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Attack statistics
dmg/attack: 10
DPS: 60
attacks/sec: 6
# of projectiles: 1
spread: 0.5
crit dmg: 14
crit chance: x 0.333 (unmodified: 2)
ammo type: 5.56mm
ammo per shot: 1
ammo capacity: 24
shots/reload: 24
skill: Small Guns
AP: 27
item HP: 300
repair: R91 Assault Rifles
weight: 7
value: 600
base id: xx00b512

The Perforator is a unique version of the Infiltrator, available in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt. It can be obtained from Everett during the quest Unsafe Working Conditions after handing in 90 Steel Ingots.

This version is much more powerful than the Infiltrator, and has a smaller spread than it as well.

Weapon DAM DAM/shot DPS Spread Crit % Mult
Infiltrator 35 7 28 1.5 x0.125
Perforator 40 10 30 0.5 x0.33


Characters with a high luck will benefit more from this rifle, as it has the highest critical rate of any assault rifle. This weapon fires slower than the Infiltrator, about 1 time for every 1.5 times the Infiltrator does. It only fires two shots per V.A.T.S. hit as opposed to most other assault rifles, which fire three. Interestingly enough, this means the Perforator follows the 1 shot for every 1.5 ratio in V.A.T.S. as well.

Like all silenced weaponry, this rifle is best used by a hard-to-detect character. A character with 100 Sneak and Chinese Stealth Armor will be virtually impossible to detect, allowing continuous fire on some targets without being detected.

Although being essentially a unique Infiltrator, the Perforator cannot be repaired by them.

A fully repaired Perforator can fire 997 shots, about 42 magazines, before breaking.

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The Pitt (add-on)

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