 250. If you board a boat while holding 250 points, a warning will be given to the player to trade the points in. If a player continues to play with 250 points, subsequent games will not award any commendation points. You will also get a warning if winning the next game would result in wasting points, for example if you had 248 points and you were playing in the Veteran boat (4 points per game). In this event, winning the game would only take you to the maximum 250 points, wasting the other two.

Commendation points can be traded in for:


  • Experience in any combat skill that is equal to or greater than level 25. The formula is the following: math, where math equals level; math equals 18 for prayer, 32 for magic/range, and 35 for all others. Ceiling means round up to the nearest integer (whole number). The experience this generates is summarised below. The amounts below are awarded per commendation point traded in.


Level Attack Strength
Defence Hitpoints
1 25-34 35xp 32xp 18xp
1 35-42 70xp 64xp 36xp
1 43-48 105xp 96xp 54xp
1 49-54 140xp 128xp 72xp
1 55-59 175xp 160xp 90xp
1 60-64 210xp 192xp 108xp
1 65-69 245xp 224xp 126xp
1 70-73 280xp 256xp 144xp
1 74-77 315xp 288xp 162xp
1 78-81 350xp 320xp 180xp
1 82-84 385xp 352xp 198xp
1 85-88 420xp 384xp 216xp
1 89-91 455xp 416xp 234xp
1 92-94 490xp 448xp 252xp
1 95-97 525xp 480xp 270xp
1 98-99 560xp 512xp 288xp

Void Knight equipment




Herb pack

File:Clean guam.png Pack contains an assortment of grimy herbs, for example a set of 2 Harralander, 3 Ranarr, 1 Toadflax, 3 Irit, 4 Avantoe and 2 Kwuarm.(Approximate value 74,000gp)-30 points But also to note the amounts are randomized by one this is just an average

Mineral pack

File:Coal.gif Pack commonly contains 25 Coal, 18 Iron ore -15 points

Seed pack

File:Marigold seed.PNG Pack commonly contains 3 sweetcorn seeds, 6 tomato seeds and 2 limpwurt seeds - 15 points


All charms cost 2 points each, and can be purchased in amounts of 1, 14, or 28 (costing 2, 28, and 56 points respectively).


A picture taken in world 144 right after the end of a game.

The official worlds to play Pest Control on are:

  • World 53
  • World 69
  • World 115
  • World 144 (usually crowded, sometimes full)

It is not required to use these worlds, and they often have many inexperienced Pest Control players, which can be frustrating for players trying to get commendation points. However, landers in most other worlds are usually empty, unless a Pest Control clan is present.


There have been four updates concerning Pest Control.


  • After complaints that cats made it harder to click to board the lander (because players would click to "pick up" others' cats), they are no longer allowed on the island.
  • There was a hidden update sometime during the summer of 2009 in which the behaviour of Brawler (monster) was greatly changed. Along with this update Ava's devices started working differently and wouldn't retrieve arrows shot at brawlers and portals. The "south-west" position no longer affects arrow pick-up.
  • The first was the release of the game on 18 April 2006. Initially, players of all levels were allowed into games, and there was no damage requirement in order to receive a reward. Originally, the max points a person could receive was 15.
  • This was changed on 16 May 2006, along with a game engine update. Players now needed a combat level of 40 to enter the game, and must do 50 damage to monsters or portals to receive rewards. During the first few months of the game's existence, players gathered on world 78 to play Pest Control, often bringing the player count to server capacity. Within a few months, however, higher levels established "PC clans", and began playing on other worlds, in order to reduce the number of low levelled players in the games. This led to very fast experience points for the players in the clans.
  • On 19 February, 2007, pet cats were blocked from entry into the mini-game.
  • On 17 July, 2007, Jagex launched a new update to the mini-game.
    • Pest Control was split up into three boats, one for each levels 40+, 70+, and 100+, a feature long requested on the official forums.
    • Monster and portal difficulty was adjusted so that the lower level boats were easier to play. The three boats now give two, three, and four points as a reward, respectively. However, each point now only gives 35% of the experience it used to. Rewards for Magic and Ranged were reduced a further 10%.
    • In order to balance the effects of this, players were allowed to run through all monsters without being blocked apart from Brawlers, and Jagex introduced a "shield" on the portals, effectively making the shortest games two to three minutes long, instead of the thirty seconds possible before. Many players viewed this as unfair, and launched the World 99 riot in response. In addition, up to 350 players were simultaneously on the rants forum the day of the update.


A screenshot from the TokTz-Ket-Dill quest in reference to "Void Knight Products" (PC Products)

In total, Pest Control has been a source of two controversies. Before the 17 July 2007 update, some players claimed that it was too easy to raise combat, and had coined the term "PC product," which was usually used as an insult.

Jagex has made references to the "PC product" label in the TokTz-Ket-Dill quest. If you choose the plot option where a human defeats the TzHaar criminal after training with the Void Knights for several months, TzHaar-Hur-Brekt refers to them as "Void Knight Products".

After the update, there was more outcry from players who trained this way.

There have been many debates about the experience cap being lowered and on the day of the release of this cap, some riots sprouted up in Falador and the Ice Plateau on World 99. Originally the game calculated this as your level squared, divided by 6 (or 12 for prayer). Jagex decided that was too generous, and changed the way it was worked out. Players who had Pest points left over after the update had to spend all of their points to be able to get more, but they still had the more beneficial formula. However, players who had purchased Void Knight items, instead of experience, ended up paying more than those purchasing the same items under the new formula.


  • After the second Pest Control update, the music was accidentally changed from "Pest Control "to "Chef Surprise" (from Recipe for Disaster). It was later fixed.
  • The lander boats where players are taken to the island during the minigame resemble a wooden version of the Higgins Boat used during major amphibious assaults in World War II.
  • The Spinners may be based on a metroid in the Metroid Series, or an ordinary jellyfish.
  • There is a small glitch where one can get inside a portal with a shield up by lighting a fire on the eastern side of the portal; this doesn't affect how the player interacts with the game, though.
  • There is a minor glitch where if the player completes the game with 50 or more damage done and re-boards a lander, the player would get a message saying: "The knights have noticed your lack of zeal in the battle and have not rewarded you with any points.". However, the player did get the points. This is yet to be fixed.
  • There was another glitch when the squire tells the player the results of the last game. If you did not close the message the first time, the message would appear again after performing another task like walking to a random spot or teleporting. This glitch has been very partially fixed—it doesn't occur when a player wins a game and goes straight into the docking boat.
  • With the release of PvP worlds, a glitch was discovered. A player that was "skulled" that went into a round of Pest Control and died would lose their items. This devastated many players and has been fixed. People were also able to play games while in a PvP world and kill teammates, even though you were skulled since the game was safe you wouldn't lose your items, but if you were to die while out of the game on the docks you would.
  • The Shifters may be based on the bugs in Starship Troopers (film).
  • If you try to set up any kind of hunting trap the player will receive a message saying, "There is no time to hunt here! Fight the invaders!"
  • If one tries to cast High Level Alchemy in game they will receive an error, "You cannot cast that in here." But if you try to cast Humidify you will be able to.
  • If you try to go down the ladder on the ship at the outpost, the player says "Hmmm... I don't trust that ladder. I'm not going to climb down it. While on the boat the ladder examine text reads "I'm not allowed to climb this ladder", but if one is on the docks they can examine the ladder and it will read "I can climb up here!"
  • Before the second Pest Control update, there was only one boat, points were much harder to gain (one point/win), and all the monsters were in that boat's island. Basically more cooperation was required. Also, there weren't any shields on the portals, so you could rush them.
  • In 28 November 2009, there was a glitch that would appear as a black screen instead of the game and the player would have to relog to play it again. However, this was fixed in the same day.

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