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From Muppet Wiki

Jeremy Gilley • (Adult Perseus)
Oscar Webb • (Young Perseus)

Perseus was the son of Danae and the god Zeus (who impregnated Danae in the form of a shower of gold). Perseus was the main character in The StoryTeller: Greek Myths story of "Perseus and the Gorgon".

Acrisius had locked Danae away fearing a prophesy that her offspring would kill him. Perseus was raised by his mother, Danae, locked away with his existance unkown to Acrisius. But when Acrisius found out about Perseus, he cast the two into the sea in a wooden chest. But the chest floated and the mother and child washed ashore on the island of Seriphos, where they were taken in by the fisherman Dictys, who raised the boy to manhood.

One day Polydectes, the king of the island, came amd desired to marry Danae. To remove Perseus from the island Polydectes announced that each guest of the wedding would be expected to bring a great gift. Perseus, having no gold or treasures, remembered the stories of his youth and promised to bring the head of Medusa, one of the gorgons, whose very expression turns people to stone.

Perseus met The Gracae who he persuaded to give him help. He soon received a pair of his winged sandals, a high-polished shield, a sack to carry the head and a dog-skinned cap of invisibility. Flying past Atlas, he soon reach the end of the world and the gorgon.

He beheaded the beast - using the cap of invisibilty to stay hidden and only looking at the reflection on the shield (and never at the gorgon). Perseus then returned with the head and upon showing it to Polydectes turned him to stone.

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From Grand Theft Wiki

Perseus logo.
The interior of the Exchange's Perseus outlet, with Marcus in view.

Perseus is a clothing store in Grand Theft Auto IV that sells expensive suits and flashy clothes. It is one of only three clothing chains where the player can purchase clothes in GTA IV, the other two being the Russian Shop and Modo, but is the most upscale clothing store available to the player in the game. Unlike the two other stores, Perseus also exists with multiple stores, but are only concentrated in Algonquin.



There are two Perseus shops in Liberty City, both in Algonquin, but the clothes remain the same; one is in Middle Park East and the other is in The Exchange. There is no cash register and there is a guard who, if you have a weapon, says to use it or put it away. In certain missions, such as Final Interview and Mr and Mrs Bellic, you have to wear clothing from Perseus. Marcus the store attendant and customer assistant of Perseus, often compliments Niko if he is wearing clothes from Perseus.

The player can download a Perseus theme for their phone via The player also gets a text message from Brucie Kibbutz soon after unlocking Algonquin, telling him to "look VIP" and buy some clothes from Perseus.


Being a top-of-the-line business, Perseus has an elegant appearance inside and out. Inside, there is one cashier (although he does not visibly collect money from Niko) and one security guard. There are two rows of clothing and some additional clothing hanging on the wall.

Marcus' attitude towards the player depends on how the player is dressed. He remarks favorably towards any article of clothing player wears that has been purchased from Perseus, while generally commenting negatively towards other forms of clothing. For example, should the player wear a Perseus suit with boots from the Russian Shop, Marcus may praise the suit, but recommends changing the footwear to one from Perseus.

In relation to his seemingly effeminate behavior, Marcus can be scared off easily and has high-pitched voice. If Niko harms him, he runs off and the security guard pounces onto Niko, starting a duel.

List of clothing

Unlike those from the Russian Shop and Modo, available suits are sold with both a pants and a top (jacket and shirt/turtleneck, with an occasional tie). However, certain slacks and footwear are still sold separately.

Note that certain articles of Perseus clothing differ between the console and PC versions. These include the "turtleneck" suits, which are replaced in the PC version by three-button jacket and vest suits; the generic three-piece suit, the jacket of which is unbuttoned in the console versions, but buttoned up in the PC version; and the loafers and Suede Bucks, which are replaced in the PC version by Oxfords and Suede Wingtips, respectively. Their colors remain generally consistent.

The following lists all available clothing in Perseus. The names of the clothing in the PC version are italicized:

Suits Pants Shoes
Item Price Item Price Item Price Item Price
Charcoal Suit $1000 Double-Breasted Jacket, Ebony w/ Turtleneck and Charcoal Pants (Three Button Jacket, Ebony and Vest w/ Charcoal Pants) $1000 Carbon Suit Slacks $300 Black Loafers (Black Oxfords) $200
Double-Breasted Jacket, Granite w/ Turtleneck and Basalt Pants (Three Button Jacket, Granite and Vest w/ Basalt Pants) $1000 Double-Breasted Jacket, Iron w/ Turtleneck and Obsidian Pants (Three Button Jacket, Iron and Vest w/ Obsidian Pants) $1000 Charcoal Slacks $300 Brown Loafers (Brown Oxfords) $200
Double-Breasted Jacket, Lead w/ Turtleneck and Ash Pants (Three Button Jacket, Lead and Vest w/ Ash Pants) $1000 Obsidian Suit $1000 Espresso Slacks $300 Black Wingtips $200
Onyx Suit $1000 Perseus Cream Sportcoat w/ Carbon Pants $2000 Slate Suit Slacks $300 Brown Wingtips $200
Perseus Mustard Sportcoat w/ Onyx Pants $2000 Perseus Slate Suit w/ Red Shirt $600 Patterned Loafers (Beige Oxfords) $200
Perseus Charcoal Suit w/ Floral Shirt $600 Perseus Ash Suit w/ Silk Shirt $600 Suede Bucks (Suede Wingtips) $200
Slate Suit $2000



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