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map marker: Preoria
leaders: Tribal Father Chevron
doctors: Shaman Dhal

Village on the surface
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

The tribal village of Peoria (also called Preoria) is now only a mockery of the once big city of Peoria, Illinois, located halfway between Chicago and St. Louis.



After the War, only a small, primitive village was living here. They built their homes over a pre-war storehouse of fusion batteries, which they believe was a gateway between life and death. While the Whachutu tribals knew about the batteries, they did not understand their function. The storehouse was guarded by automated turrets and inhabited by radscorpions and giant cockroaches (considered to be "evil spirits" by the tribals).

Around 2197, a Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel squad led by the warrior was sent to retrieve the batteries. The Tribal Father and village Elder at that time was Chevron, a strong believer in peace and equality and the shaman was a man called Dhal, who claims he was able to see the future. The warrior and his team were granted passage to the storehouse, where they found three batteries and battled all its inhabitants, including the most dangerous of them, Roachor. The team used the facility's generator and switches to move deeper inside. Depending on how they used the last switch, automated turrents on the entrance could either remain nonfunctional or became activated and shoot all the villagers. If the village survives, Chevron reveals that he was using the squad to avoid his people being "cursed" by the "spirits". However, he gives the warrior a fourth battery.

There are many radscorpions hunting outside the village, and some corpses of their victims, including raiders.

Mission walkthrough

chapter: 2
location: Peoria
given by: General Simon Barnaky
main objectives: Find three fusion batteries
optional objectives: Make sure no harm comes to the tribals
Get the fourth fusion battery
previous: Macomb
next: Quincy

If you drove the Hummer to the mission it will not arrive on the Peoria map with you. It will reappear beside your character the next time you leave the world map.

Here you will need at least 2 characters to accomplish all the objectives unless you have managed to hoard copious quantities of Afterburner Gum as there are 12 functioning turrets in the mission (13 in total).

Outside the village walls to the North West, two dead raiders can be looted for a P220 and a few other worthwhile items. There are also two dead raiders North East of the village up on the cliffs. There are three turrets around the top of the stairs into the store room; these will later on shoot the villagers unless you have sufficient Afterburner Gum to destroy them before you enter the store (each turret requires approximately four applications).

For this mission take JHP bullets, as your only enemies will be animals (cockroaches and some radscorpions). A shotgun is very useful, but don't forget your hunting rifle. Talk with the elder, then the shaman, and just then open the chest inside the tent.

Then go room to room in the bunker. The defense system will be activated, and laser turrets will hunt all life-forms, killing two Vault 0 citizens. They come up and go down repeatedly. Use your ears, as they make different sounds for the two positions. Make use of every corner to hide from them: run, then lie down behind a pack of crates, hide behind wall-collars - this way you can avoid being shot at all, and the same time you can get access to all the lockers. Unless a turret sees you while it is emerged, it withdraws for a much longer time than it pops up for; easily enough time to enter turn-based mode (press Enter) and walk around it (or apply Afterburner Gum to it).

If you want, you will be able to destroy some of these towers with grenades (and later on you can come back, if you need this little xp). A hint: the turrets can't aim too well! They contain Micro fusion cells. Each fusion battery is in a special blue locker.

The hardest point is when you reach the 3rd room in a row, filled with turrets. You can disable them for 10 seconds, but on the other side there won't be a switch. You can repeat the process, if you want, but it's not necessary. Be cautious, however, just before entering the green glowing room with the gantry; it contains radiation (if you hadn't got the message from the 10 Rad-X and 5 RadAway looted and the Whachutus' reference to "vomit fever"). Take 2 Rad-X pills and send only 1 man inside. There is a trapped shelf just before the gantry room. Inside the glowing room you'll find the main boss - Roachor, an extra-giant cockroach (without the patch it doesn't do anything), and the 3rd fusion battery.

If the surface-turrets didn't shoot any of the villagers, you get 1 additional battery from the elder, better karma, a promotion and new recruits. When you're finished, talk with the shaman again to hear a prophecy. After this mission you will be able to recruit Target - good PE, good IN, good throwing, good small guns, can sneak.


Possible bugs

Save before speaking with Chevron the Elder after completing the mission.

  • As of v1.27, acquiring the fourth fusion battery is bugged: you must drop the first three batteries onto the ground before talking to the elder to get the fourth. Then pick the other three back up.
  • For at least one installation patched to v1.27, you correctly gain the fourth fusion battery if you speak with Chevron the Elder with the character who is currently carrying the three batteries. If you speak to him with any other character, you don't get an extra battery and he won't speak to you again.

Appearances in the games

Peoria appears only in Fallout Tactics.


In the game, the name of the town is often misspelt (such as on the World Map) and mispronounced (by R. Lee Ermey) as "Preoria".

Fallout Tactics missions

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