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People's Bank of Point Lookout

World map: Point Lookout
inside: Pilgrim's Landing
map marker: none (closest: the Homestead Motel)
quests: The Velvet Curtain
cell name: DLC04Bank
ref id: xx00C828xx000000

People's Bank of Point Lookout is a small building with its only inhabitants being a few radroaches.


Back ground

Before the Great War, the bank was a subsidiary of Isla Negra Holdings, and recently had a new voice operated safe unlock system put in place.




At the corner with a sign above the door, near the Homestead Motel.


A few radroaches inside with a skeleton which has a Police Hat. There's also 2 safes behind the right hand counter (1 average and 1 hard). Behind the left hand counter is a desk with the Box 1191 - Password Backup which unlocks a safe in the voice safe room.


This is one of many abandoned places in Fallout 3 to be infested with radroaches, which can be easily dealt with. On the wall to the left of the entrance is one of many Wanted Posters in Point Lookout for a woman named Wan Yang, a secret agent involved in The Velvet Curtain quest. There are 2 safes in the main hall, 1 hard and 1 average, on the wall behind the desk.

Notable loot

Related Quests

The Velvet Curtain

Behind the scenes

  • A terminal declares the bank to be a subsidiary of Isla Negra Holdings. In English "isla negra" means "black isle", making the name a reference to Black Isle Studios, creator of the first two Fallout games.
  • In the far bottom left box there is a "toilet gnome". It is a mini Intact Garden Gnome holding a mini Plunger in its left hand standing next to a mini Toilet.
  • The password "nevermore" is a reference to Edgar Allen Poes famous poem, "The Raven".


People's Bank of Point Lookout appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

Point Lookout (add-on)

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