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This article is for submarines in general. For the submarine involved in the quest Hunt for Red Raktuber, see Red Raktuber.
A submarine's periscope.

Submarines are a hidden update that occurred on 27 May 2009 in which periscopes started appearing around some parts of the RuneScape coastline as part of the pre-release of the next quest in the penguin series, Hunt for Red Raktuber. The quest was not released until 2 June 2009, 6 days after the release of the submarines. At times the periscope is submerged, so players may have to wait before it appears above the surface of the water. The submerged submarine can be seen in Standard Detail, as it is shown as a dark shadow. The periscopes cannot be examined.


Spotted locations

The following locations show a periscope appearing out of the water:

Known submarines

Currently, the only known submarine is the Red Raktuber, the key focus of the quest Hunt for Red Raktuber.

The crew of Red Raktuber consisted of:


During the run-up to the release of the quest, there were several hints and theories concerning the involvement of penguins and the mention of the Red Raktuber.


Player-submitted poll

In a player-submitted poll[1] there was a question asking "What do you think that the penguins have been up to since the Cold War quest?". One of the top-voted answers was "Building a yellow submarine." Whilst this was not a guaranteed poll, it may have had some influence on the resulting storyline.

KGP Agent

In a conversation between a player and a KGP Agent when using the random function of the NPC Contact spell, the Agent mistakes the player's disembodied voice for evidence of an intruder and says to "Batten down the hatches!" and to "DIVE!". It appears that he is commanding the crew of a submarine.

Chaos Elemental

What's in Raktuber this year? A white bird, as the etymology of ornithology goes.

The phrase "A white bird" could mean a penguin, and "Well, maybe not 'flies'" may also refer to the flightless nature of penguins.

The censored Letter

This letter has been edited by the Postmaster Penguin

Mornin’ Murder wink1,

Do we ever plan to move? That’s down to Staff Sergeant ############. He’ll only reassign us if we go mad, and nobody mad would want to be reassigned. We call it Catch Twenty-Tuna.

As for not being able to fly, well... we may not be able to go ‘up’, but think of all the other directions that a penguin can approach an enemy: left, right, down, inside, outside, clockwise, on our bellies, dressed as a sheep, dressed as a penguin dressed as a sheep, in a giant underwater ########################## and upside your head. And those are just options I came up with while writing this letter.

Private ###########


This letter was partially censored, the ###'s are representitive of the censor blocks throughout the letter. The "giant underwater ##########################" could possibly be in reference to a submarine.

The Red Raktuber

The Red Raktuber flies at midnight. (Well, maybe not 'flies'.) Regardless, I'm about to descend into a ventricle of darkness, and I don't know which hat to wear: swordfish, octopus, lobster?

The phrase The Red Raktuber is very similar to the Red October (October and Raktuber both being months of a calendar), the name of a submarine which is the focus of the novel and film The Hunt for Red October.

Wise Old Man

The Wise Old Man was thought to have been involved, as he has a model of a yellow submarine in his house in Draynor Village.

Zanik's adventure

The artist's impression of Zanik seeing the "Sea monster".

In Postbag from the Hedge 40, Zanik talks about her adventures from her visiting Entrana, then coming back from there and going around Mudskipper Point in which she sees a "Sea monster" in the water.

But I haven't told you the most exciting thing! I saw a sea monster! We were on the way back from Entrana, going around Mudskipper Point. The sky was dark and a bit of a storm was blowing up. All the monks on the ship were getting scared and praying to Saradomin. The captain monk was shouting for them to do something to the sails (I still don't understand nautical jargon), then suddenly there was a sort of CRUNCH as the ship hit something! The monks were too busy to see anything, but they wouldn't let me help so all I could do was watch. I saw something big and dark moving under the water beside our ship. Then the lightning flashed and I saw this thing sticking up out of the water, like an eye on the end of a stalk. It looked around for a moment and I'm sure it looked straight at me, then it went back down into the water and the monster went away.
Zanik, Postbag from the Hedge 40[3]

This was probably the submarine periscope, although a pirate thought it was a "Leviathan" and the artist's impression included in the letter resembles a Loch Ness Monster. Immediately after Zanik's letter, Postie Pete also makes a comment about the sea monster.

I get the feeling that we'll hear more about this sea...creature. One eye should be kept firmly on the horizon.
Postie Pete, Postbag from the Hedge 40[4]

Note the ellipsis (...) before the text "creature", Postie Pete is unsure if it is a creature or not.



  • A yellow submarine is a reference to the Beatles song "Yellow Submarine".
  • It is worth noting that on its original page, the image of Zanik and the periscope contains a hidden name/message: "zanik and pe...". For Internet Explorer and Google Chrome users, this can easily be found by hovering over the image for the "alternative text" to pop up. Mozilla Firefox users can right-click the image, select Properties, and see that the "alternative text" is "zanik and pe...". This may very well be short for "zanik and penguin submarine" or "zanik and periscope".


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