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For the mythological fairy, see Peri (mythological creature).
Perpugilliam Brown
Also known as: Peri
Queen Gilliam
Perpugilliam of the Brown
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 20th century
Appearances: Full List of Appearances
Actor: Nicola Bryant

Perpugilliam "Peri" Brown was an American college student turned companion of the Doctor during his fifth and sixth incarnations.




Early life

Peri Brown was born 15th November 1966, to Paul and Janine Brown.

Peri's passport listed her as resident of Pasadena, California. (DW: Planet of Fire) The Doctor once pointed out that in Persian mythology, a peri was also the name of a kind of fairy which started off evil before turning good. (DW: The Twin Dilemma) As a girl, Peri used to read the comic book Swamp Thing. (PDA: Players).

When Peri was 13, her father Paul died in a boating accident. (PDA: Synthespians™) Her mother, Janine, re-married a man named Professor Howard Foster, who already had two children of his own. Foster subjected Peri to sexual abuse. Peri never forgave him. (TN: Shell Shock)

Travels with the Doctor

First meeting with the Doctor

Peri studied botany (DW: Timelash) and also had an interest in archaeology. (DW: Planet of Fire) Circa 1984, she encountered the Doctor and Turlough on Lanzarote. The shape-shifting android Kamelion, controlled by the Master at the time, assumed the form of Peri's step-father, Professor Howard Foster, and later that of the Master himself, before seizing control of the TARDIS to take her to the planet Sarn to meet the real Master. After the destruction of Kamelion and the defeat of the Master, Turlough decided to return to his homeworld, Trion, and Peri joined the Doctor on his travels. (DW: Planet of Fire)

Further adventures

After a number of adventures, the Doctor and Peri met the ancient Egyptian princess Erimem, who went with them in the TARDIS. (BFA: The Eye of the Scorpion) After Erimem chose to remain on Peladon, she and the Doctor continued on alone. (BFA: The Bride of Peladon)

After contracting spectrox toxaemia,and then getting accidentally involved in local politics on the twin planets of Androzani Major and Minor, Peri first got abducted by Sharaz Jek, and, upon her escape, began to die from the disease. The Doctor saved her but, not having enough bat's milk (which acted as an antidote) to save himself, regenerated into a very different new and unstable persona (DW: The Caves of Androzani). At the peak of his madness, the Doctor attempted to throttle Peri to death. Still, he managed to regain his wits enough that Peri accepted the change enough to continue to travel with him together. (DW: The Twin Dilemma).

Peri was a bright, spirited young woman, who travelled with the Doctor because, like many of his companions, she wanted to see the universe. Although she shared a more abrasive relationship with the Doctor, there was an undercurrent of affection in their verbal sparring. Peri alternated time traveling in the TARDIS with the Doctor, with time spent in the company of a second companion, Frobisher (a Whifferdill in the shape of a penguin) and occasional sabbaticals on Earth. Peri would encounter Sil, one of a race of capitalist despots known as the Mentors (DW: Vengeance on Varos). She met the Master a second time, now with an accomplice, the Rani (DW: The Mark of the Rani), and made the acquaintance of the Doctor's former companion Jamie McCrimmon at an earlier stage of his life (DW: The Two Doctors) and later as a much older man (DWM: The World Shapers). She also encountered the Doctor's greatest enemies, the Daleks. (DW: Revelation of the Daleks) Over time, Peri matured somewhat and her relationship with the Doctor became less combative.

Leaving the Doctor

The authenticity of some following events remains uncertain, as we only have a distorted account presented by the Doctor's enemy, the Valeyard.

In the year 2379, on the planet Thoros Beta, home of the despotic capitalists known as the Mentors, Peri was separated from the Doctor. She met the warrior king Yrcanos from the primitive planet Krontep, who took a liking to her. Kiv, a Mentor, had Peri abducted and taken to his laboratory. The Doctor and the TARDIS were removed from Thoros Beta thanks to the telepathic summons to the Space Station Zenobia, the High Council of Time Lords, so that he could not interfere. As the Doctor watched from Zenobia, Kiv transplanted his consciousness into Peri's body, whereupon Yrcanos burst in and destroyed her body as a form of mercy-killing. (DW: Mindwarp). Despite the Doctor's horror at learning this, the destruction of Peri's mind and her death had never actually happened. After the defeat of the Valeyard, The Inquisitor revealed that Peri and Yrcanos fell in love and she decided to spend the rest of her life with him. (DW: The Ultimate Foe).

Life on Krontep

Several contradictory accounts exist regarding Peri's future life on Krontep. According to one, Peri lived out the rest of her life there and had at least three grandchildren, a few of whom would meet the Doctor and Frobisher (though Peri had never been seen on-screen to interact with Frobisher). (DWM: The Age of Chaos) Supporting this another account shows the Doctor (in an unknown incarnation) visiting Peri in her early forties, by which time, still bitterly unhappy with the Doctor, she felt resigned to her fate. (DWM: Reunion)

Another revealed that, although she did become Yrcanos' queen, Peri blamed the Doctor for abandoning her. Following another one of his regenerations, the Doctor and Peri made peace with each other. The Doctor returned Peri to late 20th century Earth. (NA: Bad Therapy)

Possibly apocryphal information

Another account says that, while Peri and Yrcanos stayed together, Yrcanos made a career for himself in the late 20th century in the field of professional wrestling. (DWN: Doctor Who — Mindwarp)

Supposedly, Peri was also among the Doctor's companions drawn into a temporal trap set by the Rani. (DW: Dimensions in Time)

Mysteries and discrepancies

  • During the Doctor's fifth incarnation, Peri spent a year of her life as a guerrilla fighter while separated from the Doctor, who meanwhile headed a military organisation known as the Alliance (PDA: Warmonger) (Where this falls in terms of Peri's personal timeline remains unknown.)
  • As stated above, we do not know the exact circumstances of Peri finally leaving the Doctor and whether she chose to live out the rest of her life on Krontep.
  • Peri's relationship with her stepfather, Howard, is laced with tension, and she later reacts with fear, recalling an event where he turned out the lights, suggesting some form of abuse may have occurred. (DW: Planet of Fire)
  • The length of time Peri spent with the Doctor is unclear. Some accounts suggest her travels with the Doctor occurred over the space of months, however at least "a couple of years" passed (for her, anyway) between her first encounter with Jamie McCrimmon (DW: The Two Doctors) and the second (DWM: The World Shapers). And as noted above, she was also separated from the Doctor for as long as a year. (PDA: Warmonger)

Behind the scenes

  • Counting audio and televised adventures together, Peri effectively shares the longest-serving companion title — both in terms of number of stories and recorded time — with Ace. As they are tied, the title essentially alternates as new stories are released. Her nearest rivals are Jamie McCrimmon, Charley Pollard and Nyssa. Of these, only Nyssa and Charley appears to be in active use past 2007, and so they represent the only potential threat to Peri and Ace's record-breaking number of appearances. While she clearly eclipses the amount of time Sarah Jane Smith has been seen or heard as a companion, Peri is easily outpaced by the character of Sarah, due to Sarah's latter-day appearances as a solo character.
  • While Peri is supposed to be an American, her English accent occasionally slips through, and her American accent wanders between different regional accents. She sometimes uses phrases and pronunciations that Americans would not use, such as "lift" instead of the American "elevator". Indeed, on the commentary for Attack of the Cybermen it is stated that it was mandated that she only use British slang so as to not confuse the audience.
  • There are differing accounts as to whether any attempt was made to "cover up" the fact that Nicola Bryant was not, in fact, an American actress. Media of the time suggests she was promoted as being an American, yet she uses her natural accent in contemporary interviews archived in the Doctor Who at the BBC series.

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