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Official quest description: The dwarves of the Dwarven Mine have built the latest marvel of dwarven engineering: a machine to automatically make pickaxes for the many miners. In order to supply energy for this machine, they have commissioned a new power station on the slopes of Ice Mountain.

Projects of this scale are never without their problems, though. A hapless dwarf delivering resources to the power station has lost part of his delivery and any adventurer who helps him is bound to find more problems to solve.

Release date: 7 May 2008 (Update)
Start: On the road south of Ice Mountain. Speak to the dwarf next to the broken cart.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Short
Members only: Yes
  • Level 10
  • Level 10
  • Level 10
  • Level 11
Items needed:

Recommended:Some energy potions, since there is a lot of running between Ice Mountain, the Dwarven Mines, and the Monastery. Alternatively, spa facilities can be used to maintain run energy. In order to use the spa salt water pool, player needs to have completed As a First Resort... quest. Summoning a bull ant or a spirit terrorbird (levels 40 and 52) and use its special move (unburden or tireless run) is another alternative to run longer. Another alternative is an explorer ring. Also a charged combat bracelet can be used to quickly get to the monastery and an Amulet of Glory or Ancient Magick home teleport can be used to quickly get to Edgeville.

Monsters to kill: None



The Missing Crate

Cutscene 1
  • Talk to Lakki, the delivery dwarf, to start the quest. Lakki is on the road between Barbarian Village and Falador, south of Ice Mountain. He will reveal that he has lost one of the crates which he was supposed to deliver to the Power Station.
  • Offer to help Lakki find the crate. He will note that he took the road from the west, and will go on with his remaining crates.
  • Search the bushes along the road that leads back towards Falador to the west. One of them (different for each player) will contain the crate that Lakki dropped. If you look inside of the crate, you will see a large egg.
  • Take the box to Drorkar, the dwarf in the Power Station west of the entrance to the Dwarven Mines. It will become evident that Drorkar is feeding dragon hatchlings coal (if you look, you will see that they are leashed, but they lean forward to eat the coal out of a trough in front of them all by themselves) and using their breath to power the station. He will ask you to deliver a letter to Brother Bordiss at the Monastery.  Pickpocket Drorkar before you leave for the Monastery to receive a Dwarven key.

The Monastery

Cutscene 2
  • Deliver the letter to Bordiss. He can be found in the garden area on the north end of the monastery. After some conversation, Brother Althric's roses will begin dying.
  • Offer to help Brother Althric. He will ask you to compost and water the roses.
  • Use a bucket of compost on the dying red roses themselves (not on the ground), and then water the plants with a watering can. A cutscene will ensue, in which a gnome named Professor Arblenap lands by parachute near the garden and asks directions to Ice Mountain. After he runs off to the mountain, Brother Althric will ask you to find out what he's up to.

Ice Mountain

Cutscene 3
  • Talk to Professor Arblenap at the top of ice mountain, near the Icefiends. Professor Arblenap will explain that he is trying to catch baby icefiend, to save them from extinction. Ice mountain, currently the icefiends' only habitat, is getting too warm for them to live. He will be failing pathetically, so offer to help him. He will give you a net and ask you to catch four baby icefiends.
  • Wield the Icefiend net and catch four baby Icefiends, ignoring the adults.
  • Talk to Arblenap again, at which point a cutscene will play in which an avalanche rocks the northern side of the mountain. Arblenap uses a Grand Tree Seed Pod to teleport to safety, while you decide to check for any devastation.
  • Travel to the north part of the mountain and talk to the Oracle, whose tent was swept down the mountain. Agree to rebuild the Oracle's tent.
  • Fetch the damaged tent from the base of the mountain (near the Black Knights' Fortress). You will need 2 planks (any type), 2 nails of any metal, hammer and saw to repair the tent.
  • Return to the tent remains at the top of the mountain with these materials and the damage tent. "Use tent" on the "remains", the area where the tent used to be. If you try to repair the tent in the wrong place you'll get the message "You can't just rebuild the Oracle's tent anywhere. You should use the tent on the place where it used to stand."
  • Talk to the Oracle again and get a dire prediction that rising temperatures are threatening Gielinor. Tell the Oracle you will try to do something about this.

Shutting down the Power Station

Cutscene 4, part 1
Cutscene 4, part 2
  • Talk to Drorkar again at the Power Station, and discuss the evidence that the power plant is causing damage to the environment. Drorkar will dismiss all of the issues except for when you mention the Oracle, at which he will suggest that you have to convince Nurmof to shut down the plant.
  • Head down into the Dwarven Mines and find Nurmof, who is located in the North-western part of the mines, just north of the cart conductor. Nurmof will tell you about the alternative power plant that Brother Bordiss designed. He will note that there was a presentation made with two competing ideas for providing energy in the power plant to run his pickaxe machine, with presentations by both Bordiss and Drorkar. For some reason, Bordiss was unable to attend the meeting and Nurmof selected the Drorkar's idea by default. Nurmof will ask you to return to Bordiss to get some further details about the alternative energy source.

Alternative Power

Cutscene 4, part 3
  • Talk to Bordiss again at the Monastery. He will tell you that the Windmill plans are in his magically locked chest which is standing in the mine shop. Bordiss also tells you that Drorkar may be the guy who stole his chest key.
  • If you haven't already, pickpocket the key from Drorkar.
  • Head back down into the mine. Head east of the ladder and use the key on the chest, which is beside the yellow standard. The plans appear to be a windmill, somewhat like the milling windmills throughout RuneScape but larger.
  • Take the plans to Nurmof, and present them as an alternative energy source. Nurmof reads through the plans and decides to build the windmill to replace Drorkar's power plant. You will see a cutscene in which the polluting power plant is supplanted, to Drorkar's fury, by the clean-power one.

Congratulations, quest complete!


File:Perils of Ice Mountain complete.Png

  • 1 Quest Point
  • 500 Experience
  • 500 Experience
  • 500 Experience
  • 500 Experience
  • Ability to smith pickaxes
  • Permission to use the power station ladder (allows you to quickly access the mine carts and Nurmof)


Music tracks unlocked:


  • Upon the release of the quest, the spoilers said, "Spoilers for this quest are currently frozen in a block of ice. Please return tomorrow, by which time it should have melted."
  • On the day of release, the quest was subject to a few glitches/errors (which are now fixed):
    • When the quest is completed, the level required to smith mithril pickaxes was displayed as 555, instead of 55. However, it was still possible for player to smith mithril pickaxe with a Smithing level of 55.
    • There was a bug that prevented players from applying the compost to Brother Althric's roses.
    • Many players noticed that the Music had not yet been added, though the songs appeared in the chat screen as they were unlocked.
  • A cutscene during the quest is the only way of seeing a baby green dragon other than summoning pets because there are no baby green dragons in the game unlike all the other chromatic dragons.
  • This quest is a critical commentary on the major players in real-world global warming:
    • Drorkar, whose salary is paid for by an industry, is a parallel to politicians who have a hard time staying neutral after accepting money from oil lobbyists.
    • The Icefiends represent the environment, or victims in the real world who have no voice with which to speak for themselves; Professor Arblenap plays the role of an environmental activist.
    • Brother Bordiss represents one whose innovative solutions to alternative energy are lost by being suppressed by those who stand to lose profit from alternative energy.
  • Should you choose to "say nothing" to Brother Bordis, eventually Brother Althrick will say "Will you two keep it down? I'm trying to concentrate."
  • While this quest isn't a part of the The Rise of the Red Axe series of quests, it does involve the Consortium and many of the ideas from the Red Axe quests.
  • Soon after this quest was released, a thread that soon became very popular condemned Jagex for saying things about environmental issues. It eventually turned into an enormous flame war.
  • When in the cutscene of watering the roses, it is possible to click in the game window, and the scene will fade out, and you will be where you clicked earlier.
  • When you bring more than 1 type of nail while repairing the oracles tent, it uses the nails made of the worst metal, Regardless of order.

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